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  1. Cheers pal. Was a very easy going season as well, nothing too stressful and no tweaking needed!
  2. Started a new season with Man U (previously used with Ajax and Leverkusen too) using this tactic and it worked wonderfully well. Winning the league at a canter, scoring for fun as well as League Cup, FA Cup and CL in first year. Matches Stats Players Team numbers Tactics Make sure you have good aerial numbers for the TM if you are going to give it a go. Let me know if you do!
  3. Gav77

    FMM18 Bug List

    Just noticed that my International tactics have become linked to my club tactics again, meaning any changes I make in one are also made in the other. I remember this being fixed recently but it seems to have reverted back On android v9. 2.1
  4. This is my first tactic posted for the 2018 version. For me, it has worked very well, barring the odd blip. As you can see below, capturing the Bundesliga over Bayern in the first season is no mean feat! Not really a 2 at the back formation but with the WBs advanced it still performs well defensively. I have tried alternatives in the striking roles, depending on the players at your disposal. AF-P will also provide results with the P getting the lion's share of the goals. For Dortmund, and Isak, AF-CF seems to work better with Isak as CF. And as like the AF-P, the CF will score the most of your goals And if you are feeling really adventurous, you can use BPDs in place of the CDs but I have found, at least from the start that CDs provide a good level of defensive stability. Playing BPDs can lead to high scoring matches. I've not really got my head around the effect of changing the shape settings yet, so with more testing it could yield greater results. Not a great high scoring league campaign but it did result in a League-Champions League double in my first season here and the 2 top league goal scorers , I'm currently in my second season and Isak has 19 goals in 18 games. I have used this tactic with PSG and it was electric with Neymar and MBappe up front (who wouldn't be though!). Word of warning: For some reason, every now and again it comes back with "Players confused by unusual formation" which results in a terrible performance. Not really figured out why it does this and how to avoid it. Please have a go and let me know how you get on.
  5. Season 2 Update Well, it's safe to say this season didn't quite go as planned. Starting with a penalties defeat to The Old Lady in the Italian SuperCup and knocked out early in the Champions League, my path to some big points has been cut off, for another season at least. Serie A title was won at in style, along with Manager of the Year and Player of the Year (yes actually this time) and top scorer (I told you it would be Timo's Time!). But in the end there were some missed chances which will hurt the points total at the end of the day. League Cup (I didn't realise I'd lost on away goals until a few moments afterwards. Gutted!) Champions League (Another close one but should have been a win for me over the two legs) Local Rivals (Managed to miss off one match with Juve but it was a clean sweep in the league this year for me) Awards - Top Scorer, PoY, MoY Total Points A way to go yet, but with another chance missed for the SuperCup and The World Club Cup points I'm going to be struggling to put pressure on @Kingsolop
  6. Cheers matey! Bit of a set back with the scorer and PoY titles, but at least it has given my guys some time to bed in. This year will be Timo's Time!
  7. I was wondering about that (but isn't explicitly mentioned that a german player get the award in the challenge instructions - can we have a clarification @danovic78?). I'll adjust my scoring to suit. And my starting side!! Much appreciated. Gotta at least try to reach the top.....
  8. Season 1 Update The first season is always fun, testing and trying variations in formation, role, etc. Thankfully, a fairly settled formation and roles worked for me this season. Bagging the Serie A title along with the Italian Cup. Add to that the top scorer gong and Player of the Year (The Mighty Icardi) and the Manager of the Year (Me!). So, as far as this year goes it's full marks so far. Serie A Awards Serie A Rival Matches - Milan Serie A Rival Matches - Juventus And how are those players looking after a season working wth me? Let's take a look.... Jonathan Tah Niklas Beste Timo Werner As for the running total, well here it is!
  9. He was. I was just following the challenge instructions (however i have also just picked up Leon Goreztka for next to nothing so that will fill the german midfielder role nicely). Cheers. Halfway through the first season. Update soon! Very kind of you! I must have missed your career thread. Which 3 players did you go for?
  10. Starting another career, again with a German leaning but mixing it up a bit. Being old enough to remember these transfers actually happening has hit me in the nostalgics and, being a bit partial to Inter anyway, I thought that I'd give it a go. As for my chosen 3 to, hopefully bring me the glory and take I Nerazzurri back to the top, here they are! This Central Defender is a mainstay of my backline in multiple careers it is Jonathan Tah Young, quick and grows nicely into a very commanding defender Next, my left-sided defender is Niklas Beste He may not look like much here but he soon adds plenty to those figures, gets in on the goals and assists well. Finally, the crown jewel of my trio, the man to bring me the goals (and surprisingly untried by me so far) is Timo Werner But he has all that I need to fit into my formation. Pace, movement and shooting all in good numbers already and only going to get better. So with all that done, it's time to get going!
  11. Gav77

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Fastest hattrick 4, 7, 9
  12. Nice tactic. I used to play 4-3-2-1 quite a bit on older versions and this looks like a great update of that. I shall be giving it a try. And it's nice to include those lesser aerial gifted strikers their moment to shine!
  13. Many thanks. Nice to see my name in lights! I hadn't thought about that. Might return to it if my next career effort goes awry! It would be a shame to let all the hard work go to waste....
  14. Cheers. Can definitely recommend them. Tah stayed with me throughout and was immense, even picking up a World Player of the Year award. Looking that's to seeing what you choose to do with the team. Thanks mate. Going to check the list out now, see what catches the eye! Much appreciated!