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  1. Just to clarify something, when you go to a clubs profile to see the tactic they play what you see is the formation ignore the roles because they are the very basic roles for that formation the AI managers don't necessarily use them. The managers change the roles before the match. If you want to try it before going into every game your team plays go and have a look at the roles of the team you are playing against and compare it with the roles they actually play during the game. And for those saying that the AI managers are broken, they are much better this year
  2. Dar J

    Version 9.2.0

    If you're in Android the saves should be in the document folder
  3. I'd say the most important thing is getting the best out of the players. When I create a tactic for a particular team with certain players, that tactic never works for another thing unless I tweak it to suit the team or sign similar kind of players
  4. Dar J

    How the AI thinks

    AI switching to overload too early in the game has been fixed with the update. They still change mentality though during games
  5. Dar J

    Claud Adjapong

    He was actually my classmate untill I left Italy 4 months ago
  6. Yes you need to create a new one
  7. Dar J


    Load existing one
  8. Dar J


    You can still manage Germany using the changes.txt file
  9. You have to put him on defensive training to improve his aerial ability but it won't improve by much
  10. Dar J

    Worst team?

    Are Cardiff met uni not amateur as well?
  11. Documents/sports interactive/ football manager mobile 2018/normal
  12. Copy what is written there and change the managers name with your name and the team you want to manage