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  1. Hi guys, Apologies if this has been asked already, I have checked the bug thread and couldn't find anything. Has anyone else got the issue that they can't "Sort By" when player searching, checking scout reports etc? It's hugely frustrating. I have no idea why you can no longer sort by scout report, or age, or nationality etc. Whenever you press the relevant column header, nothing happens. Or am I just being stupid and there is an easy fix? Any advice would be much appreciated as it's infuriating me!
  2. Have to say I agree to an extent. I'm in season 4 of my Palermo save and have put together a fantastic team. Currently smashing the league although Juve not too far behind. Scoring lots so again no complaints, but I've had 10 clean sheets all season. That's out of 48 matches played so far. I have a fantastic keeper and defenders, but it seems every match no matter how dominant I am, I will concede at least a goal. It's become a running joke now, I just laugh at the "obligatory goal conceded". Doesn't matter if I'm playing bottom of the league or one of the top teams, they will almost always score at least a goal. A lot of the time they're 30 yard screamers. I've tried adjusting mentality etc during matches but to no avail. Recently played a match against Chievo, I think I had something like 24 shots, 17 on target, 5 clear cut chances and was 3-0 up. They had one shot, on the 89th minute, straight in the top corner from 40 yards. I've also had the whole dominate all match and cruising and suddenly you're playing an unstoppable team of androids, who proceed to mount a crazy comeback and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I get this happens in real life, but it's genuinely every match bar the couple I've managed to get a clean sheet. As I said I can't complain too much, as the team is successful and I've won a few trophies, maybe I'm just being picky I don't know. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I'll be honest, I hadn't even realised you used a DLP in that role haha. So I bought this guy, mostly for the good leadership stat, and he's done pretty well. Not a bad average rating overall, and chipped in with a few assists. How does it compare to your ratings for a DLP?
  4. Bearing in mind this is with no "world class" players. Orsolini was a great loan to get, but it was my striker Nestorovski who stole the show, he was insane and started at Palermo. I barely had to spend anything! Not sure where to go from here 😂
  5. So after struggling with a couple of other tactics in my Palermo save, I gave this one a go. I have to say, it's ridiculous. Since switching I stayed top of Serie B and went on to win it. But that's just a small part of the story. I only went on to win Serie A in my first season, having made only a couple of signings. Couldn't quite believe it, I beat the top teams comfortably, bar Juventus. It just worked, not sure if it's a crazy fluke or if this tactic has just broken the game. Screenshots below.
  6. This is him day one of a new career. Signed him as a newly promoted team in my second season and he went straight in pretty much. Got 14 assists that year. Really kicked on from there and finished top of the charts with 26 assists last season, great at free kicks as well!
  7. Can confirm Barco is an absolute steal. Picked him up for £4M as a newly promoted team, already a monster at only 21!