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Everything posted by bb

  1. What tactic were u testing
  2. I was just searching through tactics of last years fm to see which one would still be effective and I came across one possesion tactic and I tried it and tweaked it a bit.I was amazed at the result of how much possession I had and as you all know possession wins games😬 until your opponent goes overload late in the game and you end up conceding 2 or 3 goals in the last 10 minutes. With this tactic I tend to change the mentality to counter and and to waste time in the last 15 minutes to counter those annoying corner and screamer late goals the AI always get. Give this formation a try and show me your results in the comments. Below are the tactic, my results and matches.
  3. What an intelligent article
  4. bb

    A Dutch Demolition job. 2-2-3-1-2.

    I’m already loving the shape of this.... it looks 🔥
  5. 😂😂😂😂 I won’t be surprised after what Bayern did to them
  6. bb

    Strikerless attempt

    Nice one mate
  7. Damn what tactics where u testing? Were u shooting from the centre of the field?😂
  8. Gonna give this a try tomorrow
  9. This look interesting hope u would be making some improvements on it
  10. Ok would be checking in for updates
  11. bb

    Double Destruction!

    Well this took a very long time to craft let’s test and see how it goes
  12. That’s pretty impressive good job
  13. bb

    Transfer fee bug?

    What a steal
  14. bb

    Merciless 4-2-2-2 Narrow

    Ok I would like to see the results soon
  15. Could you show the match possessions and the shots
  16. But would it work for average teams?
  17. Those shot numbers🤤
  18. bb

    Strikerless attempt

    Tried it in my first gam I was sassuolo playing against Torino and I won 2-0 using the safer tactic.... the tactic looks legit and is defensively good
  19. Which tactic do u use normally
  20. He means the instruction... post the instruction
  21. bb

    Old times

    What is the shape,defence,attack etc
  22. bb

    Best New tactic... Try and see

    I gave up on it
  23. bb

    Most passes in a game.

    I had 68% possession btw
  24. bb

    Best New tactic... Try and see

    I tried it for 5 games with Sassuolo and I lost 3 and won 2