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  1. Hey man, did you manage to find a successful ome tactic? I’ve tested a few myself which has early success but can’t find one that is successful through out the whole season+
  2. Hey guys. I'm looking for a tactic to work with most big teams that the left inside forward to score a lot of goals. Someone like depay or hazard to score. Preferably 4-2-3-1. Just looking for a fun tactic to use.
  3. I won't be posting because I'm not that great at fm like I was at the other versions. So I don't want to bore you guys. I just need something for my personal pleasure for now and keep me entertained while the next version is a while away
  4. Hey Guys. Im fairly new but I've been watching this site for a long time although there's been some great tactics from others and I've made a few okay ones. I've never really found the "goal scoring tactic" they always die out in the second half of the season. Even with big teams. And I also want to reach 1000 goals but for my personal fun. So it won't be posted. Any suggestions? preferably ome thanks in advance.
  5. Could you help me make my tactic more improved its pretty good so far but a lot of chances are wasted and sometimes it can be leaky but not so much? sometimes it can be like 4-7 nils but then I could have games what are like 2-2 3-3
  6. What a great career/challenge. Completed it with ease. Congrats mate, what tactics were you using?
  7. Not a funny but if my tactic scores another 4 goals by one player in just over 10 mins, il be laughing at them ?
  8. Looking good ash hope Jesus picks up and scores as easy as he walks on water hahha
  9. Do you have the link to the tactics forum please pal? I'm on mobile so not easy to find. plus loving your progress btw hope it comes sooner than later plus hopefully no big injuries!
  10. Hey that's okay, I'm looking for a tactic but for the same challenge as you. I'm on mobile. So it's hard to find things on here. I'm trying to do it in a hard league. Im also adding another hard challenge onto this by only buyng free transfers and using the youth system. And bos-transfers too challenging? Probably XD