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    F.C. Barcelona
  1. Keep posting mate your doing no harm and at least your honest about your re-loading unlike some of the people on here.
  2. Mikee1984

    Yannick Carrasco

    Clearly somethings not right he’s got no history whatsoever either.
  3. Mikee1984

    Transfer window update

    No way it’s not showing for me.
  4. Mikee1984

    Transfer window update

    Still not got it on uk App Store, I don’t get how is it so far behind android every time there’s an update takes the piss.
  5. Mikee1984

    Spinal Surgery for Benevento

    Great season but I think you Need to recalculate your score mate, serie A goals and assists only count.
  6. Congrats mate that was another impressive season, and great that you nailed the final pieces of silverware. Great work.
  7. Wow you certainly don’t mess around do ya, you just absolutely smashed Italy there and with little Frosinone aswel that was ace. I see you wrapping this up next season good luck 😉
  8. Just had a good read through all of this, looks like a great challenge and your making it look easy keep up the good work. Btw your man is turning into a real star his stats look awesome.
  9. Mikee1984

    Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc

    Read what the great @BatiGoal has said on the subject he speaks a lot of sense.
  10. Mikee1984

    Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc

    i can give any opinion I want pal don’t need proof. I take it you are getting similar numbers then yeah?
  11. Mikee1984

    Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc

    Finally someone speaking sense about what’s realistically possible. added 0 minutes later I don’t reload makes the game shit.
  12. Mikee1984

    Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc

    Throw in the fact the kid never misses a game and It all boils down to one thing..... major reloading.
  13. Mikee1984

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Any one in the uk got the update as it’s not available for me I’m on iOS. Any advice be appreciated.
  14. Mikee1984

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Does anyone know why this update hasn’t been released in uk App Store. @Alari@Marc Duffy