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  1. Still believe that it could be improve like most tactics:) As you can see i found very good and cheap poacher i recomend him:)
  2. Below I present to you another tactic. Same as before, the tactics have been tested in several leagues: Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Russia. Depending on the opponent and the course of the match, I changed only BALANCE MENTALITY (defense, balance, control, attack). Balance is the best setting for the beginning of the game. After 15 minutes or after the first half, you'll see yourself what to change balance mentality. In addition, you can change the tempo: normal to fast or fast to normal. For me, the best setting in attack is P and AF. IF - supplements the attack. DM - no high marks but in defense is invaluable. L and S are impressed with the results because my players achieved an average between 7.2 and 7.6. Generally - tactics suit me very well.
  3. Unfortunately, the tactics have stopped working since the third season.
  4. One more thing i have changed two AP to BBM. Tactic is more solid in def and att lines. I will test it in lower leagues.
  5. to DanM: Libero has similar ratings as the CD. Libero's main task is to take the ball as the first defender and quickly play it forward. Changing the width to normal will allow the opposing team more freedom because larger defensive holes will be created. I am currently using P or Treq. Treq does what he wants and I count on him to score something in every game. The most important for me is IF, who must have relatively high teamwork. to AndersJ: If I see that I have few shots on goal I try to change MENTALITY and TEMPO. I always see what setting the opponent plays (MENTALITY). Unfortunately, it's hard to win with FCB, MAN CITY, LEVERPOOL etc. playing ex. Wisla Krakow For example. Two last games with this tactis (two simple changes has made: freedom - disciplined, + shoot on sight). M.Kean as Treq against Barca vs. T. Knoll as P against Lechia (I am using Knoll as P and Treq since i bought him).
  6. I used DLP, DM and A but there are midfielders and my def line was not do good cause i lost to mamy goals. I tried BPD but it was not what i want. The hardest? Russia:) Easiest - Germany. Hertha has very good players.
  7. Hello m8s! I present to you the tactics I have tested over the last few days (France, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, England). 1st - I wanted to create a tactic that would be universal for most football teams. 2nd - During testing, I modified it to suit my team. 3rd - The transfers made had to be appropriate to the funds, capabilities and tactics held. My observations: GK - It must be a good goalkeeper. CD - Standard attributes for this position. L - Decision, positioning and tackling are the keys to success + passing as BPD. WBL, WBR - Attributes relevant to this item. AP - At least one of them must have attributes provided for the CM or BBM. IF - Attributes relevant to this position + teamwork P – Shooting, decision, movement + teamwork What can you change? 1st – SHAPE: team mentality (75% of games - I used balance, 10% - defensive or attacking, 5% - contain), 2nd – FREEDOM: disciplined or balance 3rd – FORMATION: poacher to complete forward and one advance playmaker to central midfielder or deep lying playmaker. During the game: What should I do with BALANCE MENTALITY? - When you are wining and get a red card - change to CONTAIN - When you are wining with a stronger team - change to DEFENSIVE - When you are unexpectedly losing to a weaker team - be patient or change to ATTACKING - When you are playing with a strong team and you have good result - change to DEFENSIVE or do nothing (see statistics) - When the opponent plays OVERLOAD - do nothing or change to DEFFENSIVE - When the opponent plays DEFFENSIVE - do nothing or change to DEFFENSIVE I am interested in your opinions. TRY TO CHANGE POACHER TO TREQARTISTA
  8. Sometimes change AF to P od TM to DLF but very rare. I think that you have try to fit best combo for you team.
  9. Understood, so i tested with Lech Poznan right now.
  10. First update. As you can see below.
  11. I will start new game and i try it in first season. This is not a perfect one but i want to improve it.
  12. Hi guys! I am sorry in the first place for my English. Now let's get to the main topic. I have been looking for a good and stable tactic for several weeks. I've been playing 4-3-3 for a few days and suddenly it has enlightened me. Slimzee22 helped me with his last post. I have found that 4-3-3 has potential and effects. Depending on the opponent and the course of the match, I use the following variants of this tactic (shape): 1. contain + balanced + normal + disciplined 2. defensive + balanced + normal + disciplined 3. contain + narrow + slow + disciplined 4. defensive + narrow + slow + disciplined You can use FB instead WB and vice versa. I'm happy with this tactic and will definitely try it on other teams. I am interested in your opinion.
  13. 2nd update of my tactic! Sorry for my bad english After many tests of various settings of this tactic, I will say that I will not be combining at this moment. I made three different settings that can be combined with each other. Everything depends on the opponent and his strength. The main change is replacing BWM with CM. I'm really happy because my CM has better marks. The second change is the defense line (as you can see on the screenshot). The third one is changing FB to WB from time to time. Especially when I play with a weaker teams. You will find other changes. There is no perfect tactics. You can refine some tactics to almost perfection but it will always be missing something. I did not use this tactic on another team. The training is matched to the appropriate positions and it is intense. I am waiting for your opinions.