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Brian Taylor-Morgan

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About Brian Taylor-Morgan

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    Sierra Leone
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    Manchester United
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    Manchester United
  1. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    Will you be buying FMH18 on release?

    It depends With its system requirement of " For Android, things are a little more complicated - everything running Android 4.0, with a 480x320 resolution or greater, Hope its goes with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can some one confirm...But will give it a few weeks and see if any upgrades come soon which will be expected after people figure it out properly.
  2. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    A bit more details/progress update on report during contract negotiations (with a bargaining coach/scout to get involved and let us see how the to and fro is going). The anticipation of the waiting process is hard especially for a player you really want. With clubs to agree on transfer fee Contract negotiation for player salary with agent/player
  3. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    The nations which could debut in FMM17

    MLS to start with and any other would do for me....But with the South American talent pool would not be surprise to see Argentina
  4. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    FMM 2016 Scout [Android] OUT NOW!

    Figured it out thanks
  5. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    FMM 2016 Scout [Android] OUT NOW!

    How do you export the short listed players to your saved games and where can you find them
  6. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    Best Coach Team Guide

    Good work will try it out...
  7. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    UKFootballScores Legends Database

  8. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    Deleting tactics...

    try moving one players position and back again and try saving your tactics over an older saved option you don not want to use this should work
  9. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    Why many people want Germany be playable

    We have a lot to Germany stars throughout the career but cant see them represent the nation...it hurts
  10. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    FM Mobile Evolution Wishlist

    what about increasing the number to leagues you start with...from 4 to probably 6/8
  11. Brian Taylor-Morgan

    Issue with sending young players to their old club

    include the loan back when making an offer