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  1. Del2378

    Young Cb Required

    Malang sarr from nice in france is a good prospect only 17 you could try on a loan first then maybe buy if get promoted.
  2. If the bids are for players you have demoted try promoting them and the bids should appear at least thats what i was having to do.
  3. I updated last night but didnt play till today however my download was interupted last night so maybe that was the problem
  4. Also using android had no problems buy/selling even px with some sales just seems to be loans.
  5. Just started a new save after updating england as tottenham got spain germany and france as other nations and i cant loan out is saying clubs are interested and even bid but no bids have come in. Any one else having same problem?
  6. I used to sign balanta from river and have not been able to find him in any of my saved games in this version but its good know pavon can be found was always one of my go to guys? done a google search and now found out hes at fc basel hopefully find him in game.
  7. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    ??? congrats @PriZe a great final by 2 great competitors cant wait for the nxt one.
  8. Cheers mate. Mckays stats are looking good this season would have hoped his attributes were a bit better still a few in the brown but cant argue with his form and burt looks as if he could mature into a decent enough player with a good amount of game time. Are you using any intensive training or just the basic?
  9. Excellent career so far mate? any chance you can post a shot of liam burt and barrie mckay so i can see how they have progressed. Really think its about time i started my own rangers save.
  10. As a fellow rangers fan im really looking fwd to seeing this career progress and hopefully we dont need to wait too long to see us back on top?
  11. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    Just kidding mate and defo be involved in the next one when it comes around.
  12. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    Can i jump in to replace @Jack i can quickly run through the challenge and get my results posted. Please?
  13. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    ???. Enjoyed the challenge guys thanks cant wait for the next one and defo learned a few things especially about my tactic so notba complete failure. Good luck to all the remaining players.
  14. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    I know my score and its ? so to all you still to submit i would get right on it.
  15. Del2378

    Challenge Cup 2017

    Challenge done results have been sent to @samhardy a nice little experience in a league i probably would never have tried.