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  1. ron1hy

    OME 4-2-1-3 Winning tactic!!

    I'm in my third season with this tactic and wins are hard to come by and it's not as effective as it once was. The roles for the strikers are all on 'poachers' even though only two of all the strikers i have are actually described as poachers. you have any ideas of what I could change to make it better? Thanks in advance
  2. Great. How do I do this though?
  3. Can I change what training I cover?
  4. Scrap the last post. I've seen in the OP that attacking schedule is for BBM's ?
  5. Thank you so much for your training. What regime would you suggest I use for box to box player's?
  6. ron1hy

    Some advice please.

    Thanks. That's all I needed to hear.
  7. ron1hy

    Some advice please.

    I have another question - in terms of a player's best role, is it best to go by a player's stats for that role, or by the role that the game thinks the player should have? Thanks
  8. ron1hy

    Some advice please.

    Thanks for the advice. It's a good idea.
  9. ron1hy

    Some advice please.

    Wow. I'm surprised to hear that 69 and 89% condition is better. Why is that? I suppose the reason I'm asking about moral and condition is more often than not, I end up playing the same 11 for a lot of matches in a row and I want to rotate to give others a chance because they become unhappy and impatient. Any advice for this? Thanks
  10. Hi. If a player's condition is 100%, does it automatically mean that they are in top condition? Also, how much does moral come into it in terms of team selection? Thanks
  11. I'm just about to try this tactic. Do I change the roles to suit the players or leave the roles as is? Thanks
  12. Hi. I'm interested in trying this tactic. I notice you have CM's and DF's. What can I play my AP's and advanced Forwards in this tactic? Thanks
  13. ron1hy

    OME 4-2-1-3 Winning tactic!!

    Does it matter if the strikers are not natural poachers?