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  1. Chat Worst team?

    Are Cardiff met uni not amateur as well?
  2. Documents/sports interactive/ football manager mobile 2018/normal
  3. Copy what is written there and change the managers name with your name and the team you want to manage
  4. Help How do I get the Hex Editor?

    You download it from the play store or on your PC then open your save file with the app
  5. You can if you swap the team with another team in the league you want to play in You can use changes.txt to do it
  6. For the problem of not having enough season you just holiday for a season or holiday for a week when you know if you would be asked to submit your team, then go on holiday on the game day. Keep going like that till the next season and the game would generate players for that nation (you might not have players in every position though to start with)
  7. I've encountered the same problem
  8. I've got both a poacher and attacking mid but the main goal scored is the poacher. The AM is there just to pull defenders out
  9. That's my DLF and 17 assists for a striker that scores as much goal as he does is a lot
  10. If you set up the tactic well and choose the right role the striker won't take that much shots. My DLF has the most assists this season in my team and he has also scored a lot of holes as well
  11. It's been fixed with the 9.1 update but it's still difficult to keep clean sheets now At least for me
  12. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    If noticed that for defensive players the ratings tend to go up if the make and win lots of tackles and it would go up and down also based on the amount of pass completed compared to the passes attempted
  13. I wouldn't say they're completely useless but they behave how they should now, so don't expect 20 goals from them but a top inside forward could get 15 goal in a season and lot more assists
  14. Help how can I delete savings?

    The files are in your documents folder