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    Truro City
  1. I cannot defend against this. Dog turd teams not in premier league will beat me with it. I use 4-1-2-2-1 wide (WB-CD-CD-FB / DLP / BBM-AP / IF-W / AF) Any advise?
  2. Assuming you've already downloaded it previously (required purchase) you'll find it in "my games and apps" on the play store. I have checked mine and it is available.
  3. Rumtickler

    FMM18 Bug List

    I offered the player for 12mil. I got a bite but apparently I also bidded for my own player
  4. Rumtickler

    1kc.....just cant do it!!!

    Just an update on my striker. I've had to swap him as he's a bit weak against championship teams. Either way he did well in other leagues. Here's the other strikers! Will likely start a new striker and play one up front with him as target for all attack...
  5. Rumtickler

    1kc.....just cant do it!!!

    I'm trying this at the moment and been doing 2 up front but second striker plays Complete Forward so he can help me win and setup.the other striker. Images of the dude attached (quite proud of this player for a league two side!) i play x2 wingers in AML and AMR as well as CM and AP in MC. If its a tough match I have a IF on one side. No primary outlet or attacker either. Thinking of testing that and the formation a bit.
  6. Based on the distinct lack of any downloads for apple devices. Assume you are unable to customise anything.
  7. Rumtickler

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    Another one - Ability to specify player numbers. Seems as though my winger (8) will always be No. 8 regardless of that player.
  8. Rumtickler

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    Move player interaction away from demote player. Always click demote... Provide player specific feedback on why they are happy with training
  9. Rumtickler

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    Not sure if this has been said (on phone so no search function). I would like to see half time talks. Boost player morale and effort during the game itself. I've had terrible first half's and a half time chat could perk them up and help boost second half. Would also be good to see more "board request" options such as: Request team / staff review - Outcomes could be; new player guidance (train x into x positions etc, interim scout (for x months), financial support or a sacking! Request new youth signings - This would pick the best from youth and suggest promotion. This would be a little different to new season promotions as it would aim to fill a gap / requirement for the team. Will add more as I think of them. R
  10. Thanks, will try this out. One area I'm not so good on is default pitch movement. I play fast with important only! Will slow it down and hope it helps:)
  11. Thanks bud. Tried for a couple of matches and seemed stable. Still conceded on one but I think its cause I had youth defender in (oops). Cheers for advice! R
  12. Hi, thanks for your response although I manage Truro, I am 10+ years into game and prem for last four consecutive titles, champions cup, etc etc. I play pressing permanently yes. Rotate players but they rarely fall below 80 by end of match. Only when playing big teams (Man C, Tottenham etc) do they go below - rarely below 70. I sub one of two mids, striker or mids mostly. Formation is 4231 so pretty attaching and both wings are IF's. I tend to play balanced only unless I have a need to attack or want more goals / hat trick etc. Would you suggest dropping pressing toward end of match? R
  13. Doing my freaking head in. 1-0 up, 2-0 up it doesn't matter, I always conceded enough lose or draw the match in the last five minutes. Is this common? Why does it happen when tactics don't seem to change. Fmm17.
  14. See image. I was able to send an Arsenal player to physio. I don't have English leagues in the game either... I am managing Bochum in D1 Germany. Rum