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  1. Don't mean to be "that" guy but I imagine quite a lot of tactics would succeed with Liverpool's mega squad, even if you only played 10 men every game! Be interesting to see if this works for lower teams or if it's a tactic for super teams. Currently playing as Fiorentina so will switch to it now and report back. Awesome work mate 👍
  2. This tactic deserves a lot of praise. I switched to it after starting the season really poorly with a 4231 system. Lost 3-0 to Newcastle and got battered across all the stats. Changed to this 4222 and well, look at the run I went on. Smashed most of the 'big' clubs and had a 29 match unbeaten run in the league, winning 24 drawing 5. Went from 14th and in danger of being sacked to winning the league by 8 points. Not using sugar daddy and only made 1 transfer, Nketiah from Arsenal for the P role.
  3. Found this guy on my Norwich save at the end of my 2nd season. I haven't used him but I thought it worth showing because you don't often see a 19 year old £40m striker playing for Huddersfield. Initially thought he was a regen but he isn't as you can see, he starts at Molde and was bought for under £10m He has perfect stats for a target man or defensive forward and would actually be a very good poacher or advanced forward with that pace. I scouted him and it came back with the glorious "has potential to improve a lot in future". Could be a hidden gem 👍👍
  4. Currently testing this on a Porto save. It's been a pretty good season so far, I'm winning most league matches but being seriously outmatched in the Champions League which is about normal for Porto. I did get put in a group with Barcelona and Juve though. Pros; - Very impressive stats from striker, has had more goals than games throughout season so far. - Very solid at the back, keeping clean sheets and rarely conceding - Usually dominate possession and shots on target - Isn't particularly physically taxing on players at the moment i.e it isn't a tactic that has half the team on orange stamina in the 70th minute. Which means I haven't had many injuries so far when using intensive training - The midfield roles seem to be a bit forgiving, I'm using 2 players on dark green rather than bright green and they're performing very well. Cons; - So far appears to be a tactic HUGELY dependent on the 1 striker. If your AF doesn't perform you are going to struggle to score which can be very, very annoying but I guess suits a 1K challenge attempt. - The IFs so far seem absolutely useless. Very rarely score or assist and usually have a 6 match rating. The 3 players i rotate in the IF role so far have a combined 29 games played, 4 goals and 7 assists. Will persevere till the end of the season but am already looking at changing to a similar tactic with W instead of IF.
  5. How is the IF performing for you in that position? I’m seriously put off any tactic with IFs at the moment as I can’t get anything out of them. I am however going to test this as a mid table Bundesliga side and will post results. Very intrigued by how different it is.
  6. Can confirm this tactic works very well on the 9.2 update Tried this tactic for 3 main reasons 1.) I was sick of using 3 striker formations 2.) I’ve been using formations that hardly ever get the best out of my center mids and it’s been annoying me and 3.) I wanted to see if this tactic worked on the 9.2 update on EME. Below is my first season using this tactic with Atalanta. Yes I had sugar daddy but only bought 2 players, Hoffman who got a spine injury and was out for 10 months anyway and then Schalke accepted a pretty low off for Goretzka and I couldn’t resist. Later in the season I bought out Spinnazola’s loan deal for £2.2m. I won the Serie A after pushing Juve all the way and ending the season very strongly, despite suffering a lot of injuries. I was playing most of the games at the end of the season with CB’s at full back and midfielders on the wings due to numerous injuries. This was mostly due to me being stupid and using bronze physios all season without upgrading them. Lost the Cup final to Juve tho, and got knocked out of the Europa League semi finals by Arsenal. Look at the stats in the pics to see how well the SS does in this tactic, Illicic and Gomez rotated at SS, Petagna was my main CF even though he is suited more for a TM role and then just look at the lovely return from Goretzka from central midfield as the AP.
  7. Stunning results from players that look average to begin with. Any chance you can share the tactic youve been using? (Apologies if I’ve missed it somewhere)
  8. Have just started a new save as Leverkusen with this tactic, will update you if it goes well.
  9. The success you've had with this tactic is impressive however it would help to see your transfers and the squad you've been using. It's not accurate to state this tactic works for lower leagues and small teams if you've bought the Sugar Daddy and filled your team with the best wonderkids from the start.
  10. Either buy the Sugar Daddy add-on through your app/play store or you can mess around with a Hex Editor but wouldn't advise it.
  11. My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus simply can't handle having 4 leagues loaded in a save. The battery just disappears, even when the app is idly open in the background. Losing about 15% every 5~10 minutes. Have completely given up playing it on my phone and use the iPad now.
  12. Hey guys, Anyone noticed any of the must buy bargains for new saves this year? Historically we've had Meli, Lucas Romero, Gaston gil Romero, Pratto, Balanta, Vida, Khacheridi, Lemos, Pavon, Chavez, Bentancur and more that have been pretty much guarunteed star buys for cheap prices throughout the past 3~5 seasons of FMM. Unfortunately Balanta isn't in my save despite having Basel as an available club, anyone else found him? Meli, the Romero's and Chavez seem to have disappeared. Bentancur is now at Juve and costs ££££ I can confirm that Pratto is still good at around £8m but not on par with how he performed last year, still good for a utility frontman. Vida and Khacheridi are still available on the cheap however Vida got a new contract v quickly on my save. So far I've found; Barco - a young Argentine CAM that is an absolute weapon this year, paid £5m. Arthur - a young Brazilian CM that can play DM or AM also. Very, very well rounded in stats, looks like he'll have mostly green numbers with training. Paid £7m. Anyone else found the young/low priced gems that should be considered for any save?
  13. Looks like Barco is a popular option this year, glad to see he grows in value. @RealHaks Have you tried this tactic with other training setups? Meaning the regular FMM intensive training obviously.
  14. I've tried most midfield combos in this tactic as yes I agree sometimes I feel like having a BWM-DLP partnership is too defensive and would like to play a more creative midfielder at times, mostly a few youth prospects who like to play as AP at CM. I've found that BWM-CM works well and occasionally BWM-BBM works a treat too, especially with a good BBM however I found BWM-AP to be really inconsistent and then my AM doesn't do so well. I'd say the BWM is essential here but you can experiment with his partner. I've also tried like you suggested with having a W and FB down the right and that has seen me concede less on average but the W is much less involved in the game.
  15. Could also be the device you're playing on. What phone/tablet are you using?