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  1. I think you have to make it to the nr 1 spot in the hall of fame too
  2. You applied Tiki-Taka to Kortrijk, how are we to take you seriously on anyhting you have to say?
  3. Seems to be a bug though. Every save random players are released that shouldn't be.
  4. No. First of all, you don't drink tea from bags, you use herbs with dispensers. Secondly, you don't use milk, that's raping your tea from the get-go. TPBM knows what I'm talking about and will now make (and share) a video explaining how to brew a perfect and correct cup of tea.
  5. True. Because I'm way hotter than any beverage I could possible take unto me. So every drink feels cold, like Ashez' love for fmm these days. Tpbm still believes the coca cola Santa clause is the original.
  6. @samhardy Well, I did get on there didn't I? Does that make it a success then? One way or the other I did my end to uphold tradition
  7. I nominate myself. For everything. And I would already like to point out that Sam has a reputation for meddling with nominations and voting. It's a fact, you just never heard about it because of the mainstream media. The only way I can lose is if Sam works against me, which he probably will. STOP THE COUNT! There, that should ensure my victory.
  8. No, I meant using the MyClub feature - replacing an existing club and creating extra players that way. Belgium doesn't have a lot of Romanians.
  9. That's some serious dedication Can you try again using my club? Create some extra romanians that way - what if 65 is the magic number? Create 10 more to be sure...
  10. Canadian league was added last year on FM through the steam workshop. I'm guessing it was easy to shoehorn it into FMM. I'm wondering more about the Mexican league: if it's that complicated, why did they bother going through all that? Especially since they simply it afterwards (did so with MLS, probably here too). As for ITN: the game creates extra playable nations the moment there are enough useful players so I'm guessing one or two might pop up that weren't there before.
  11. I'm 'technically unemployed', which is a measure our government introduced for those businesses that had to shut down because working from home wasn't possible, or because the work slowed down so much that they can't keep their employees busy. The only problem with that (for me) is that I (used to) work for the third largest public (cultural) fair in the country. And of course, that fair will be cancelled, leading our already impoverished organisation to realise we won't be having enough money to keep going until the year after - the earliest possible estimate for large events indoors. So... technically... I'm unemployed for the first time in my 5yo career. Not a nice feeling with my firstborn coming next month 😅 On the upside: a lot of businesses are interested in hiring me, but such things always take such a long time to solidify into something real and concrete. So I'm living in a bit of stress, though looking at the US, I realise things could be FAR worse.
  12. I'm of the idea that there needs to be a certain turnover. You can use your spine for 15 seasons, but if you don't rotate every 3-4 years/position I find that results can become somewhat less impressive. If you bring in new names every once in a while (like youth prospects), results keep more stable.
  13. I'm loving Yari Verschaeren. Often has 4.5* potential, sometimes even 5*. Scores loads of goals and provides lots of assists.
  14. PA's do indeed change if the player has a terrible injury, maybe it's the same in other circumstances as well? PA can go up though as well. I've seen it happen in two cases this year. It probably happens more often, but you'll only see it happen to those who are really close to the divide between 3.5 en 4 stars.