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  1. On the one hand I'd say that it's a challenge in itself to get your player to those 55 games. But all in all I agree that 54 is more than close enough to take the record out of my hands. If you add only one game, it will hardly affect the overall score.
  2. The only reason I did it tbh You wouldn't have any use for it. I've tried it for other teams as well and results are nowhere near as good. It's better to find something that works for your specific player.
  3. Thanks Gracias! I'll definitely continue, but it's taken me a month or two to get here so it'll take me even longer to finish it off I finally feel like my nucleus is complete Thanks! I'm not sure actually. I've seen someone start off as Brugge once, but I think he then moved on with the player (to Ajax?) Not sure if anyone completed it here. Much appreciated Yeah, and since they decided to take half your points at the beginning of the play-offs, it's even more so.
  4. Wow. I finally managed to do it. Some of you had to contend with me for years on this subject. I tried, kept trying, but none of things I tried seemed to work. Until now. I mean, yeah, I managed a 1K with a Belgian last year as well, but he was a regen, so that violates the rules. This year, I decided, was going to be thé year. Thanks to @BatiGoal's method of trying tactics, I finally found something that clicked and it never un-clicked. I loaded up Belgium - not an easy competition to do this in since many of the teams are evenly matched. We have a different title winner almost every year. In recent years we've had Anderlecht, Club Brugge, AA Gent, Standard and this it'll be Genk. So a lot of competition. Then finding a suitable player isn't easy either, since the current crop of talent is far beneath the Hazard-De Bruyne-Lukaku standard. I looked into the Anderlecht reserves and boy, did I find a gold mine. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Jérémy Doku. A genuine wonderkid, he reached the 1K just after his 28th birthday. To make the tale even more beautiful: he scored his 1000th goal in the World Cup final against Holland. Itwas the winner that won us our first WC (we lost the previous one in the final against Germany, ugh). Since I've been trying for such a long time to do it with a real Belgian player, in Belgium, I thought I'd come here and brag the crap out of it, since a lot of people know how long-winded this road has been for me So thanks for sticking with me folks. I'll now continue on in silence. My next target will be the 1K AMC. Pray for me. Cheerio, kthxbye, Jens
  5. It's a bug in the game. Had this for one of mine as well. This guy, best in the world obviously (3 golden boots to prove it) couldn't get more than 600K. While a regen (1 golden boot) with a lot less rep to his name could get 800K. I posted it on the fora, it's under review
  6. Something that worked for me and was, after all this year something of an eye-opener, was the way @BatiGoal works. I never realised how much information you can get by replaying the same 10-15 games over again. If you use the exact same players and tweak your tactics after every run (and write down results), eventually you can really create something god-like. It's very time consuming, every run taking about an hour, but for me it has definitely been worth it. I completed my first ever 1K last year with a regen in the MLS (believe me, it has its own drawbacks and challenges) but I used the now-fairly-standard 4321. I like doing things my own way though, so I started looking for something that looked a bit more irregular. After some 7 tests (that's 7 hours) I agreed on my current tactic that's currently working wonders. It's a lot of trial and error and I can safely say that, unless the succesful people on here stumbled upon it by accident, they invest a lot of time and energy in perfecting their strategy.
  7. Oh sure mock the foreign guy. It's that kind of attitude that will get brexit overturned and the UK invaded by European overlords.
  8. How am I cheating? Or did I miss a rule somewhere? 😭
  9. Ahum Highest average rating 😛 Edit: yeah, I'm REALLY proud of this season and will be posting this pic as much as possible. Sue me.
  10. Jens

    New Stadium

    So you noticed how that was acutally a brag, huh
  11. Jens

    New Stadium

    Not necessarily; I had it in my 5th I believe.
  12. Very chuffed that I can now be a part of this 3rd place no less! (would have been even slightly better if I had not sold my guy to PSG only to then immediately buy him back - he wouldn't accept my contract offers to I had to get creative)
  13. Yeah, that's what I meant with he has to arrive in the same window/season as you do. It won't work with a player who already played a season for your team.
  14. You have to buy the player yourself if you're to unlock your son. Can't be a player who was at the club before you. (Also works with a player who joined the club irl in the window when the game starts.)
  15. Especially sucks because you'll never see your goal there in black and white...