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  1. ESo guys, back with another formation, this one I’ve sort of stumbled upon when searching to improve previous tactics from previous games that I’d used. So woth out further adew. So, as you can see the formations a relatively attacking one. A TM to hold up play, and a DLF to help facilitate the ball to both IF’s. I play a single BWM to try and break up play before the ball reaches my back line, where we find three Central defenders. I interchange then DLF with DF depending on the opponent(bigger/top teams). I’m also interested in changing the central CD to a Libero - lives the position last year, but just haven’t found a player with the stats I would like. I play a high defensive line, but only close down in my own half. Time wasting is on - if i’m Honest I didn’t fully understand it, but it works better with this on. Moving on - mixes passing by the players with a central focus. Keeper lobs thr ball long due to the target man. Like my players to run at the opposition and shoot when the can. And again, early crosses due to the TM. We play attacking football, balanced width and tempo. I plan to experiment with the tempo and when I approach the Prem, move the creative freedom up! - started in the VNS after leaving previous club when I seen that WhiteHawk has made it back into the game and had a free managers slot!
  2. Season 3 has now ended(my second with the formation). So we’ve won the league! Another 100+ goal season! Though we shipped a lot more goals this season, so a toughen up if the defence may be be required moving forward. Two different tip score sets due to the sale of one and two free transfers of better quality coming in. Both returns for my main two strikers are shown below
  3. Just an end of season round up. In my second season with the club, first with this formation I won the league with quite a substantial GD. below are the stats for my team, and my top two goal scorers.
  4. Hey guys, so I thought that with the start of FMM19 as always I’d try to make a custom tactic to see how well I could understand the tactics(3 tears of making my own tactics and i’m still none the wiser, but hey this seems to be working) Any how this is my formation so far, i’ve Used it for the first 10 games of the season and all seems to be going well. Would love some fellow players to test and see there thoughts. I play poacher and a target man usually, but due to an injury i’ve had to make an adaption currently. Everything’s balanced due to currently being in non league. I play dicsiplined football due to having limited to no creativity at this level, when promotion comes’s and I’ve gotten better players i’ll see about adjusting then.I play a high defensive line as it suits how I’d like my team to line up. Time wasting is on.Simple football - work it into the box and run at the defence. Mixed passing style with a central focus due to having to wide players. Below is how the season’s looking so far. Many thanks
  5. sduncan0312

    FMM19 General Discussion

    So is their anyway to retrain a players position this year? If so how does one go about it? If not what are my options
  6. sduncan0312

    FMM18 Bug List

    I thought this issue had been fixed?
  7. sduncan0312

    Attack - 4123 - Free Scoring - EME

    Yea. It’s been so in predictable - I either win by a lot or lose by a lot. Since the update, I haven’t been able to get anything that works steady.
  8. sduncan0312

    Attack - 4123 - Free Scoring - EME

    So I’ve had a bit of a rework of the tactic in the past few days - attached is the variation of it that I am using. if anyone wants to try it and see why it’s like in different leagues that be aprciated.
  9. sduncan0312

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    I’ve to agree with Bati here. If cheaters don’t get called out they think the’ll get away with it and then others keep at it. Someone had to step up. I also think that’s the the achievements have been getting more and more out of hand. Like I held 2/3 for a while then Sam beat them - not by a league margin 1 or 2 assists. Recently some of the dtars have been simply ridiculous, so I can see why the though of foul play is there.
  10. sduncan0312

    Libero - 14212 - First attempt

    The end results didn’t actually - saved over it accidentally. Going to give it a try agin since the update.
  11. sduncan0312

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    I believe that Regen is allowed, though player editor is not.
  12. sduncan0312

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Just teach me. I cannot for the k De of me get a formation since the update to work. And I have tried and created so many. 😭😭
  13. Pause the lord!! Tears reading this!!
  14. sduncan0312

    FMM18 Bug List

    I have a player (Kennedy) that didn’t play for me, I cancelled the loan as soon as I started the Career, who some hoe is in my best squad. Also, Thos was a strikerless first season.h
  15. Just discovered this. This is hilarious! Really need the Wes side now!