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  1. Is this for pre or post patch? Currently holding off updating my game, but couldbe tempted if this tactic works in lower leagues post patch.
  2. 😂😂 You might not be wrong!
  3. Crazy figures! Just signed him in my wolves save...hope he's half as prolific haha.
  4. snell89

    30 IN 30

    Good luck mate....and fingers crossed for Real Madrid haha.
  5. snell89

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Thought I'd try it with a mid sized premier league team- Wolves. Again worked a treat, but the AI seem to be figuring it out now which is a shame
  6. snell89

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Well fair to say this tactic worked well for me, all be it with an amazing team... added 0 minutes later
  7. snell89

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Thanks for the tactic, working well for me. Do you have any reccomendations for the striker? Currently using Icardi but I'm still not sold on him. I'm playing as Real Madrid and have around 100mil to work with.
  8. Hi all, I don't have a great amount of time to mess around with tactics, so just wondering what your reccomendations are for the best tactics. OME or EME I don't have a preference. I get the odd half hour here and there to play the game so a tactic to load up and start winning would be ideal. I appreciate the AI is improving with each version of FMM so this may not be possible, but thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  9. snell89

    Team formation

    Had a quick go on lunch as Barcelona, got beat 4-1 at home to Madrid so gave up and stropped back to work haha.
  10. snell89

    Team formation

    Has anyone tried this at all?
  11. Afternoon all I'm in my second season with Sunderland and just about to finish it, but I have 12 million in the bank and around 180k excess in the wage bracket....Does this carry over and get added onto the budget I get offered at next season's start?
  12. snell89

    Super 4-2-3-1

    Just added Grimaldo. I'll wait til the season finishes to make any more purchases. Tactic is working well, seem to be taking more chances which is nice.
  13. snell89

    Super 4-2-3-1

    Nice on thanks. Anyone got reccomendations on where to strengthen? Just in the January transfer window of my first season.
  14. snell89

    Super 4-2-3-1

    I hate to sound rude but I'm not totally sure what you mean?