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  1. Works great also in Italian Lega Pro. Winning against Catania and Palermo is always a pleasure!!
  2. the tactic works great, nothing to change, just put the players in their place. thanks for sharing.
  3. this tactic is simply fantastic, very efficient. in the middle of the season with Sassuolo, without any transfer, first place, 12 out of 19 clean sheets, Caputo is insane.
  4. I finished fourth, not bad. I played almost all the games with an attacking mentality. It would have been better if I had had a better striker. Sottil is not bad as IF, I recommend it.
  5. I'm in mid-season with Cagliari, original team, with no transfers, not bad. Change mentality from balanced to offensive depending on the opponent.
  6. I tested the tactics with Juve, without buying anyone. I only made a small change to the tactics, removed a striker and added a bwm to give more substance to the midfield. I won Scudetto, the Italian Cup and I lost the Champions League final. all in all it went well. I want to test it with a team like Sassuolo or Atalanta
  7. WTF?! Mbappe made 126 errors!!
  8. I tried the tactic in my fourth season with Juventus, I won the championship, I only conceded 13 goals but I only scored 66 goals, my best striker Vlaovic only scored 10 goals and then Demiral with 9. Good average rating of the attackers , excellent for defenders. All in all it's a good tactic but it's not fun. To try in my opinion with two IFs.
  9. I used your tactic, only changed shape to overload and width to narrow. My forwards are CF and P.
  10. Please, could anyone upload data file again?
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