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  1. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks @BatiGoal
  2. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks @danovic78 He's 34 but going downhill fast, I'll post the final total in the coming days.
  3. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Yeah man it's a good feeling, hope you get there soon aswel mate.
  4. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks mate my first one without INT goals happy about that.
  5. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Just wanted to put my score up and maybe hopefully get a spot on the leaderboard behind a few FMM legends.
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    If this announcement includes eradicating all forms of cheating I'm all ears 👂
  7. Massive well done to the medalists 👏 well done lads, and thanks to the genius creators of this was a blast while it lasted!
  8. I never tested with Blackburn mate that's just the pic RR sent me, I did test with Torino a few times with no success.
  9. I'm done after this comment because I actually don't care I just hate cheaters, and that's all you ever get you can't prove it blah blah. Test his tactic that's all I'm saying.
  10. It doesn't bother me in the slightest pal but I'm giving my reasons why I won't be competing in the last round because people are making snide comments about people dropping out, is that ok with you??
  11. Well he's given me reasons before which is maybe why I'm suspicious. Also he provided me with the exact tactic he used which I've tested and it seems literally impossible. Let's not forget we're talking about 16 consecutive clean sheets here with an average at best Torino side.
  12. Nah not sour in the slightest I can assure you that, and if you believe his score your as gullible as the rest pal.
  13. I always try to finish what I start and have enjoyed this having submitted a score for every round, but when there is blatant cheating involved what's the point!!
  14. 15 French/Ligue 1 Talents

    Absolutely brilliant list there mate, so many players I've never used and so much potential. Will certainly give a few of them a go. Keep up the good work.
  15. I can't believe Real Madrid never snapped up one Bayern player lol good luck to the Americans.