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  1. Still in first season. Chose to do a career with Burton as they have state of the art training facilities. These players I bought for relatively small fees have been insanely good in League one and I would expect to be able to carry on all the way up into the premier league. Along side a few cheap/free signings I have managed to easily win League one.
  2. Like many of the people on this forum, I have been struggling to find a decent tactic to use since the February update. I have tinkered around with a few different ones and i have found a solution that works great for me and the way i like to play. It's a 4-3-3 with a flat 3 in midfield and 2 inside forwards. Since the update i have found that the poacher seems to work best up front, i switch to a defensive forward in game if i am struggling to get a goal, this works due to the striker quickly closing down the opposition defence which leads to mistakes and therefore goals. If i am losing i usually switch the striker to an advanced forward, the full backs to wing backs and switch the attacking instructions to early crosses and work into box. If i am winning i often switch to control and closing down own half and turn off the offside trap, I then switch to counter attacking and early crosses and work into box with gk distribution long after the 75th minute and defensive waste time after the 85th minute. This tactic has been highly successful for me. I usually score 2 to 4 goals a game and rarely concede more than 1 goal a game. Against tougher opposition i usually switch to counter attacking early on unless my team has shown enough intent in the opening stages of the game. I have modelled this tactic on a very specific set of players so make sure you have capable defenders who can pass and with decent teamwork. Your box to box midfielder also needs decent team work and stamina. Your playmaker needs good passing, technique and creativity, your if's and striker need to be quick with good shooting and technique. Please remember all young players can be molded to fit player roles if you take the time to train them and do not ignore player tutoring as it has greatly improved a lot of my players. Good luck with your fmm careers. Thanks for reading.
  3. Found a major bug. I'm in the second season with Chelmsford having got promoted in season one. My wage budget has increased a little and it now says I can offer £725 a week on the finance screen, I am well below my salary cap by about 4k but it will not let me offer over £500 no matter what the player which was the same the season before. This effectively makes it near on impossible for a team to progress.
  4. I have already tried the normal routine of selling all first team players and replacing with free agents in the bottom leagues but this year it is extremely difficult. Tried with Chelmsford and they could offer max wage of 500 pound a week, I could sign about 5 half decent players but their contracts all had ridiculously low release clauses in them and they would accept nothing less than the 500 pound a week. Tried another save with Billericay as a test and they are much easier but the standard of free agents compared to the past are dreadful. Having said that a couple of decent players I managed to pick up for them were McCulloch (CDM) and Bossin(GK). Due to these test saves I would say try and stick with what you have already got and pick up one or two players to improve squad in opening season. Makes the game a hell of a lot more realistic anyway.
  5. Didn't know where to post it but found a lower league gem, a guy called Herson Alves, he's become a championship/premiership standard winger. Trained him as an inside forward playing off the right and trained his finishing, now has 14 finishing as well as brilliant all round stats, by far the best player currently in league 2. Signed him second season in the conference.
  6. I've been playing around with a tactic GK WB CB BPD WB xxx BWM BBM WNG IF IF CF Short passing Focus middle GK pass short Balanced Pressing Offside trap Main attacker IF (either one) Main creator Winger Set winger to take corners both sides I also set my IF (mine is a guy called Chaves from Boca Juniors) as my penalty taker Playing as an inside forward either on the left or central, he has scored about 80 goals in two seasons for me.. The tactic was an attempt at a possession based tactic but ended up being more like Fergis Man U
  7. Yeah would probably be better in the tactics thread, just has a little story behind it too, I'll try to upload the results soon, my phones (xperia t3) hasn't handled the fmm game too well this year for whatever reason.. The gap in midfield is due to the copying of the il metodo tactic, I am considering moving the wingback in field but slightly concerned about the gap that will leave for wingers to exploit, it's working against the majority of teams, but since having wrote this post, I lost badly to Roma... And then my team hit bad form :/ I am also running a couple more saves with more modern tactics, one of which being Wolves, trying to turn them into a British tiki taka side, but haven't found a way of keeping above 60% possession continously, getting frustrated with it, however have found that Ryan mason and will hughes make an unbelievable partnership in midfield..
  8. Andres Chaves 24 Boca Got as a swap for Torino, player who I swapped valued at 2.1m
  9. Now this is not a long story, as I am not a story teller I'm afraid, plus my phone won't take blimming screen shots because it's being an a*** So here's a quick bit of info about an ancient tactic I'm trying out, those of you who know your history will know that Torino was the club of Italy pre second world war and we're also dominant for 3 years after too, however their plane crashed on their way home from Lisbon after a European game killing their entire first team squad, in short, they never fully recovered.. Anyway, the guy who brought the tactic to Torino and then went on to coach almost the whole team as Italy boss, winning two world cups and an Olympics medal, was a guy called Vittorio Pozzo, he created a tactic which was fast paced, attacking and with a strong defence, the formation used was a 3-2-3-2.. It consisted of a left back a right back, a centre back, 2 half backs, an inside forward, a trequarista, 2 wingers and a striker.. Now I decided, Juventus are dominating the Serie A for the last few years, so how about we bring back the old boys and we do it in style.. So my modified tactic, for modern day football goes as following: Goalkeeper Sweeper 2 centrbacks, 1 as ball playing 2 wing backs 2 wingers An inside forward (playing central) 2 strikers (one an a.forward or t.man, the other a trequarista although make sure he can shoot pretty well) So.. The players.. I signed 5 new players for the squad, The first is my inside forward, I went with Alan Patrick, he is a Brazilian forward in the mould of Italian and Brazilian great Valentino Mazzola who died in the plane crash i told you about.. I signed Michael Bastos and a couple of other lesser known players.. For this formation to work I have set team instructions to passing direct, playing style attacking, focus pass down the flanks, counter attack and pressing, my wingers are very good technically and have very high crossing attributes, my wingback are also more then adept at crossing, they have high teamwork levels and decision levels, my Sweeper has high passing, tackling and decisions, I have won 22 out of 34 games so far, with a fairly weak side, I have only lost 2 games, I have scored 8 goals twice and Over 5 on 5 occasions, one game against Inter I won 5-0! I would suggest trying out this tactic as it has worked a charm with me. I have got a couple of screen shots from the start of the season, I will try to upload some newer ones when my phone starts working or when I go on my tablet..