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Everything posted by Mikee1984

  1. Wow amazing goal tallies there mate Asensio is killing it, just can’t get my head around how you managed to sell Gnabry to Arsenal in season 2 and 3 😂
  2. Surely there must be a separate thread or something for welsh speakers you should enquire about this Nuke.
  3. Lol your welsh so your opinion doesn’t count.
  4. Yawn... out of hand. Grow a pair will you, god sake can’t say anything on here.
  5. Shame your opinion had zero relevance to what’s actually going on at arsenal.
  6. Haha I’ll check out the thread, how are you rating Sunderland’s chances with this wave of kids who all seem to be getting more then a good chance this year.
  7. I know Sunderland has a top ground and I’ve not once said arsenal have the best atmosphere etc. Seeing as you were moaning about all the prem stadiums I thought you could let us know how league 1 is.
  8. At least you’ll never have to visit them places again, let us know how league 1s top grounds are when you’ve been.
  9. You clearly know absolutely nothing about Arsenal I’d save your comments for your own club.
  10. Agreed, Chelsea are an absolute shite manufactured club who would have zero titles without Romans money.
  11. Thought you would of asked for his tactic to test like you did after you destroyed poor harish
  12. I just feel sorry for harish not that I believed his score or anything but the poor kid gets hounded off the site with accusations left right and centre, and someone in the inner circle gets a free pass 😂😂 jokers.
  13. Lol harish got a 9.43 avg rating and everyone goes mental with even the greatest managers in vibes history never even coming close I remember someone saying. Someone gets a 9.55 and no one bats an eyelid. The hypocrisy is so crazy... just saying.
  14. England are in a World Cup semi final, enough said.
  15. 50 games unbeaten between you well done lads, looking forward to a tense finale.
  16. Im guessing you are an idiot judging by your response
  17. See it through @Nucleus you deserve it for at least doing the challenges.
  18. Just love the total hypocrisy on your side that’s why I’m saying it to you understand. Considering you believed 149 goals in a season your one deluded mofo.
  19. Your the same guy that slated me for questioning @kts365 record, which is 149 goals in a season and you believed it. Yet now here you are questioning everyone else what a hypocrite.
  20. Should be a good match up this, let’s hope there’s no reloading involved 😂
  21. Great article mate, very informative will look forward to seeing the next groups.
  22. Agreed so I guess it’s the gentleman’s agreement thats supposedly in place that you have to go off, I think the speed side of it is the way to go.
  23. Yeah I thought that getting everyone together at once would be a setback cos of course we all live in different time zones and have normal lives outside FMM (maybe) 🤔 but yeah I like the 2/3 people in a specific time slot. And also some experienced moderators who could request people tactics if suspicions arise, they would then test and make a decision on if the score was legit. Basically I hate cheaters and if you do cheat your not doing yourself or people working there ass off sorting these comps out any favours.
  24. My personal opinion is that some sort of speed Olympic type of event would help get rid of the reloaders, everyone agrees to do the event at a set time on a set day with say 4 hours or less to do your 16 games. I would love to enter something like that as these events over so many days favour people that quite clearly reload and basically cheat there way to a win.