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  1. ron1hy

    Universal tactics

    It's a back four with WB setting(arrows going forward) I retrain the players to go with the tactical positions.
  2. ron1hy

    Universal tactics

    Yes to your first question. I found my defence was to open otherwise. I'm in season 20-21. And I did switch from CF to TM and changed the strikers training as well.
  3. ron1hy

    Universal tactics

    Hi. I do like your tactic! Its been brilliant. Im playing as crystal palace and I have made a couple of changes. I use a target man with great effect and instead using wingbacks, I've pushed them back to full backs but with the wingback settings. Since I started using this, this has been the results so far:- P26 W20 D4 L1 F63 A24 It's an excellent tactic 😁
  4. ron1hy

    Universal tactics

    Would a TM work as well as a CF?
  5. ron1hy

    4–1-2-2-1 [Any Team]

    Does the striker have to be a TM?
  6. Oh yeah. Thank you. I've never realised it was there.
  7. Ok. Where can I find this for my club? I am talking about a page where we can see what future Ins and Outs are taking place at whatever club you are managing. Thanks
  8. Are there plans to have this in future editions of the game?
  9. I'm on EME, so there's no chance this will work on my game?
  10. ron1hy

    Wow try and see

    ok. I will do
  11. ron1hy

    Wow try and see

    ok thank you. I'll have re-train some players. I don't have AF's in my squad, only Poachers and targetman. Will that be ok?
  12. ron1hy

    Wow try and see

    I am eager to try this. Do they have to be ball playing DC's and DLP's though?
  13. How many coaches in all are you allowed to have at your club? Generally, over time, does the board allow you to have more coaches and physios? Thanks
  14. Will an advanced forward work with the TM in this tactic?
  15. ron1hy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Thank you.