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  1. I have literally no experience on how to spot a regen, but I've got this Portuguese winger that i signed from Benfica, and he's the best player in the world, so this leads me to believe that he's the next Ronaldo. However, as you may have guessed, Ronaldo played for Lisbon, and this guy is from SLB, so I wondered whether this was just a freak coincidence. (His 'other nationality' is also French)
  2. Help Biggest/best database

    Thanks, sorry for the late reply
  3. Obviously when you start the a new game, you get given the choice to play with up to four leagues, but what I'm wondering is what is the best combination to get the most players.
  4. FMM 2016 Pre Editor

    I literally have no idea how to get the database in the first place, im on iOS
  5. With the new update, Leicster are one of the main teems im looking to manage. However, there is a slight problem, their transfer budget us only £4 million. So my question for you is, what is the best tactic to use, and what players can you sign to fit in with it?
  6. 25+ Icon Edits!

    How many downloads does this have?
  7. 25+ Icon Edits!

    No, you need to place the folders in the locations specified, sorry.
  8. FMM 2016 Pre Editor

    When I go to start a new save on an edited database, the screen goes grey and inactive. What is causing this???
  9. 25+ Icon Edits!

  10. Version 1.0.0


    In this download I bring to you over 25 icon edits for the menus. This includes the files: menubar_icons & sub_menu_icons. The skin I am using in the screenshots: http://vibe.community/files/file/887-blue-default-skintheme-all-4-sizes/ Download Inspired by: http://vibe.community/files/file/906-halas-menubar-icons-hdtvretina-only/ How to install HDTV (ONLY) Go to: \Android\data\com.sigames.fmh2016\files\com.sigames.fmh2016\data\fmhi_hdtv_skin\gui_images and place files here. Peace! www.youtube.com/kingwan p.s, I accidentally clicked spoiler and now i cant get rid of the boxes down below?
  11. FMM2016 License Fix

    Ah I guess most people dont realize this and thats why they think its not working
  12. Can any staff that are not manager be in the hall of fame, or is it just managers. So far I have only spotted managers, so im guessing its that way.
  13. Im in 2021 in my FMH career, and have still not figured out how to appoint staff members from other teams, a staff transfer if you like... If someone could tell me if this is even possible it would be a massive help.. Thanks!
  14. Regens/Evogens

    Everyone post some actual evogens and what leagues you had loaded + the year you found them KingwanYT