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About Jens

  • Birthday 29/09/1992
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    Yellow Red KV Mechelen
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    New York City Football Club
  1. Jens

    World Cup 2018

    Belgium Further than Titjes with his girlfriend Lukaku Show some pride in your country, man!
  2. Jens

    Fm touch favourites

    Looks good this guy. I'll be sure to check him out. I'm currently enjoying watching the FM Scribe. He's an American who uses all sorts of teams. First one I watched was using genk 😂
  3. Jens

    Fm touch favourites

    Thanks for the tip. I watched a few of his vids, but I get tired of his accent fairly quickly; he always sounds out of breath... Other than that, I think he exaggerates his PI's. I see Clean and others on the forums say 'don't use to many because that's a sign you should use a different role' and then that's exactly what this guy does...
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to ask you: what are your favourite blogs and/or YouTube channels to follow for fm? I'm a beginner on the platform and kind of struggling so I wanted to learn from some experts. I'm mainly looking for some videos of people going through matches, explaining how they analyse games and act accordingly. Any suggestions?
  5. Jens

    Name my Stadium

    When I was playing as NYCFC, I named my new stadium 'Old Antwerp', for a number of reasons. First of all as it was a nice reference to my city and, let's be honest, I earned that stadium twice over. Secondly because New York was originally called New Amsterdam before it was bought from the Dutch by the English, before it was sold again to the Dutch before it was then conquered by the English (iirc). But I didn't want to play in Amsterdam, I wanted Antwerp so it became Old Antwerp
  6. Jens

    English football

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh Sunderland.
  7. Being able to rush through games is great for half a year. But now that I've (finally) cracked the 1K challenge, I find it rejuvenating to dive deeper into every game. Still getting to grips with the many many MANY possibilities though.
  8. Works a charm. Only problem is that you also need the joycons and that you can't do everything with the touch screen alone
  9. Currently played a couple of hours. I really forgot how slow it goes on more expansive fm's. But the experience is good. Takes some getting used to having to use the joy con's to call up menu's, but once you do, it's easy to get around. 3d games are awesome and I've really missed some of the depth, even though I'd forgotten about it. If you're better at the tactics part then I am, then this is the game for you 😂
  10. I immediately bought it. 30 pounds isn't really an issue to me as I tend to buy few games and play them A LOT. First impression is a throwback to the vita days, but a bit snappier and quicker. Should be even more fluid though. I'll update after a while.
  11. What do you lean exactly? It' s perfectly possible to do it alongside a club save? How would you improve it?
  12. I fell out with fmm for 2 years because of touch. I will definitely be picking this up!
  13. I'm still massively enjoying this competiton, although I feel it's very easy to dominate here. Won the league every year but one I've played here. (22 out of 23 that is) But now I'm looking to start over here. Can anyone recommend me a nice team to play? I've had Real Salt Lake in 2014 on the Vita version which I enjoyed, but the story has to be right in my head and looking at the city, (pictures on google and info on wikipedia) I don't feel there's a 'story'. There doesn't seem to be anything appealing about some teams. I went with NYCFC this year because it's the biggest city in the world, is a relative newcomer in the league, has nice colours and badge and because it's not actually New Jersey Red Bulls. LA Galaxy is too 'shiny' for my taste and FC Dallas reminds me too much of the old television series. So if anyone has a good suggestions that he can back up with a nice/cool story, feel free to share. I've been thinking about Toronto since it would be cool to have a Canadian team dominate in the US.
  14. Jens


    I'm really enjoying Fifa on my Switch. I just wish it were possible to invite friends to play against, rather than playing against strangers online. This is also the first time I've really tried FUT, but while I get why most people think it's the best feature, I find it frustrating and to me it seems more enjoyabel to just play online seasons...