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Everything posted by bb

  1. Gonna give this a try tomorrow
  2. This look interesting hope u would be making some improvements on it
  3. Ok would be checking in for updates
  4. bb

    Double Destruction!

    Well this took a very long time to craft let’s test and see how it goes
  5. That’s pretty impressive good job
  6. bb

    Transfer fee bug?

    What a steal
  7. bb

    Merciless 4-2-2-2 Narrow

    Ok I would like to see the results soon
  8. Could you show the match possessions and the shots
  9. But would it work for average teams?
  10. Those shot numbers🤤
  11. bb

    Strikerless attempt

    Tried it in my first gam I was sassuolo playing against Torino and I won 2-0 using the safer tactic.... the tactic looks legit and is defensively good
  12. Which tactic do u use normally
  13. He means the instruction... post the instruction
  14. bb

    Old times

    What is the shape,defence,attack etc
  15. bb

    Best New tactic... Try and see

    I gave up on it
  16. bb

    Most passes in a game.

    I had 68% possession btw
  17. bb

    Best New tactic... Try and see

    I tried it for 5 games with Sassuolo and I lost 3 and won 2
  18. bb

    Best New tactic... Try and see

    Wow that is the highest price I have seen mate
  19. You say u dont like seeing tactics using over powered teams and u used Chelsea?
  20. bb

    Team formation

    Could you post screenshots of the tactic, pretty please with a cherry on top
  21. Looks really solid defensively
  22. Good improvement did u also change any instruction
  23. bb

    Solskjaer red devil tac?

    🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 The honesty of this made my day
  24. bb


    Looks decent