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  1. I have played with this tactic for one season so far and these are the results. On also have an fa cup final to look forward to as well!! @El Shiem - Do you think I'm leaking too many goals in the tactic?
  2. I have a young player who is a right back. The position colour for being a left back is orange. I'm thinking there is a chance I could train him as a left back as well. The problem is, he dislikes the training role. So should I persist with it? Also, does it make any difference if I played him at left back for a few games or should I wait for the colour to turn green before I play him there? Thanks
  3. So it seems to be for this tactic and maybe in general, it's best to have a core set of stats depending on what tactic you are using? For your tactic, it seems the core stats needed for all players is stamina, pace, techique, passing and teamwork. What do you think of that?
  4. Are these the starting stats that you use generally for all players?
  5. Can a target man work in this tactic or does It have to be a complete forward?
  6. What is the best thing to do in this situation? Should I sell him even though he's an important player?
  7. I recently sold a player with a 20% Sell on clause. The club sign my player but the clause isn't written in their contract. It's happened twice now. Has anyone else had this?
  8. I have a couple of wunderkids with potential in my squad and they are ready for first team but they don't quite have the stats. At the same time I have experienced players with the stats but have peaked. What do I do? Do I go for youth over experience or vise versa?
  9. I'm going to give this a try. Are there any stand out stats needed for the BBM's though?