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  1. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    Any chance you'd be willing to post this in the official SI forum? I really want the developers to see how frustrating these issues are and I feel like it's only me banging on about it all the time.
  2. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    You should. Miles may not be directly responsible for the mobile platform, but he is the head of SI. I might tweet him too. Marc Duffy and Marc Vaughan are one's to tweet too as they are responsible for the mobile platform.
  3. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    I have to say that I agree 100% with you on this. What really bothers me is that some of these bugs are never properly resolved and so they keep popping up in every new version of FM. I would implore you to go to the official SI forum and make this point. I fed back my dissatisfaction here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/433322-future-bug-fixes-for-fmm2018/ But they didn't take any notice of it. Maybe if more people got in contact with them, they would take more notice.
  4. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    The SI staff have disappeared from the official SI forums as well. Bugs are no longer being fixed, not least for FMM2018.
  5. I think the AI is incapable of being dynamic in its tactics. I complained to SI that the AI seems to adopt the same tactics for every team and I was told that the personality of each AI manager is based on their real life counterpart. But I do doubt this. Another AI manager issue for me is their inability to re-strengthen squads.
  6. Lillywhite Dean

    5 Exciting Competitions To Manage In

    The MLS is incredibly fun league to play. You have the supporters shield - which is winning the league outright, and then you have the MLS Cup - which is a play-off system involving the top six teams. This means you could finish 6th, not win the league but still end up being the MLS Cup champions OR you could finish 1st, be crowned Supporter's Shield champions but still lose in your play-off semi final.
  7. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    Does anyone know if a further update is scheduled for release? SI usually have one more significant update after the January transfer window update but I'm not sure if 9.2 is their last one.
  8. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    Which leagues are you playing? I have England, Scotland, Germany and Italy. I'm in my 9th season and no one has lost their job at City, United, Liverpool, Bayern, Dortmund, Milan, Roma, Napoli. Allegri left Juventus to take over Italy which allowed me to take over at Juventus. I then took the Spurs job which allowed Conte to leave Chelsea for Juve otherwise Conte would still be at Chelsea. I still haven't seen a manager sacked from an elite level country such as Spain, Germany, Brazil or Argentina. added 0 minutes later Agreed. It happens a lot.
  9. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    A few people have reported to SI that international managers remain in their roles for a prolonged period of time - even if they perform very badly at international tournaments. This means the opportunities to manage at an international level rarely come up. I've noticed this plus I've noticed how rare it is for manager's from the top European clubs lose their jobs.
  10. Lillywhite Dean

    Questions from a Noob

    Just to add to what Rafa has already said: 1. Attendance is important for transfer and wage budgets. The higher your attendance (and the more fans coming) the more likely your transfer/wage budget will be better for the next season. 2. I find that if you have the best youth facilities and want to develop young players, the ranking of player development goes like this: first team action \ Loaned out to clubs in the same division or one division below \ keep within your reserve team. I understand from SI that match experience is the best way of developing a player. However, often clubs who wish to loan your player will play in division which is several leagues below your level and I'm quite suspicious as to whether this actually does much in player development. So if you have a youngster who has fantastic potential, try and give them some match experience in the first team (even 5-10 minutes here and there) or only loan them out to a club who are in the same division or a division below. Also, keep an active eye on their training - making sure you tweak this as and when their stats increase in different areas. One other thing. It is better to demote a young player to the reserve/youth team rather than leaving them in the first team squad. This is because in the reserve/youth team, players will be playing games behind the scenes, whereas players who are left in your first team squad will only develop if they're selected for matches.
  11. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    Has anyone noticed that when the AI employs a Contain strategy, they suddenly play so much better. I've seen so many AI teams switch to contain and then they suddenly start out playing me. Contain is a strategy where a team looks to keep the ball, play deep and not concede. It is not an offensive strategy.
  12. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM18 Bug List

    I've noticed this too,
  13. Lillywhite Dean

    Reputation problem

    I posted this in the official SI forums and would be interested to know what you guys think. Do I have a point? I have always felt the manager reputation system in FMM to be a bit iffy so I decided to test this out in FMM 2018 by resigning from my job as manager of Minnesota and waiting to see what calibre of club would come in for me. Turns out that no one wanted me! At Minnesota I won the following trophies: - 2 x North American Champions League - 2 x MLS Cup - 1 x MLS Supporters Shield - 1 x US Cup I should also add that this success has amounted to me having a 'Regional' reputation and a Gold coaching badge. Now I realise this success has come from the MLS, which compared to the stronger European leagues, is not considered to be of equal footing. But I do feel that this amount of success would in reality, present me with a number of job offers. I didn't receive one job offer. So I applied for every job going over a seven month period to see who would eventually give me a chance. The best offer I received from England was a League 2 club. No clubs from League 1 or the Championship were interested. The two other playable nations I had were Italy and Spain and no club from their second tiers offered me a job. Here's the most peculiar thing. Not one MLS club offered me a job despite my fantastic success in that league. I find that to be highly unrealistic. I think having a 'Regional' reputation has held me back so the question is, having won all those trophies, is a Regional reputation fair? If a manager over in the MLS won that many trophies, would it not be conceivable that a League 1, Championship, or Serie B side take a punt on him? At the very least, wouldn't another MLS team offer that manager a job?
  14. Lillywhite Dean

    The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    What a challenge! Love it.
  15. Lillywhite Dean

    Juventus 1995 Team

    Roberto Baggio did not have a pace of 20!