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  1. Jens


    Must admit I cut the cord and used Google Drive to switch them 😛
  2. Jens


    It's because they did something wrong 😂 I never had that problem and I switched loads of saves last year.
  3. I just finished. I'll send results in before noon. I REALLY put my heart into this one and I doubt anyone has got anywhere near my score.
  4. Right, still have to start this one 😁
  5. Jens

    11 Bati's For Glory

    If I'm honest, I don't really get what all the fuss is about. If you're creating something, you're doing it because you simply like creating. Not because you want te get reactions. Sure, you do it to communicate and make people happy. But if you're not doing it firstly because you simply love doing what you do, why do it at all? What I do, I do it for myself. Views are great and reactions even better. But those reactions shouldn't be your goal. Just my view though.
  6. Yeah, thanks, I really hope I can make it happen.
  7. Must admit I'm not looking forward to this one either...
  8. I read the rules very carefully. Yellow isn't green 😏
  9. So we're allowed to play young defenders who are only yellow at the back?
  10. Jens

    11 Bati's For Glory

    The Dutch don't need me for that. Just look at their Frankenstein-kroketten. But in all seriousness, I like the OP I hope your Bati gets spanked here and there, but I honestly don't foresee any problems.
  11. Jens

    11 Bati's For Glory

    I bet you I can beat your score using your exact same players. You're just acting as though it'll be tough... It's the Portuguese 2nd league, have some self-respect, you hussy.
  12. Ah that show only works on eme. Ome is old. Like me.
  13. Why not just press the 'bring to your club' button in the editor?
  14. Jens

    how to make tactics

    I'm always the other way around. Disastrous at FM, but good-ish at FMM
  15. Jens

    Pick BG's Next Challenge?

    you're an idiot, but I love you