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  1. Connor1874

    FMM 19

    OP, you've kinda hit the nail on the head for most of mine. Custom pre-season and more in-depth finances are fairly crucial to me. Particularly for files where I'm a smaller team. I Love being able to overlook all finances. Regarding leagues I don't think we can have too many complaints for England. But personally I'd like to see an extra tier added in say France, Germany, Italy etc. But I can't help but think they might be a bit too complex because I believe there's several regional groups below. Would make files much more interesting. England's great because it's the ultimate challenge to take a club from tier 6 to the top league. In other countries though it's too easy. 2 promotions and you're in the big time. Plus I'd love to go Bari in Serie D.
  2. Connor1874

    FMM18 Bug List

    Just noticed a bug today in the Scottish Premiership. I already won the league after 28 games. The league splits into play-off groups after 33 games and after one of those that i won, it came up saying I'd won the league again. With this also fame the news items that apply and my manager profile says I've won 2 league titles after just 1 season.
  3. Connor1874

    Must Sign Lower League Players (Table)

    Tony Watt is a great find as a free agent. Managed to sign him for Edinburgh City in Scottish League Two and he scored 61 goals in first season. Scored 63 in League One and I'm in the Championship and he's still scored about 20 by November.
  4. Connor1874

    Bargain Wonderkids

    Victor Gyokeres from Brommopojkarna (sp). Signed him for Blackburn in League One for £950k.
  5. Connor1874

    FMM18 Bug List

    When you press on save game, there should be 2 tabs at the top. One for saving it to your device and another for cloud. If not then check FMM is linked to your cloud account in device settings. Been a godsend in years gone by, but on FMM18 I’ve had nothing but problems. As mentioned in my post, sometimes only certain cloud files are there and since the update, none of them are.
  6. Connor1874

    FMM18 Bug List

    My cloud saves aren’t appearing since the update. Already had problems with cloud saves pre-update in that sometimes I can’t access them. I’ve realised that’s only the case when I’m in an area with poor 4G as they’re not downloading. Now though, I’m not getting anything at all.
  7. Connor1874

    Transfer window update

    Can’t wait for this. Not even so much for the transfers. I just want to see how Hearts are after the update. We made a couple of decent signings, but more importantly quite a few exciting youngsters have broke into the first team, some of which aren’t even in the original database while the rest just aren’t rated at all. Be nice to see one or 2 of them rated highly.
  8. Connor1874

    Help with iCloud saves

    Forgot to add that I did a software update a month or 2 ago, and I’ve also got crap storage on my phone meaning I have trouble downloading some photos that are saved to my iCloud. Makes me think it’s more a phone issue tbh but I’m not sure.
  9. I have a few files saved via iCloud and for some strange reason, sometimes when I go on FMM, they don’t appear, sometimes only one appears and occasionally they all appear. There doesn’t seem to be any order or obvious logic to it making it frustrating when I want to play one of these files. Does anyone know why or how to fix this?
  10. Connor1874

    Shortest leagues?

    Scottish lower leagues are only 36 games.
  11. For me, managing a smaller club is all about attention to financial detail and you’re right, it’s a bit too easy on FMM. When playing on FM, you can raise funds by playing glamour friendlies, gate receipts, prize money etc. All of which have little or no value at all in FMM.
  12. Connor1874

    Manger reputation

    It’s been very shaky for a while but last year seemed a tad better. My epic Chorley file saw me only get offered jobs of clubs in my division (generally lower than me in the table). But after the winter update it seemed improved. I had 2 dominant seasons in Ireland with Derry and got offered the job at Northampton who were mid table in league one. Generally couldn’t ask for much better after 2 years in Ireland. Took Northampton to the Championship and got a gig with Ross County in the scottish Premiership. Past editions have been to easy at times. Had a season with Celtic where I won a standard 3 leagues in 3 years and a couple of cups and got offered the Man City job.
  13. Connor1874

    Random name funnies

    All time favourites were FM 14, Steve Reeve and Laszlo Long. 2nd one sounds like a porn star.
  14. I'm playing a simple: GK FB CB CB FB BWM AP AP IF IF P Mostly balanced and mixed for every instruction with direct passing. I alternate between balanced/attacking mentality in home games and defensive/balanced in away games. I've romped the VNS and VNN with Chippenham Town in 2 seasons with this tactic.
  15. Thanks mate, so far so good. All inspired by my Chorley save from last year, where I took them from the North Vanarama league to League One playoff hopefuls in 6 season. Sadly I lost that file while in League One so I'll never know the true potential of that one. ?