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  1. Off Topic I am new

    I'd be happy to see a other Belgian around, if it weren't for your fave team 🙄 Jk of course, welcome to the club.
  2. Fun/Games Challenge Cup 2017

    When is the Zelda-tournament coming?
  3. Help Where am I going wrong?!

    I'll admit I let the assistant pick for our USA save 😂
  4. Help Where am I going wrong?!

    Most of the time someone is injured or suspended so it actually takes less time since I don't have to swap as many players. Bitches get results
  5. Help Where am I going wrong?!

    I use more of a 'rolling' squad, meaning that the moment I feel someone is underperforming, I replace them. That gets me to 3/4 consecutive games per player. Other than that, I erase my roster EVERY single game and repick them. It gets me to a more evenly distributed playing time.
  6. Fun/Games Challenge Cup 2017

    The mighty Spurs.
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup 2017

    As true as that may be, I would bring a certain swag to the job that Brits just can't muster. Edit: I'd also like to point out that my fave teams all still play in their first division. Yes, I'm making it personal.
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup 2017

    No, it's true what @samhardy says. I've heard it too. Apparently there's to be a new edition with reliable hosts? Someone starting with a 'J', ending in 'from Belgium'...?
  9. Not a bad start. That's what I like about these small leagues: any team can become champion in the very first season. They're soooo easy to dominate. The real challenge is to switch teams and then best your ex-team.
  10. Real shame what happened to him, he has a 4 star PA on fmm if I recall correctly. Are you planning on using him?
  11. Pro-tip: switch teams regularly so many of the league's teams are improved, resulting in better european results for all teams
  12. Is it this one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Kidd
  13. He's not even the only one, saw it happen a few times, like with Thomas Buitink. That has to do with the variable PA of -8 or -9 but still, it's peculiar that leagues loaded seem to have an effect.