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  1. Patch out (for iOS at least) where the patch notes mention a fix to Reserve team conditioning.
  2. He’s not my player but I’ll sign him and test this.
  3. Jamie Thomas and a young CB I signed so it’s been pretty manageable. That said I’ve made a rookie error and had a few low-ish release clauses in contracts which larger clubs have taken advantage of 😕
  4. Score the wrong way round on this screen: evidence:
  5. I’m using a modified version of this tactic which is working well (full backs and 1 of the INFs as a winger, balanced width). Switch the AP to a CM against better teams) did ok in the end! Knocked out first round in the Europa though Despite my “success” (just won the domestic treble too), it remains a slog to make much progress - I’m still only offered League Two jobs and very few players are willing to sign, so improving the squad is slow. Got an 8000 capacity ground now, and improving facilities
  6. Yes, a young left back called Sion Rogers, and a few players who I signed. I’m finding it difficult to improve the side due to people not wanting to come plus the limited wage budget. Hopefully that sweet Europa League cash will improve things next season......
  7. No, it’s Fernando Nino, though he’s not quite lived up to my initial high hopes! ... Although I’ve gone out and signed Jamie after selling some Veterans...... he’s a bit good!
  8. Regarding players, I can recommend this guy on a free. Just been called up to the Holland U21s 😂