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  1. Rumtickler

    High attributes low potential player?

    I'm going to try and train him into another position - it could be the "plays in one position" issue. Also @Guppy McFicklestein, that is one badass name.
  2. Rumtickler

    High attributes low potential player?

    I'm going to try and train him into another position - it could be the "plays in one position" issue. Also @Guppy McFicklestein, that is one badass name.
  3. Rumtickler

    High attributes low potential player?

    Fair. Just seems weird that I have 4 star players (CA) that have less than half the attributes. I played him in the next match after posting and he scored and got man of the match (4-2 win). I think I'll keep playing as although he's been poor lately he is usually good. I have other players like this too but not quite as good on skills...
  4. I've got a player who has great attributes and historically has performed really well. He's only rated 2 stars though. Feel like that's a bit off. He plays semi fairly regularly. Any thoughts on of he'll ever get better rating? Rum
  5. Dude. Good shout! Thanks
  6. Anyone else had this? That can't be normal? I had noticed players were tired quicker as so many game but not noticed this huge gap...
  7. Rumtickler

    Team report/summary

    Only part I look at is training or youth facilities as that seems to be a good indication that board will agree. I've also found that start of season there are many negatives. With no changes and a good season they will disappear. As others have said, more hearsay than tactical...
  8. Rumtickler

    Artifical Difficulty

    I haven't played for days. It's ruined the game.
  9. Rumtickler

    Artifical Difficulty

    This - exactly whay I came here to post about. I've been playing for five seasons, got into the prem and have 4-5 start CA defenders and keeper. Just played a VNS team yet being 2-0 up at half time with full squad out (not youths) and I just lost 3-2 with the last two goals being in the last 10 minutes of the game. I get that this happens against good teams but not with such a quality and skill gap... This happens so much that I simply stopped playing the game properly and skipping matches by going on holiday. It started happening in FMM18 and has got worse... The commentary only thing is a great idea but the enthusiasm to play is waining, considering the price went up and value went down slightly this may the last season.
  10. Yes, formation potentially but I have players that can fill multiple places. Makes it a little difficult. I'll see if I can game the system by only having certain players I 1st.
  11. Oh that's a bit odd. So how come I can beat a team 3 leagues above? Seems odd.
  12. I have a couple of questions regarding assistant managers as there are a few things I've noticed in the last three seasons... Does the assistant manager play the set formation when you go on holiday? Asking this one as if I go on holiday the score is always much better than if I manage the game direct (probably means I suck). Why does the asssitant manager change almost every player in the team for "on holiday matches? Another weird one - I use the clear team and select team feature a bit as it seems to fill out pretty close to what I would and it helps to rest players occasionally. The assistant manager (when I go on holiday) tends to rotate players far more aggressively but I always tend to win. I've had VNN teams beat Championship teams doing this? Do players get tired quicker? Do players need more rest matches? Setting the manager to manage training didnt seem to change a single thing even after a couple of ingame weeks Does this just mean that I had things perfect? Does the Assistant manager work on this setting? Any thoughts appreciated If already answered somewhere else - sorry, had a quick search but to no avail.
  13. One thing I have noticed that since running this my players don't learn as much from each match - anyone else noticed?
  14. Tested in a couple of matches and held it's own. I'm Van National and comp was L1 and L2 (friendly's)
  15. Rumtickler

    [EME] 4-4-2 tactic for lower league teams (AFC Telford)

    Played fove lost five. Will try with some tweaks later. I don't natively have CMs so that could be an issue.