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  1. Just saw that price of the game has been dropped by 50% (from 800 bucks to 400). For how long it will remain like this ? But is it right time to buy it as it's been 6-7 months since release ? I wasn't free this year till may & now that exams are over im pretty excited to get it . Another thing that bothers me is how is it on ios device ?? Can i install custom themes & fonts like on android device ?? Thanks 😊
  2. What a start mate ... in first season he smashed 66 and now in 2nd 89 goals . He his physicals are amazing ..so is the other attributes.. will be interesting to see how he devlops . keep it up ?
  3. Nick11

    Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    What tactics u used to get him score this much goal ??
  4. Nick11

    Career Benfica - The Journey

    I was thinking to begin journey Season-2 with Benfica but you've already started it . Maybe now choose other pathway to begin my journey . you posted few good career last year ... so im gonna follow this. Hope to see you stay at club & bring some gems through the academy . Squad is already talented ...lots of players on loan like Horta , Cristante will become start in future & yeah Grimaldo is one of favourite .. so don't sell him even if you get good offer ? Good Luck ?
  5. Nick11

    Chat FMM18 General Discussion

  6. @Rjgreeno Attributes for Anchor man are : Mental- Agression , Decision. Physical- Stamina , Strength Technical- Aerial, Passing , Tackling , Positioning . Atleast all these should be in Blue . But major Attributes like Decision , Tackling , Positioning & Aerial should in green .
  7. This is one of the best post i've read this year. I'm disappointed that i never ever attempted to devlop any of the academy reject. Never imagined that any academy grad. can become a club legend . I'll make sure that i don't do the same mistake on this years post .
  8. Nick11

    Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    That's good configration . I've used xiaomi device with similiar config. & game ran smoothly . Sadly it was stolen & now i'll be experiencing it on iphone.
  9. Nick11

    Chat WONDERKIDS OF FMM 2018 ?

    Is Lincon too in the database??
  10. Nick11

    Chat WONDERKIDS OF FMM 2018 ?

    @Stam will there be any section like it was for Fmh15 where everyone used to post ... wonderkid , hidden gem , CheapGem with their initial & final profile attribute to show how they devloped . Back Then It was very helpful & it helped those who didn't had iscout app to find gems .
  11. Nick11

    Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    Still not showing how many pass my team attempted .
  12. How can we access save file on iphone?? There is no file manager .
  13. Nick11

    Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    Will definitely follow it . Have started any thread ??