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  1. Chat Greatest Achievements

    Haha fair play man, wasn't trying to take anything away from your achievements just confused me a little.
  2. Chat Greatest Achievements

    I don't get it are you reloading games or something? you've got 4 different results against chelsea in the community shield.
  3. Chat Will you play with EME?

    It's an opinion and I hope SI see sense and get rid.
  4. Chat Will you play with EME?

    I for one will only play the EME I consider the OME to be outdated and predictable and in need of scrapping IMO. With regards to changing tactics isn't that part of making the game fun, does any great manager in the world play the exact same tactics week in week out season after season no they don't. Learn to adapt and tweak as you go and with the right tactic you can have as much success as you want.
  5. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    @Varf here's the end of my career with the great man himself.
  6. Defo not losing any interest mate, agree with what the lads have said about your providers they are taking to many of Keans goals. Keep it up mate I totally understand your frustrations with him but don't give up.
  7. Keep going mate you can do it, I've just got him to 1000 and he's 34. It was tough at times and I felt like giving up as he's so inconsistent as you say, and also he missed well over 100 penalties... he's so bad at them lol.
  8. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks @BatiGoal
  9. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks @danovic78 He's 34 but going downhill fast, I'll post the final total in the coming days.
  10. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Yeah man it's a good feeling, hope you get there soon aswel mate.
  11. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks mate my first one without INT goals happy about that.
  12. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Just wanted to put my score up and maybe hopefully get a spot on the leaderboard behind a few FMM legends.
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup 2017

    If this announcement includes eradicating all forms of cheating I'm all ears 👂
  14. Massive well done to the medalists 👏 well done lads, and thanks to the genius creators of this was a blast while it lasted!
  15. I never tested with Blackburn mate that's just the pic RR sent me, I did test with Torino a few times with no success.