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  1. woww, this is the great stuff much people waiting for. good luck and I can't wait to try it later 😁
  2. Hahaha, thats funny. To be honest, before i found this threads, i already bought IGE, but thats not satisfy me. If use IGE edited player often will play bad, not consisten, and often get 5 rating. Thats silly for fakin' editor which price is same as the game itself
  3. Hello bro @Rus7M ive edited player attribute section more completed. Hope it will help more ☺️
  4. wow thats a detail explanation about contract, thanks man. i didnt understand bout it before.. And for team budget, im sorry i cant help that, i didnt understand it. For team budget, i always use natural ways in game like selling older player (30 up) and buy free player. i never buy expensive player
  5. Wow, where is exactly value for happy to stay? Can you share it? Jadedness is frustated me because it makes me force to play young player in a few match, every 3 match i just play them once πŸ˜…
  6. Yes, thanks @Rus7M, hope my findings help you and others too, but big thanks for @NguyenDucAnh who share this threads that i found last week 😁😁 And yes i wanna share about tackle, positioning etc too, but it hard to explain, because it has unusuall value (not 01-14) but b5, f3, f8, c9, etc. For heading it has two value too (for jump and head accuracy), And for workrate there is two value separate, one near speed, and one near tackling if im not wrong. That two values connected each other, but separate location and im still trying to understand it.
  7. Yes i check it, almost all my first team player now thrives big match, comfort with ball, much effective in corner and freekick, and even some of them become mercurial talent. All of that its in white area, i edited that area values up to 0f The result is very fantastic, 3 times big match after im edited, my team wins, and coming from behind. And with england, i won dramaticaly in final euro with about 7 first team is my young player... In this morning, im found now where is values for workrate, tackling, positioning, movement etc hehe _________ Im sorry for wrong word choice, what i mean is about player jadedness, my young player is very easy to get jaded even im rotating them. Can that issue be fixed in hex editor? __________ Here im insert pict about my team report, before i edit its all negatives, now its all positives. And my final euro with edited young player
  8. Guys i wanna ask, is it possible to edit player jaded status? I get sick of young player is very easy to get jaded, even ive edited his phsique to resilient and rare injure πŸ˜‚
  9. And now i will share more interesting things, its about player skill, mental, physique attribute,hidden attribute, and player position SQUARE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dark Green square is player jump and header accuracy, set same if you want same result in game like 0e - 0e become 14 in game Red square is player speed Orange square is player physique strong Yellow square is player stamina Green square is player technique Turquoise square is player aggresife Blue square is player injury proneness (set it 01 - 05 if you want make a very rarely injured player, up to 10 will be very easy injured) Violet square is player leadership Pink square is player agility POLYGON - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Red polygon is player creativity and its not set usual value (01 -14), 14 here in game will be 14 (and every player will be different sporadic values, if wanna set up, you must convert to decimal, and add it 10 point. example here 14 = 20 decimal, so if you want make it to 15 in game it must be 30 decimal = 1e Pink polygon is player tackling, its not set usual value too, d0 here in game become 8, if want to make up 1 point, add it 10 point in decimal too. example d0 = 208, add 10 point it will be 218 = da, etc if you wanna up some sporadic values, up 10 point in decimal and convert it to hex again (*NOTE: for unusual value, dont up to ff (255), ff is max value. if your tackling or pos or etc in position 240 up in decimal, i didtn know how to up it more so far, train them in normal way will be a wise choice) Green polygon (connected) is player team work and work rate. If you set 0e - 0d like i do it will be 13 in game, if you set 0e - 0e it will be 14, if set 0e - 14 it will be 17 in game etc. Orange polygon is player movement Yellow polygon is player positioning Violet polygon is player crossing Blue polygon is player dribling CIRCLE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Red circle is player Right foot Yellow circle is player Left foot Green circle is player Striker Position Violet circle is player AMR Position Turquoise circle is player AMC Position Orange circle is player AML Position Pink circle is player MR Position White circle is player MC Position Dark Green circle is player ML Position etc. White square is about player thrives big match, consistency, free kick and penallty effectiveness, but i cant find exactly points. just fun create it guys, but if want a good result, must up from 0f - 14 thats it, have fun editing with you own risk ☺️
  10. Hello guys, i will share what i found about player personality. But, sorry before for my bad english ✌️ i took example in new database (february 2019 database) huddersfield player, Kian Harratt. here we go... Green square (5a 1a ad 01) is harrat hex id Blue Block square (55 14 00 00) is harrat back code White square (d3 07) is birthday year Red square is player adaptability Blue square is player ambition Yellow square is player loyalty Turquoise square is player profesionalism And the number around them is controversy, handling pressure, sportifity, and tempramen, and i think its not too important πŸ˜… if set number like i do it will be strict profesional personality if you wanna make player with very ambisius personality, you just set increase blue square up to 11 (11 -14) and low yellow square (08 or 09), if want loyal personality, just up yellow (10-14), if want profesional personality, up turquoise (10-12), for model profesional low the ambition (0a - oe), and up profesional square to 14 for honest, insecure, steady personality, im forgot hehe