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  1. I'm 'technically unemployed', which is a measure our government introduced for those businesses that had to shut down because working from home wasn't possible, or because the work slowed down so much that they can't keep their employees busy. The only problem with that (for me) is that I (used to) work for the third largest public (cultural) fair in the country. And of course, that fair will be cancelled, leading our already impoverished organisation to realise we won't be having enough money to keep going until the year after - the earliest possible estimate for large events indoors. So... technically... I'm unemployed for the first time in my 5yo career. Not a nice feeling with my firstborn coming next month 😅 On the upside: a lot of businesses are interested in hiring me, but such things always take such a long time to solidify into something real and concrete. So I'm living in a bit of stress, though looking at the US, I realise things could be FAR worse.
  2. I'm of the idea that there needs to be a certain turnover. You can use your spine for 15 seasons, but if you don't rotate every 3-4 years/position I find that results can become somewhat less impressive. If you bring in new names every once in a while (like youth prospects), results keep more stable.
  3. I'm loving Yari Verschaeren. Often has 4.5* potential, sometimes even 5*. Scores loads of goals and provides lots of assists.
  4. PA's do indeed change if the player has a terrible injury, maybe it's the same in other circumstances as well? PA can go up though as well. I've seen it happen in two cases this year. It probably happens more often, but you'll only see it happen to those who are really close to the divide between 3.5 en 4 stars.
  5. I often get the idea that it's the sub-top players that go on to become the best coaches. Sure, Guardiola wasn't a bad player, but I don't recall him being a world-beater. Instead, we saw Henry tank his first job, Solskjaer isn't all that great, not to mention the 'greats' we saw at Milan. In Belgium, the best coach currently is Philippe Clement (Bruges); he was a decent player, but not even a certainty for the Red Devils when they were shit. Kompany meanwhile is proving to be the poor man's Guardiola. 1K passes per game, but they don't manage to aim one towards the opponent's goal. Now they brought in Vercauteren and he's more realistic in his approach - he even won them some games. But now Kompany's back in the team and it's tiki-floppa all over again.
  6. Just did a quick check of the Sporting team using the editor and the average level seems to be 4* PA with 3.5 CA. There are some good talents like indeed Fernandes but also Wendel with 4.5*. The potential to challenge for the title in the first season is certainly there. Just because they're a shambles irl, doesn't mean they're bad in the game as well. If you look at Anderlecht, they're bottom half at the moment, thanks to the 'genius' of Kompany. But in the game they're challenging in the first season, often winning in the second. I'm not saying I know the league better than you do, but experience tells me never to underestimate the numbers and the in-game mechanics
  7. M'kay but it's quite easy to win the league first season with Sporting... Because they have quite a decent squad. And if you go into 2024, your team should be ridiculously good, which means you'll win that league with almost any team by then... Hence why you should test it in the first season.
  8. Nice selection. Currently using Ünuvar as well for a AMC 1K. Proving somewhat inconsistent atm though 😛 Good luck nonetheless.
  9. @samhardy it does baffle me how you manage to remain on as moderator, seeing how long it's been since you've actually enjoyed this game. Taking your review under consideration, how do you do it?
  10. I used TM's last year as well, but this year it's not as good it seems. I'm using AF to greater effect.
  11. I much rather like having a DLP. The BWM always seems to leave avenues of space behind them.
  12. I've had 'leave' just as often, but never with different transfer rules. Good times. 2 years ago it was always madness when they left.
  13. It's on the match day screen, but only after the game...
  14. That's a good one. Didn't think of it myself
  15. I saw Marc say somewhere they've discontinued it for the kindle fire.