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  1. I've encountered this and provided a save on the official SI forums. They said they would look into it.
  2. Why am I unable to discipline a player for their efforts in training? Surely I should be able to select the thumbs down option for this?
  3. I haven't downloaded this pack yet but I really like the look of them. The designs are top notch 👌 Would be amazing to see this expanded to the other leagues but I would dread to think how long it would take to design. Fair play.
  4. A perfect FMM20 would be: 1. A bug free version of FMM19. 2. With the addition of Brazilian and Argentinian leagues (or would take Swedish, Danish and or Austrian leagues). 3. And increase playable nations to five or six.
  5. I've not started a new game because of the transfer bugs. These are major issues.
  6. I had a really good career with Hampton & Richmond back in FMM16. I picked them because I live nearby.
  7. I completely and utterly agree. I just think it was worth making the point that, rightly or wrongly, SI developers are limited in how much time they can spend on fixing bugs. There comes a point in the games cycle where resources will have to be reallocated into developing the next edition which will then probably cause a whole bunch of new bugs, or undo all the fixes from the previous lot of bugs. Like you say, I would much rather FMM2020 being a fully fixed game with an additional two leagues.
  8. I imagine the mobile department is considerably smaller than the PC and Touch departments of Football Manager and so therefore they have limited resources. So I have always convinced myself that the reason why FMM seems to be plagued with a lot of bugs is because a small development team cannot spend all of its time fixing them. They have to balance their time between game development and game updates.
  9. I watch the games. I honestly don't know why you would want to skip them. It's an integral part of FMM. The official SI forums has a thread on requests. You could always post a message asking for a skip function to be added.
  10. Hi @topline, What's the thinking with Nainggolan playing to the left of Icardi and Martinez? Why not immediately behind the front two? Really interesting tactic.
  11. What are people's thoughts on this AI signing. Arsenal have signed a young Advanced Playmaker for £17.5M and have given him a wage of £250k per week. He looks talented but is he really worth £250k per week? I have two young and very talented Advanced Playmakers who I feel are better than Arsenal's 24 year old. And I have managed to keep them both on a contract of no more than £3k per week. The point I wanted to make is that there is huge disparity over how the AI manages a club and how we manage a club. Should an AI controlled club be spending £17.5M and £250k per week on a Advanced Playmaker with a current and potential ability rating of 3 stars? Surely with Arsenal's resources, they can scout better players for that money, or at the very least, negotiate better contracts. Should I be allowed to get away with keeping two of my most talented Advanced Playmakers on such small contracts without the worry of clubs like Arsenal scouting them and trying to sign them?
  12. If their earning extremely high wages then it is likely no other club is prepared to buy them. You have to really lower the asking price to have any chance of offloading them. Think Paul Pogba or Alexis Sanchez. Clubs want them but are not prepared to match their current earnings.
  13. Not sure I should be helping someone who is playing as Arsenal! It means both. Some players will have poor aerial attributes because heading is not a feature of their game. So most Advanced Playmakers will have poor aerial attributes because they don't need to be able to head the ball. However, if your tactic is likely to use plenty of long balls and crosses, don't expect your Advanced Playmaker to be winning many headers (obviously this won't be an issue if the rest of the team has decent aerial attributes). This usually means the player has poor dribbling and technique attributes. However, as the player in question is a goalkeeper, I would say it relates to Kicking and possibly Technique. For example, I have a goalkeeper who has low attributes in Kicking and Technique and my coach tells me he is uncomfortable on the ball. Some players are just not any good at taking free-kicks and so this is your coaches way of telling you not to select them as a free-kick taker. You can't really do anything to improve this attribute. Tweak your tactics so that it encourages your striker to take more shots on goal. This could involve choosing "shoot on sight", playing a more attacking tactic, changing your strikers role to something like Advanced Forward or Poacher, or making sure your team has enough playmakers to create enough goal scoring opportunities for your striker.
  14. I will definitely post a save when it happens to me again.
  15. In my experience you can't negotiate the transfer fee up to a level that is consistent with the player's value. If I do this, the club making the offer simply loses interest or tells you your evaluation is way off theirs.