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  1. Good luck mate. Didn't follow ur TT post that much but will be following this one. Player choice 👍 but kinda sad that signed for our arch rival, not a true culés 😜 (especially Pedri Gonzalez) Will you be trying 3-4-3 formation or something like 4-3-3 ?
  2. 😂😂 If it doesn't work then i'll have to put 1 BPD in center and 2CDs. Maybe balanced tactics with direct passing through the centre & Pressing in own half .
  3. Wonderful stuff mate. If i had this app i would be doing an extensive search on this topic with various coaches & different training facilities. Would be interesting to see the combo of Excellent coach+ poor facility Poor coach+ excellent facility Poor + poor and Excellent+Excellent And then analysing the stats(including hidden ones).
  4. iScout. Although not available yet. He's still testing it.
  5. Haven't perfected it yet. Will post once done. Anyways i tried changing the roles slightly and went for direct passing through the centre. Which worked for 5-10 games but then same old issue.
  6. Youth Intakes that takes place at beginning of every season is affected by the type of assistant manager we have. It's definitely affected by the training facility and youth facilities as it control the attributes of your youth players that are about to be promoted. But Is it affected by type of assistant manager or not ?? That's the question i have. Assistant manager have lots of character ( in full fledged version of FM we can check that) which might have effect on the type of youth players you get 🤔 1) Judging PA and CA 2) Personality trait ( Model professional, determined etc) 3) Working with youth etc Case 1 My assistant manager in Wolverhampton save Youth Products Youth Products when i appointed my fitness coach as my Ass. Man Case 2 - Manchester United Ass. Man = Mike Phelan (Motivational Coach) Youth Products Stats of these players weren't so good as was in wolves case. In the mean time i Will observe more youth intakes with new coaches with different personalities. Will having a youth coach as ass. Man improve youth intake ?? So what are your thoughts on this?
  7. Im really happy that it's working for you. I've been struggling slightly with it in epl. It was fine until November but had rough patch in December and January. Had to tweak it to make it work again.
  8. So im testing the tactics ATM in epl with Wolverhampton wanderers. Injuries and fitness has been a problem so far... Struggling with man management. FIXTURES League Table & Europa League Table Player Stats  No. Of goals that we have scored in europa leauge so far 🤨🤨. Still 2 group matches to play.
  9. Glad to know that it has worked so well for you. ATM im testing it in EPL. In Olympiue Lyon save i was in 2nd season, players were already developed to some extent that's why scoring goals was fun but in wolves save players are still developing. They need to be full of green colors in key areas, only then it might work fully. Do tell me the changes you made and how it has affected the game.
  10. Will mentoring him with determined players help him with struggle in big matches.
  11. So after reading about a poll on this site where few guys wanted to have Cb-less tactics, i was trying to create one. Unfortunately so far i couldn't but in the mean time i ended up with some unexpected thing. Whenever i've intentionally tried to create a Tactics i failed at it miserably but this one has so far worked for me. Tactics is bit leaky at the back but compensate by scoring lots of goal 🙃 Tactics & Instructions Lots of triangles 😁😁 Here i tend to remove the shoot on sight to avoid useless shot count and give goal kick. This way possession is retained and lesser chance of being caught on counter attack. Results and Leauge Table Player Stats There are times when the game absolutely annoying to play.. look at shot count and clear cut chance of my team still only 2 goals for all this and somehow AI will find a way to score in dying minutes 🥴. Anyways i will test it in other leauges too and will be posting the results soon.
  12. I have noticed that their PA drops by half or one star sometimes i continuously keep them in reserves. But i have seen a few cases in which their PA went up by half star like in case of Kyane Ramsey Original PA PA after 2 loan spell
  13. Found this guy, while Playing my Southampton save, in sevilla reserve & He has a release clause of 800k. ORIGINAL STATS Sent him on loan & he has developed into a quality player. STATS AFTER 3 YEARS COACH REPORT POSITION & TRAITS