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    F.C. Barcelona
  1. Nick11

    Maximiliano Romero : A 1KC Journey

    What a start mate ... in first season he smashed 66 and now in 2nd 89 goals . He his physicals are amazing ..so is the other attributes.. will be interesting to see how he devlops . keep it up 🙂
  2. Nick11

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    What tactics u used to get him score this much goal ??
  3. Nick11

    Benfica - The Journey

    I was thinking to begin journey Season-2 with Benfica but you've already started it . Maybe now choose other pathway to begin my journey . you posted few good career last year ... so im gonna follow this. Hope to see you stay at club & bring some gems through the academy . Squad is already talented ...lots of players on loan like Horta , Cristante will become start in future & yeah Grimaldo is one of favourite .. so don't sell him even if you get good offer 😉 Good Luck 😊
  4. Nick11

    FMM18 General Discussion

  5. @Rjgreeno Attributes for Anchor man are : Mental- Agression , Decision. Physical- Stamina , Strength Technical- Aerial, Passing , Tackling , Positioning . Atleast all these should be in Blue . But major Attributes like Decision , Tackling , Positioning & Aerial should in green .
  6. This is one of the best post i've read this year. I'm disappointed that i never ever attempted to devlop any of the academy reject. Never imagined that any academy grad. can become a club legend . I'll make sure that i don't do the same mistake on this years post .
  7. Nick11

    FMM18 General Discussion

    That's good configration . I've used xiaomi device with similiar config. & game ran smoothly . Sadly it was stolen & now i'll be experiencing it on iphone.
  8. Nick11


    Is Lincon too in the database??
  9. Nick11


    @Stam will there be any section like it was for Fmh15 where everyone used to post ... wonderkid , hidden gem , CheapGem with their initial & final profile attribute to show how they devloped . Back Then It was very helpful & it helped those who didn't had iscout app to find gems .
  10. Nick11

    FMM18 General Discussion

    Still not showing how many pass my team attempted .
  11. How can we access save file on iphone?? There is no file manager .
  12. Nick11

    FMM18 General Discussion

    Will definitely follow it . Have started any thread ??
  13. Nick11

    Database and Scrapbook

    On FMM17 You could have deleted the exported player from User Data folder. Not sure how is it done on Fmm18.
  14. Yeah . That is same to what i used on Fmh15, Fmm17 . I used to play defensive football (coz of too many attacking player) with mixed passing to retain possesion.
  15. 4-1-2-1-2 (no striker, 2 wide forward cutting inside , 3midfielder(playmaker) 1 DM 2 BPD 2 WingsBack & SweeperGK )