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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned but it looks like I have a player kn loan to a number of clubs but I do not.
  2. Somehow double posted please remove if possible.
  3. This alone is the most important piece of infomation in this tatic. One player with bad morale can impact the entire teams performance - an IF of mine Ihattern (spelling) was upset about moving teams. The team would perform better with a 17yr old "promising" than a 24yr 5/5 wonderkid because of it.
  4. I'm going to ignomre The first two affiliates on teh list and see if they get "terminated". WIll also keep asking for new affiliates.
  5. Manage Southampton. Three seasons in, euro Cup, leaugue, fa, community shield, carabou Cup winners, household name etc. Seems odd but going to try ans let some expire... get new ones. Maybe its a tier system ans you start with trash and work up...
  6. I've got Munster, Etar, Totten (near Southampton). These are non listed teams. At least yours are actual league teams not bargain basement trash (in game terms).
  7. Has anyone managed to get any decent afiliate clubs? I'm getting Etar and other completely trash clubs that my players never want to go on loan with.
  8. I fell hard. Real hard. 42 points behind...
  9. I'm in! Very troubled selection this year... Will not go so well
  10. Thanks ya'll! Was a rough finish but that last couple of weeks held me up! Luck was a major part in this one!! Until next year
  11. Still there.. lonely up here peeps
  12. That's not the problem. Problem is they offered 50mil which I cant do if the player is worth more and has min release. Maybe that's the oddity. Either way, I've never had a player get frustrated because min release wasnt met when they are first team. Doesn't seem right to me when I cant offer less than min release for a player.