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  1. Off Topic English football

    It's an odd old world. A few days ago I get told to stop trying to wind people up. Then Ollkie openly states he did something to wind me up. Nothing happens. He calls me a condescending twat nothing happens. I tell him to Fuck Off and I've got the Vibe police on my case. It's a joke. It's 1 rule for 1 1 for another. It's little things as well, for instance AS still mentions his winnings, nothing is said. If that was me you'd be all over it. It's pathetic now. Ive fallen out of love with the game plainly down to this site. It's a joke. If you're not Brown nosing Dec or Ollie for that matter it's made hard. Am I perfect? Nope. Should you have permad me by now? Probably, however if you don't you can't just carry on looking out plainly for me. You regulary comment on my bias, yet yoh miss Ollies. I mean for Fuck sake he bloody said Stamford Bridge had a good atmosphere! Best in the League no less. You'll probably delete this post and ban me. Still that'll mean you'll have to find other peoples PMs to look through. Yep. Tell me Vibe, what do Jayze, Ollie, Eoin and Ray have jn common? They didn't Brown nose Dec oh and they're now not on Vibe. Apart from that good luck in the future with the site. Adios Lads. God this thread will be dull. As cisse was offside in line with the ball, they scored lino ruled it offside ref overruled. I meant Paka not Ollie.
  2. Off Topic English football

    Oh Fuck off Ollie everyone has said jt shouldnt of counted. CHICO Oh also the Linesman gave it offside! Idiot
  3. Off Topic English football

    Fucking joke descion.
  4. Off Topic English football

    But Ollie what about the Monkey fan against us? Oh he must have just been doing a chicken dance. Bless.
  5. Off Topic English football

    Man you're all really winding me up. Like badways. Merry Christmas to you all at Racist FC
  6. Off Topic English football

    I thought someone had to be killed for that game? Obviously not. Otherwise I'm sure Liverpool would have released a version ala Self Pity City.
  7. Scottish Football

  8. Scottish Football

    Unless they're spelling it wrong, you'll never get that.
  9. Scottish Football

    How it should be!
  10. Scottish Football

    This thread js basically AS talking to himself with the occasional jibe at Scottish Football!
  11. Off Topic Family Divides

    So of course, Christmas is a time for Families to unite together. It got me thinking, how many different clubs are represented throughout the family and close friends. Mom, Dad, Me-United Grandma-Hartlepool Aunty, Cousin-Wolves Uncle, Cousins-Forest Cousin-Sunderland Missus' brother-Liverpool. Beat that!
  12. Off Topic English football

    A Liverpool fans accusing other supporters of being puppets. The irony.
  13. Off Topic English football

    Yes, your point being?
  14. Off Topic English football

    Look at Williams head. What direction is it looking? Van Persie could easily have broke his neck
  15. Off Topic English football

    Ollie are you ignoring me completely? Williams said he kicked the ball out of frustration. He knew the whistle had gone. And I don't get this caved in stuff, he gets more bans than anyone else.