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Ben Allingham

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  1. Ben Allingham

    American trying to find a club to support

    Support Fulham mate. They've had some American legends over the years, Clint Dempsey and Brian McBride for example.
  2. Ben Allingham

    Winter transfers

    Rincon isn't a loan, they bought him for £6.8m on a 3 and half year deal
  3. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    So, I've finally started my save! To start, here's the main man himself Amazing shooting, pace, dribbling and strength for a 20 year old. Not bad stamina either! And here's the tactic formation we'll be using, just a basic one So on to the matches. Firstly, we played a friendly against Dunfermline. I know friendlies don't count, but Dembele got a brace which is a sign of good things to come! Next we played a Champions League qualifier against Dundalk, our first competitive match! Another brace for Dembele! And a goal for another wonderkid, Pat Roberts. Unfortunately Roberts picked up an injury in this match, even more unfortunate is that I forgot to check the length of the injury after playing . So, things are looking good for young Moussa. That's Jack and I with our first career posts in the thread. Where you at @aligempf?
  4. or perhaps you've activated a Tony Hawk-esque cheat code
  5. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    Thanks Jack for that heavily edited update . I'd also like to say that I've finally got around to installing the game on my phone and will be making my first post in the coming week.
  6. Ben Allingham

    Fulham in Europe

    I have a feeling I'm going to like this challenge. You should also have to sign a legendary Hungarian to send you in to the final
  7. Ben Allingham

    Scouting the Championship - Goalkeepers

    @Jack Joyce would crucify me if I didn't mention that you've missed out Brentford keeper Dan Bentley
  8. Ben Allingham

    The Great Guide to Devices

    Hey Jens, Really like this idea! Just to follow on from what Billy has said, it might be useful to include the times of your match engine speed tests. That way people can compare their results to what you consider a 10/10, 8/10 etc.
  9. Ben Allingham

    FMM17 Bug List

    When it comes to signing a player, the manager only has so much say. You say "This is a game, I am the manager, surely if I want to buy someone and I have the money I should be able to?". But in reality, the board/chairman have every right to block a transfer that expensive. The board setting a £170m budget is the same as them setting a £150m cap. They set the financial rules and the manager has to follow them.
  10. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    Hahaha, completely forgot about that! Could I get a link to the rules?
  11. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    Think I'll test out my favourite from the last game
  12. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    Oh it's on. I'll have Dembele since he's Fulham made
  13. Ben Allingham

    SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    Boo, make it a poll