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  1. Its the sugar daddy unlockable You can turn it off
  2. I think FMM is a boring game because you keep doing the same thing every season and definitely at some point you would get tired so what I do is to completely ignore it for some days when I get bored then pick it up again after some weeks
  3. To be honest I'm not a fan of that tactic and inside forwards in this game because of the stupid long shots they take and you also have a Poacher taking long shots too so my advice would be to change the poacher to a DLF , the IF in the left to an AP
  4. Can I see the tactic your playing?
  5. Depends on who you pair the BWM with
  6. Vibe Vibe Community App

    I Know but it's better than nothing
  7. Vibe Vibe Community App

    You can receive notifications via email just go to the settings and set it up
  8. Tottenham Fc tactics

    I try to adapt it to a lower division team and if it doesn't work I d change it completely to suit that team but I always start with a tactic I familiar with then I may change it completely as the season progresses or I just tweak it
  9. Short-lived tactics

    Could be because other teams have gotten better by buying better players and you're still using the players u used in the first season
  10. Tottenham Fc tactics

    The way is do it is to ignore what the role description says and choose the roles based on the movement I want to achieve in that particular position. If I want a more attacking player in midfield that doesn't have to worry about defensive duty I go with an AP even if I may have an AP in the CAM position, if I want someone that played based on the teams mentality I go for the CM and if I want someone to hold position I go for a DLP and I do the same with the striker role and I play any player I want in those roles even if he may not have the tactical ability to play them because my main objective is the movement
  11. Guides/Tips Recruitment

    Scouts and your assistant manager are not reliable although I use them a lot but I also judge the players myself. When it comes to player recruitment you just need to know the level of your club, you can start by using the interested filter but you would loose on some players that would have been willing to come to you. When it comes to wages with big clubs I use the players I already have as a guide or I look at another team at my same level to see how much a player with similar quality is earning then I offer him what I think he should be earning based on if he would be a backup or first team player. For lower league clubs just focus on the key attributes for example if I was looking for a DC for FC United I'd focus on Pace and positioning, those are not key attributes for that role but that is what I feel I need the most at that level of football. Talking about the best time to buy player I've found that it's better to do it outside the transfer window because you won't attract the attention of other clubs. Also keep an eye on players that are transfer listed because they generally cost less then their value and finally players running out of contract, the best time to start looking for this players is during December and the last month of the season, bare in mind that for players in the UK you can sign them a month before the end of their contract and you would pay compensation for players under 21. In other parts of the world it's 6 months so remember to renew the contracts of your own players as you search for this free transfers
  12. Help useless role

    I agree, I never use inside forwards expect in specific situations but I disagree with sweeper keeper and limited defenders but I've never tried a trequartista or used a Target man so I can't tell about those. The AP also makes me angry because he plays to close to the striker and takes stupid shots when he should pass it to the striker and when you change the role to a CM in the CAM position ther is much space between the striker and the attacking midfielder most of the time so you would see the attacking Midfielder giving the ball to the striker and the striker having no support (because they don't seem to like passing to the wingers) would hold the ball and then loose it or he would pass it back
  13. Personally I prefer long to direct because when I play direct the players just tend to play the ball out. Having said that I've not tried direct with a TM it makes sense and could work
  14. Off Topic Football Strategy Football Manager Browser Game

    I had a look at the game and it seems interesting the only boring thing I've seen for now is the long annoying tutorial (I know it can be skipped) I may start playing it when the mobile app comes out