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  1. Really enjoying this tactic...started a new game with Bradford after getting a but bored with my 2 at the back tactic. Have gained 2 back to back promotions and sitting top of the championship currently. Strange but I was offered england job after getting promoted from league 2? Anyway used this tactic with england too and won the international cup and top of my group now for the world cup qualifiers. I like how the team plays and some of the football is great. Cheers
  2. Yes it has worked ever since my original post in december! Thought new patch might ruin the tactic but seems they haven't found something to counter the shape
  3. This tactic is still working wonders on the update! Started a new game with Bradford City...top of the league. Looks like a lot of people have started using the same back 2 and 2 inverted wing backs philosophy.
  4. Hi its EME Hi mate, it seems to work for me. Try and see!
  5. Tested this with Sunderland's too...won league one and league cup in first season...offered england job and currently sat top of championship. Topped my UEFA cup group too. I'll update how it goes with England. Not lost a game yet with them after 5 games so far. added 0 minutes later Picture of 1st season
  6. Hi the look for overlap works as the inside forwards hold up the ball allowing for overlap on the inside from midfield players. Sorry I haven't tested with a higher division yet...once I get bradford to win the premier I'll try another team!
  7. Apologies for dodgy tactic image had to take picture of my tablet due to tablet not wanting to screenshot
  8. Hi Been using this tactic with Bradford City So far I have won league 2 and league 1 back to back Gets high possession Key is to have pacey centre backs and wing backs, pacy inside forwards too The team plays some really good football I have added in transfers to view, I basically tried to raid Jong Ajax Have not tried with a big team yet if anyone wants to test Thanks
  9. What I found to work. As your team gets better, switch mentality from defensive to control. That's the only adjustment I made from original tactic...I did this second season prem as wasn't working as well(after back to back promotions with bradford). Working a charm again now.
  10. Hi Back to back promotions with Bradford with this tactic and currently mid table in prem. Thanks.
  11. Sorry thought I'd added it. Here you go. Also I rotated 3 if. The winger plays well and most goals come from striker as you can see with Deeney...
  12. I started to test this tactic in my man United save 3 seasons in and worked well so started it with Watford and I ended up winning the pram in 1st season and won the league cup! Didn' have the best defenders either! So it is set up with: Sweeper keeper 2 ball playing defenders 2 inverted wing backs 1 deep lying playmaker 2 advanced playmakers 1 winger right side 1 inside forward left side 1 advanced forward High press, control strategy, lots of goals from your striker! If I was losing at half time I switched to overload. Look at Everton post 2-0 down came back to 2-2.