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  1. What team are you starting as?
  2. Strange bug/glitch

    That's too far back unfortunately.
  3. Strange bug/glitch

    Do you have a save where we can reproduce this issue? This one has proved really difficult to track down since it's so rare.
  4. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Count me in!
  5. This is a fansite not our official forums. The OP is made by a fan, not SI. We haven't advertised the international management changes as a new feature and have been quite clear that there needs to be a minimum amount of players to have them active. The list in the OP is for the first DB so isn't applicable to the February one. If someone wants to update it then that's up to them, but we're not going to order people to delete their own content on a fansite (especially when it's still useful for the older DB). Adding 10-12 USA players would lead to 10-12 other players leaving the DB, which leads to numerous other issues. Players are included based on rep and ability so it would push out 10 more well-known players that more people would want in the game.
  6. How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    I believe Pace is a mixture of Pace, Agility and Acceleration. Attributes in FMM though tend to be a bit exaggerated (which is why you see a lot more 20 shooting players than in PC), so directly comparing PC and FMM doesn't always match up directly. It's not quite as simple as there just being 'hidden' attributes though, the grouped up attributes are used for large parts of the game (Pace instead of the three that make it up) so two 20 pace players will be almost exactly the same speed. The player's positioning/movement and teamwork are more likely to have an effect in a race between two 20 pace players e.g. one player might react faster than the other so gets a bit of a head start. Regarding hidden attributes, scouts and coaches do tell you a lot of these e.g. set pieces, long shots, big games, pressure handling. The quality of coach and their area of expertise are taken into account in finding these though (attacking coaches will be better at rating attacking players etc).
  7. Manager's son?

    Yes thanks, have it logged now. Not entirely sure of the cause yet but it might have been to do with the player also being a member of staff at the club.
  8. [Bug?] Missing player(s)

    Had a look and we now have the issue logged in our system, thanks. Very strange one, the new 16 year old RB seems to have the exact same PA and ID as Muirhead, so he's effectively regenerated doctor-who style into a younger version of himself. So good news - he has the same PA as the old guy, bad news - I can't see any way to fix this issue for you at this point. But hopefully we'll get it fixed in the future so it won't ever happen again.
  9. [Bug?] Missing player(s)

    Odd.. Do you have a save where we can reproduce this issue? If so please send to help@sega.co.uk with a short description and ask for it to be forwarded to Alari. Thanks.
  10. Sending off bug

    We've already tracked this one down, it's usually to do with the AI subbing a sub and is purely visual on that page (they still have the correct number of players playing etc). Thanks.
  11. I'm not aware of us advertising USA management as a feature anywhere, if you can let us know where please do so it can be removed.
  12. PFL in fmm18

    There isn't enough of a market in the Philippines for us to justify including that league unfortunately. Maybe one day in the future if enough people there buy the game but it's unlikely to be soon I'd think.
  13. Manager's son?

    Do you have a save from before he retires? If so could you send it to us at help@sega.co.uk with a description of the issue? Ask for it to be forwarded to Alari. Thanks.
  14. iCloud problem/bug!

    Post here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/80-ipadiphoneipod-bugs-forum/ Or contact SEGA support.
  15. Ah I see what you mean. Thanks for letting us know.