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  1. Jens


    Are you sure? The previous fitness problem manifested itself in earlier saves too...
  2. Jens

    Latest Update.

    Interested to hear opninios on this. Mainly cause I want to finish my 1.5K as well
  3. Jens


    Only lurking so I know when the next update is out, hopefully fixing the fitness problems. Oh and Sunderland sux
  4. Jens


    I'd say it's definitely worth it. Especially if you encounter any special deals. It's a bit finicky at times, but overall I think it's fantastic fun to play on the big screen of my tv. And otherwise it's fn to play on the small screen if someone else wants to watch it. Personally, I think I'll buy it on a pc next year as a mouse is even more convenient, but it's definitely worth its salt on the switch.
  5. Yeah, I heard something about that as well Left Oldham after a month. Not really great managerial talents thos United boys, it seems. Giggsy didn't cope too well either iirc
  6. From what I can tell, Gerrard seems to be doing quite good. I was in Scotland in August and media were still very unsure, saying he had a lot to prove, but looking at the ranking, I'd say he's doing quite alright. What do you mean it'll be the big one for him?
  7. I do love B/R too. Only downside is I can't seem to find their interesting articles by visiting their website. I have to 'stumble' upon them via their social media. Any hints for that? 😛
  8. Hi guys, I was just reading an article on Bleacher Report about Gerrard still 'having one eye on the title race' with Liverpool and I was wondering; how are the old legends' performances being rated in the UK? Guys like Gerrard, Lampard,... don't get a lot of attention over here and I find very little article actually rating their performances. So in this thread: 1) How are Gerrard and Lampard perceived? 2) How are other old legends of our favourite game stacking up? Any ones you want to talk about? 3) Can you recommend other blogs/news sites like Bleacher Report where they offer insight rather than just news? Thanks
  9. Jens

    International Football

    Oh my were Belgium just average or what? I mean, only winning 3-1 to Russia and 0-2 against Cyprus. Man, how hard is life, right?
  10. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, the neverending struggle of loading multiple competitions. Did you know, children, that once upon a time it wasn't possible to load moren than one (1, ONE!!!) nation? You had to choose and stick with it, or start another save. The players you would get was very much dependent on which nation you loaded. Oh the times I reloaded again and again to have some Belgians in there... Then it became one main nation and 2 other top leagues. Oh the good times. I'm so very grateful we don't have to load a designated league anymore, you can't even imagine it, kids.
  11. Jens

    Mercurial Talent??

    I think you should rather think of players like hazard, Messi, de Bruyne,... Excellent when they're in the mood, regular when they are not. Ozil is more what the game described as 'enigmatic' player. Not sure if that description is still in there? Mercurial is positive however.
  12. On the one hand I'd say that it's a challenge in itself to get your player to those 55 games. But all in all I agree that 54 is more than close enough to take the record out of my hands. If you add only one game, it will hardly affect the overall score.
  13. The only reason I did it tbh You wouldn't have any use for it. I've tried it for other teams as well and results are nowhere near as good. It's better to find something that works for your specific player.
  14. Thanks Gracias! I'll definitely continue, but it's taken me a month or two to get here so it'll take me even longer to finish it off I finally feel like my nucleus is complete Thanks! I'm not sure actually. I've seen someone start off as Brugge once, but I think he then moved on with the player (to Ajax?) Not sure if anyone completed it here. Much appreciated Yeah, and since they decided to take half your points at the beginning of the play-offs, it's even more so.
  15. Wow. I finally managed to do it. Some of you had to contend with me for years on this subject. I tried, kept trying, but none of things I tried seemed to work. Until now. I mean, yeah, I managed a 1K with a Belgian last year as well, but he was a regen, so that violates the rules. This year, I decided, was going to be thé year. Thanks to @BatiGoal's method of trying tactics, I finally found something that clicked and it never un-clicked. I loaded up Belgium - not an easy competition to do this in since many of the teams are evenly matched. We have a different title winner almost every year. In recent years we've had Anderlecht, Club Brugge, AA Gent, Standard and this it'll be Genk. So a lot of competition. Then finding a suitable player isn't easy either, since the current crop of talent is far beneath the Hazard-De Bruyne-Lukaku standard. I looked into the Anderlecht reserves and boy, did I find a gold mine. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Jérémy Doku. A genuine wonderkid, he reached the 1K just after his 28th birthday. To make the tale even more beautiful: he scored his 1000th goal in the World Cup final against Holland. Itwas the winner that won us our first WC (we lost the previous one in the final against Germany, ugh). Since I've been trying for such a long time to do it with a real Belgian player, in Belgium, I thought I'd come here and brag the crap out of it, since a lot of people know how long-winded this road has been for me So thanks for sticking with me folks. I'll now continue on in silence. My next target will be the 1K AMC. Pray for me. Cheerio, kthxbye, Jens