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  1. The game should tell you when you start. You can go to settings and change it. Also if you start a match and it shows you the preview of team line ups and a clear cut chance statistic during a game then it is enhanced engine.
  2. EME (enhanced match engine) is more realistic and therefore tends to be harder - you have to adapt tactics and opposition managers will change tactics mid game. OME (original match engine) runs off of the original old fm mobile engine and hasn't been updated in a while. Tends to be called "easy" mode. Computer is less likely to change tactics - your phone will run OME much faster than EME.
  3. Would this work well with the OME as well do you know or should we stick with using the black pearl 2016?
  4. Hey Prize what about your PD21 tactic for the enhanced engine? Will it work well for the original?
  5. Any chance on working on a new Piggs Drift for the original engine this year? If there way any way to improve the defence of this tactic that would be awesome!
  6. I haven't tried it on the EME, doubt it will work well. Tried this tactic in 2015 on EME and couldn't win no matter what. I'm finding committed tackling is the way to go btw instead of normal tackling.
  7. Awesome! I am in my 4th season now with Plymouth in the championship - the tactic loses its effectiveness. I'm generally putting it down to quality of my players. It won me 3 promotions in a row though!
  8. Hi folks, I would like to start by taking no credit for this tactic. This formation and instructions are a copy of piggers 2014 tactic. It is working wonders on the FMM 2017 OME. I have not tried it on EME. I tried the tactic with Plymouth league 2 and they smashed the league with it. I was auto picking most matches and my main 2 strikers and midfielder were injured for 2 months during the season. I also made no new signings and didn't load and replay any matches. Biggest win in the league was 11-1 ?. Hope this tactic brings you success and makes the game even more enjoyable! Again I take no credit for this - I would like to thank piggers for creating this tactic way back in 2014! Legend!
  9. Hey piggers have you got an update to your original tactic on here? I remember in previous year your would release a V2 of your tactic after some tinkering.
  10. After one whole season with Corinthians on the Brazilian league I had mixed results. Way too many draws resulted in me coming second in the two tournaments entered. Although I scored loads in the championship. Nearing the end of my fixtures I was still dominating but my strikers/attacking playmakers simply were not scoring.... Went from smashing teams 10-0 at the start of the season to drawing 3 games 1-1 at the end. I can't figure this year fm mobile out. The 4-4-1-1 formation seems to absolutely demolish this one. All my draws were similar to the match screen posted below - dominated, many shots on goal - computer has 1 shot on target and scores.... My poacher had 19 finishing....
  11. Team instructions are listed in the original post above. Changed goalkeeper passing to short instead of mixed
  12. Decided to try this tactic with Corinthians in the Brazilian league. First match... This is the most amount of shots and most goals I have ever seen in a match. Will be testing it on a big team today to see if it is effective.
  13. After some signings in league 2 - nothing amazing as my budget at Truro is shocking I managed to achieve automatic promotion. I had a massive barren period with loads of draws middle of the season but it was enough to see me promoted. Tactic seems less effective - however I am always competing with other teams no matter what (premiership etc) and normally loose by 1 goal or draw it. Thus formation always produces a minimum of 7-9 shots on target every game no matter what opponent. I tried the formation with wing backs and defensive wingers instead of wingers and had little success - number of shots on goal reduced dramatically. Equally going balanced seemed to ruin the attacking fun of this formation.