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  1. Which 4231 counterattack?

    Personally I prefer long to direct because when I play direct the players just tend to play the ball out. Having said that I've not tried direct with a TM it makes sense and could work
  2. Football Strategy Football Manager Browser Game

    I had a look at the game and it seems interesting the only boring thing I've seen for now is the long annoying tutorial (I know it can be skipped) I may start playing it when the mobile app comes out
  3. European Super League

    Did you change the reputation of the divisions? Otherwise it would be impossible to attract good players for the teams that start below
  4. Rangers save

    Are you stopping the one with inter?
  5. Training attributes

    Yes I meant tactic training
  6. Training attributes

    I think technical training improved movement while the rest improves as the player develops
  7. Editor help

  8. Editor help

    If he was trying to create new players and managers it would be easier if he clones existing players
  9. Editor help

    What did you try to do?
  10. Bolivia Primera A WIP

    Good luck
  11. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    How does this work? I've never tried it
  12. Bolivia Primera A WIP

    I made the danish league replacing Ireland but I couldn't creat the whole players because it takes too long so I created only the players of AaB
  13. League updates

    The easiest way is by using the pre game editor but you can also do it by creating a changes.txt file or by Hex editing and this is the most complicated of the 3 methods and I don't know how to do it either using this method
  14. FM data

    Then clone a player that played in the same role with the same current ability and potential and you'd see that the attributes would be close comparing to FM, you may need to change the position though
  15. FM data

    If you touch the stars it would show u a percentage, multiple it by 2 and that's the current ability or potential I did the proportion a while ago