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Dar J

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  1. Dar J

    Morale Problems.

    Moral is low because they don't play as much as thir squad status says they should
  2. Dar J

    Building Squad

    It takes me 3 to 4 seasons to do that because I tend not to bring in lots of players the first few seasons unless the team I'm managing are very week. The reason for that is because I don't want to spend money bring in players for a tactic that might not work so for me I tend to use the players I have at my disposal then create a tactic and one I'm satisfied with it I start bringing in better players to improve
  3. Dar J

    Long Shot Attribute?

    you shouldn't see that if you've updated the game
  4. if he wouldn't accept anything other than that then there is nothing you can do
  5. Dar J

    Player Roles

    I've hated the BBM since last year because I feel like their movement isn' right. I play with a two-man midfield and the BBM is always far from his partner, he stats his transition move very early and he's never back to defend
  6. Dar J

    Transfer bug

    I hope you guys report the bugs also on SI's forum because posting them here alone won't do much
  7. Dar J

    Some advice please.

    Id say you should play him here and there if you can but if you can't play him then loan him to a team you know he would get the chance to play and ignore the recommended role
  8. I agree with the rating system but I think training is perfect think about real life a payer once he gets to 25 is unlikely to improve that much
  9. Dar J

    Tactics tweaking

    I play a 4-2-3-1 and I normally change the instructions during games but sometimes I move the AM to the CM position
  10. Dar J

    Position Change?

    nope there is another update.. i updated mine last night
  11. Dar J

    Position Change?

    thereàs an update that lets you do it like last year
  12. Dar J

    Player Contracts

    nope just transfer issues and two other things I canàt remember
  13. Dar J

    Player Contracts

    nope there is another update.. I updated mine last night
  14. Dar J

    Player Contracts

    there is an update on the play store that should fix that issue