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  1. so your saying its not a glitch? i agree with what you have said above, but starting with no wage budget at all doesn't seem correct at all?
  2. Just tried to join a newly promoted team in the National League North - they have no players which i suppose make sense but the ridiculous thing is they have no wage budget!? They have 50k transfer budget which can give a £1k wage budget to sign free agents which is a max wage of £500/player. I could easily make a team from signing 20 free agents with a max £500 wage but that is obviously going to put me anywhere upto £9k over my wage budget - will i get sacked for this? Seems like a strange glitch.
  3. Obvious choice (at least for me) this year seems to be Billericay. Even though they have shocking facilities their rich status i am hoping will come up trumps in later seasons. Free agents list this year seems cack compared to previous years for a RTG season but hey ho! It has been a long long time since i went far in with a RTG so have a few questions, specifically regarding a Billericay RTG: How many seasons do you usually have to play for the board to be willing to improve facilities? How much of an effect will being rich have in later years if at all? 2-3 years in how much more of a budget will that give me vs a team who isn't rich? For the first few seasons i usually just pump all of my money into wage budget and signing best free agents an contract endings i can and then simply replacing them doing the same next season - should i be trying to buy some young players to bring through straight of the bat? Anyone else put forward any alternatives? Thanks
  4. long time player here, have played FMH/M heavily for the past 4/5 years and can honestly say I've never altered the training regimes in any of the saves I've made as I did not really know the massive effect it can have. my preference is always starting in the lowest leagues in England and working my way to the top. stumbled on a post earlier advising intensive training works generally the best http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/forums/topic/33188-intensive-training-2016/ but may have adverse effects on lower league sides, does anyone have any advise/points for lower league training?