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  1. How Do You Keep The Game Interesting?

    Challenges are really good for keeping it fresh, manage in different leagues other than EPL, La Ligue or the usual suspects. I am currently trying to invent a new tactic which is sending me insane but still keeping the game fresh.
  2. Fmm 2017 Podcast

    Just wondering if there is any podcasts out there specifically for FMM 2017, I listen to Deep lying podcast but this is more for FM 2017 and not the mobile version. I know FMM is like the cousins you don't really want to talk to but they are family, sort of thing but there doesn't seem to be any floating around. Maybe the Vibe community could start one?
  3. A Guide To Player Role Combos

    What a fantastic read for anyone not 100% up to speed with formations and tactics. I certainly learnt a thing of two and hopefully be able to use this to tweak and create some new tactics. Cheers BatiGoal
  4. What Will You Do When Your Player Injured?

    I normally don't change his training schedule, I train my players according to role in the team. I don't train each one individually.
  5. Apart from the Turkey error, this is a great challenge. Currently doing my German challenge but will start this one after my current one. Updates please.
  6. Tactical Help Request

    I would play a TM and be more direct with your balls (pardon the pun). Hopefully that means he will then engage your AP to get forward more. Not too sure about your central mids as well. Maybe have a BWM in your CM position and DLP in your DMC role.
  7. Tactic looks like a good Liverpool style Geggenpress without the wide men being IFs. Interested in seeing how you do
  8. Undo Purchases

    Jobs a good un
  9. The Winding Road To 1k

    Gee whizz, a big challenge. Pele scored over 1,200 in his career but most people say that he even counted the goals he scored with a orange when he was a boy playing in the streets. Let us have updates.
  10. Can Someone Explain This Nonsense?

    Ha ha, I suspect either you are not old enough to be in the working world or you have kept the same job for ever through your life. A P45 is a form that is given to you when you move jobs normally associated with being sacked.
  11. Kaiser Chiefs?? - Part One

    My time with Hoffenheim has been a bit of a rollercoaster, good start to the season with no signings. Terrible string of results end of Sept start of Oct followed by a massive win in the second round of the cup against Walldorf followed by a huge 6-0 away win against Mainz. Then the wheels fell off a bit. The next four results saw three loses and a lowly bore draw against Koln at home. At that point we were 10th with players wanting to leave including my fantastic CD Sule. Our majestic winger Zuber may have a few anger issues as he has now been sent off twice this season (giving Xhaka a run for his money) but he is class. But with Christmas looming, Santa has given me an early present 4 straight wins with my improved tactic, packing the midfield more to control the game with my deadly wide men cutting in. Zuber 3rd in goal scoring charts behind, Aubameyang and Lewandowski. Team raised to 6th but with a difficult next fixture away to Dortmund. Roll on the new year, remember the challenge is to start with Hoffenheim and try to win as many Bundesliga championships as possible in a 10 year stint. Every title has to be won with a different team, you must move once the title has won and I can't move team until you win a title (or sacked).
  12. Let's Discuss Gk's

    The best attributes for any GK should be handling and positioning, secondary should be reflexes, no matter what club they are playing for. Throwing is pretty pointless in the bigger picture but I would say positioning is very key.
  13. How Do You Pick Your Starting 11?

    I assess the squad, pick a formation that I want to play, fit the best players for each position, bolster the weak positions with signings. This may sounds silly but important to strengthen your weak areas before making strong areas even stronger. No point having a mega attach force if your goalkeeper can't catch a cold (Claudio Bravo please stand up)
  14. Decided to embark on a challenge which I saw on the wonderful Champ Man 01/02 forum boards instead on plumping to manage my beloved Liverpool. The challenge is to start with Hoffenheim and try to win as many Bundesliga championships as possible in a 10 year stint. Every title has to be won with a different team, you must move once the title has won and I can't move team until you win a title (or sacked). Only a couple of games in but already loving this challenge, installed my tactics, sorted my players but had no time to buy new players so got the old stock. Hoffenheim aren't a bad team by a long shot but the powerhouses of Bayern and Dortmund are going to be hard to beat. I've had a couple of cup games, easy wins and then first league clash at home against Dortmund. Nice 2-0 win but lost my left back (careless and reckless tackling) but a great overall performance especially from Zuber my flying winger. Hopefully have more of an in depth overview in part 2.
  15. Can Someone Explain This Nonsense?

    There is one big factor here that you are not taking into account, it's a game not real life. The game wants you to enjoy yourself and not instantly sack you after 3/4 games. Gee Whizz