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  1. Morning When searching for players on the market and choosing attributes. What minimum limit do you set? Just got my Ayr team promoted to the SPL so I obviously need to improve the team which got me up. Last season I was setting the minimum at 10. What would you recommend now I’m in the next league up?
  2. Started using this in a new game with Ayr. The club is pretty desolate in all areas and looked to be struggling at the bottom of the league. Managed to get some frees in and loans. Using this tactic I finished second place and got promoted in the play offs 😃 Just about to start my second season now and expecting a relegation battle! Hopefully the tactic can continue to help!
  3. Used the tactic for around the first 8 games of the season with Sunderland and it didn’t work out too well for me 😔 Not sure if I am doing something wrong. Switched to another similar formation from a different member on here which seems to be getting the results.
  4. Finding this tactic is quite good at getting results. But I am sometimes conceding more shots than my opponent for some reason. Guess I am getting results so it doesn’t matter too much.
  5. Thanks mate. I had them mixed up at first. Starting my save again now properly as that was just for testing purposes. Will keep you up to date.
  6. Is the first version on a separate thread?
  7. Thanks mate. Yeah think I will try AndersJ inverted wing back one and try make a team around that.
  8. Hi @AndersJ have I got the team set out correctly here? Also the first game was an exciting one after being 5-0 up haha.
  9. Good morning all I have just purchased the new FMM21 and was hoping someone could point me to the best plug in and play tactic on the site. Don’t have a great deal of tactical nous or time on my hands so each year I look for the best tactic and just use that. I will be playing as Sunderland. I have tested some from the tactic thread but nothing is hitting for me as of yet. Thanks.
  10. Update on my season. Still absolutely flying with this tactic. Unfortunately Donnaruma has ran contract down and I couldn’t afford his ludicrous 300k a week demands and he’s joining Dortmund, so the petulant side of me he dumped him in the reserves.
  11. The one from the original post. Doing great things
  12. Top tactic mate used a couple different ones this year as the AI seems to counteract mine pretty quick so far so good for this one with my Milan team. Started using it after the draw with Torino.
  13. Started using this tactic after a previous one failed me with my Milan team. Managed to get me out the rut. Finished 2nd in my first season and won the Italian cup. would have won the league if it wasn’t for the inspired form of Ronaldo and Higuain at Juventus...sorry I mean Zebre! into pre season now for the next season and trying to get some young players in to fit these positions so hopefully I can go one better and clinch the serie a