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  1. Anwarrr1

    Starting 11

    hes good enough for league one, definitely one of the best LB's in BSP. Also has alot of potential.
  2. Anwarrr1

    Adam Rooney

    he got world player of the year for me in my 2nd season with inverness :lol:
  3. Anwarrr1

    Starting 11

    Forgetting Jake Howells mate
  4. Anwarrr1

    Barclays Fantasy Football League 2011/12

    ahh thats annoying, i would of been second!
  5. Anwarrr1

    Barclays Fantasy Football League 2011/12

    Can i join please?
  6. Anwarrr1

    Ultimate Team Recovery

    No offence but 3 people threatening to sew a worldwide company clearly isn't going to work...
  7. Anwarrr1

    Play-offs. My greatest Nemesis.

    Hope im not too late? Name: Anwar Madkour Position: D/M/F L Age: 17 Nationality: English
  8. Anwarrr1

    iTactic Cup!

    alright mate, look forward to it
  9. Anwarrr1

    iTactic Cup!

    Because no one seems to be coming up with the final 8th spot, I think you should put in a tactic and get this up and running Richard? What do you reckon mate?
  10. Anwarrr1

    who would you choose?

    got myself a larsson boys
  11. Dec, yes i did it about 10 times and ive finally gotten it thanks anyway
  12. i cant for the life of me get a changes.txt to work? ive had a couple previously that ive done and worked fine. and now this one just wond budge. help me please?!
  13. Anwarrr1

    Lower League management?

    Jake Howell (think thats his name lol) Luton LB, got so much potential! as does Sam Hatton AFC Wimbledon RB.
  14. Anwarrr1

    iTactic Cup!

    spelled my name wrong. haha
  15. Anwarrr1

    iTactic Cup!

    http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/6160-best-tactic-ever/ Name: Anwar Madkour. Nationality: English.