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  1. 2nd update of my tactic! Sorry for my bad english After many tests of various settings of this tactic, I will say that I will not be combining at this moment. I made three different settings that can be combined with each other. Everything depends on the opponent and his strength. The main change is replacing BWM with CM. I'm really happy because my CM has better marks. The second change is the defense line (as you can see on the screenshot). The third one is changing FB to WB from time to time. Especially when I play with a weaker teams. You will find other changes. There is no perfect tactics. You can refine some tactics to almost perfection but it will always be missing something. I did not use this tactic on another team. The training is matched to the appropriate positions and it is intense. I am waiting for your opinions.
  2. Yo again!!!! IT'S TIME TO UPDATE MY TACTIC!!! It is still not a perfect one, but it is not bad for this monent. what do you think about it?
  3. I'm after 2nd season with Lech Poznan. I improved my team and tactic. Just changed anchor man to DLP and moved him forward. Depending on the match stats after first half i change "work into box" to "shoot on sight". Here are the results:
  4. My Anchor man has solid 7. Nothing more or less. Now i'll be test it DLP and BWM as def. mid. I've got really weak defenders but i will buy new player during summer break. This is not a perfect tactic but after few improvements who knows Example below (against Sparta Prague in quarter final). Against stronger team i change width from balanced to narrow and tempo from normal to slow.
  5. I'm sorry for my English but I rarely use it. I decided to play with the new tactical possibilities on a very average European team so i chose Lech Poznan from Poland. Here are the effects. I wonder if this tactic will work in stronger and weaker teams. I used Rami's training from "Finally Jurgen Klopp Gegenpressing" tactic. Best regards!
  6. Hi! Try this one m8. I used this tactic in last 3 version of fmm and it's the best one 4me. You can change team mentality from attacking to balancer and pasing style and focus from short to direct and mixed to center. All depends from your results. regards Misio