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  1. Affiliations seem the best if they have good ones from the start but tough to know which clubs start with affiliates or not . Be nice if there was a list as i tried checking on web and teams listed there have none when starting in FMM 21. Man city seems to be the obvious choice as they start with the most but besides them I found a few with decent affiliates to start out. Another thing I wonder about affiliates are do players progress better if they are in a playable league with a full fixture list ?
  2. Agree Which you want? Team or Individual? Or you like advanced stuff ? Definitely more than GP/G/A/Rating Passing (att/comp%,key) Tackles (W/L%) Headers (W/L%) Shots (total/on target%) GK (#shots #saves) those are the ones I’d like for season / career added instead of only game by game . Could take out languages if need some space they do nothing for me.
  3. Think you mean the hidden traits you need to scout for that pop up in scout report under positive (green) or negative(red) not personality. The personality for me is always listed in player profile page under player personal top right has it listed don’t need scout to show ; adaptable, professional, ambitious, relaxed, unprofessional, selfish, determined etc etc . 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. @zorderxx Looks good tactic, thinking of trying at Norwich or Everton . Could you post transfers page too helps to see if you need whole squad change or just a few tranfers? Also did you manually play all season or did you go on vacation because I heard be problems if you go on vacation for most of a season trying to test a tactic think something with AI ? If manually play do you make any in game adjustments or just stuck same lineup/positions/instructions no matter the score or opponent ? Have you tried the tactic for multiple seasons or just the first season? Wondering if the FMM tactic not effective anymore Monster pops up after season or two. Sorry so many questions but figured ask now instead of halfway through season as they pop up
  5. @Mr Tree What a run bro had to catch up been busy but wow Irish dominance.. Seems that quirky Coefficient spots hit you but lucky just short time then you got into Top 10! Just wish there was some explanation why the spots not consistent. Can’t believe you already got Top 10 after 17 seasons just over half career , it would take me all 30 to get near that. The grind has gotta feel better than just taking a big club then just buy everyone you want and upgrade all facilities , staff within first 2 years then dominate everything ? Seems to also help with keep your own interest with that grind and to see how players play out a career just gotta have the early patience . Seems the other teams still not helping you would think between regen Irish players in the league , the league reputation improvement and your loan guys they would be helping more in Europe ? Wonder if it’s like teams stuck in the small league mindset ? Might be worth checking if you get time the other Irish clubs in Europe transfer history . They might still be only buying low cost talent ? Not bigger players you need to progress in Europe? I know you said gonna stay at Shelbourne but tempting for you to just hope to 2-3 other teams real quick and see if can get quick upgrades for finances, staff, facilities add affiliates then see if can get em decent young players on 5 year deals with no release clauses so they stay or sold big money . It seems when World Class reputation and got gold badge you can sign players easier at lower clubs even not have to add release clauses and upgrades should be accepted first ask as your profile is big time . Maybe you could do it as test save but keep this going but the test save see how old club Shelbourne does without you while you improve rest of clubs try to give you idea if it helps in the end or not. Don’t want you to do it in main save if it doesn’t work well . Anyway great job you are flying thru seasons and doing enough season write ups to keep us informed seems a good balance . Stay interested you are so far in bud . Lots want to see finish 30 seasons
  6. I’m not a fan of the dynamic system they added so I try to ignore it unless it becomes a big hinderance in a save . Bet others that enjoy it have found out ways to change it. Here’s my limited ways or ideas might help . -Talk to Player option : You have praise , discipline and fine can’t use very often on same player need let time pass between using it or you get the player has no reaction or player doesn’t believe working done it a lot. But since you already did this move on next thing try out. Also in the talk to player menu try to resolve any bad relationships if the option becomes available for player to work out differences but it’s a crap shoot to when / how the option is available seems random to me. -Mentoring- try mentor the problem player if he’s under 24 years old with someone that has a plus/green arrow in the trouble dynamic and can get lucky where get the physical skills to improve but also a mental aspect . - Roster Changes: Maybe you can add the favored person in players profile if you can ? Try adding more players that would have green arrow in bad ones looking at players personality & check scouting reports . Check the personal screen on player profile can have message in grey or green that player is liking culture the player being influenced by current dynamics without you having do anything specific is always a plus , but also the bad message in red like “ player can’t stand club stifling culture”. If a player has a too relaxed personality or has red message in personal page usually I move on from them as there are only so many ways you can try to fix/change player/club but some players like in real life just won’t change personality or work rate etc and you just gotta sell them and find a replacement. The biggest downside I found of the dynamic system get perfect player you want buy him but doesn’t fit in club and unlike morale which already had it seems tougher to change personality /work rate dynamics of a player plus u don’t know if player fit Til you sign him as not always a negative in scout report to give you a warning . Morale seems easier to fix with playing time, praise, discipline , fines , new contract, called up national team, if young sometimes going on loan get green morale etc etc . I’ll let the more experienced guys take over as I feel your frustration bro would love if there was a turn off dynamics button 😅🤞
  7. Just recently did a Dortmund save found that out hard way the Dortmund 2 team is in the 4th division but have zero fixtures only played games if I scheduled a bunch of friendlies. Just confusing as they mad 2 Reserve Groups with other teams and Bayern 2 is in 3 division seems it’s very messed up as Dortmund 2 should be placed in the two reserve groups or just given some random schedule instead of stuck in here’s the team but we play zero games making it totally worthless option besides extra roster spots. Maybe even just bump em to same division as Bayern 2? Just wonder if anyone tried filling a team like Dortmund 2 fixtures list with a bunch of games say around same number as division it’s in , will the players progress as they play same amount of games ? Or does computer kinda discount friendlies you schedule for development? If I play in a league with working reserves and see they have a big break before their season starts I usually manually put in friendlies just so they aren’t sitting around just know thinking if it’s even worth it if games count could be a way to add extra development thru game time if it does ?
  8. Mainly one of two jobs 1-Scout the opposition or 2-Find/Recommend certain type of players for your team. So the Tactical Analyst would be for scouting upcoming opponents he would be the 1st type and the other three are the second type as they find you youth players “Youth Scout” , Starting lineup caliber players “First Team Scout” or cheap players “ Bargain Hunter Scout”.
  9. Think you will probably need an editor as they wouldn’t have the most recent ones. I know the Austin team had a full roster so guess they got expansion draft and early March in there. Think the second winter update included Russia and Brazil some other leagues closing soon but like you said MLS still open so it’s probably about a month behind would be my guess 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Great job so far . Hope you can keep it up getting closer .. Don’t blame you for passing on Italy job they all defense anyway
  11. Think it’s only for IOS right now . In general seems all the other downloads are for android like super leagues , databases , and its a lot easier to make changes just using a changes . Txt file . But there is a scouting tool in the works by @Scratch on here. You can also check hex editing topic for more
  12. Congrats on the 100% domestic season . Just amazing how far you have gotten the league up the rankings. Looks like Hodge had a great run for you from the beginning. Wonder if all the Irish talent you got translate to a good run for national team ?? I get confused in the league rankings why it seems some ranks the spots don’t go by following the coefficients? Seems some leagues get more or less spots randomly it’s the red and blue colors when outside top 10 and inside top 10 think it’s green and blue you will notice they don’t follow like they should . For Example look at your last post here and see rankings shows you are 15th and Switzerland (red) is ahead of you at 14th but you got more teams 2-1-2 (5)vs 1-0-3 (4)? Same with Belgium (blue) 13th 2-1-2 (5) and Turkey (red) 12th only 1-0-3 (4). Biggest one is Portugal (blue) 6th place but only have 2-1-2 (5) but Russia (green) 7th has more teams 3-1-2 (6) . Just wonder if you will run into any problems or know why rankings and amount of teams in Europe skip a few rankings ? Like you hit 12th but get less teams than 13th rank league . Just interested as you fly up the board you climbing so fast think need the other teams now to do something at least in the Euro Cup II .. Will you stay at Shelbourne no matter what or hop to a few others since club is solid now ?
  13. Great run so far just some tough losses especially the double PK misses by your best taker , just so FMM 🤦‍♂️.. Wish the other clubs would chip in somehow not like they playing the big 5 leagues. Tough enough for you to make runs to catch up on the other leagues but they also aren’t helping by who they are losing to last season they lost to Iceland 2x just how can they do that ? Those release clauses are killer in lower leagues especially if don’t have replacement ready . Any affiliates qualify for Europe or they all divisions below you ? Wonder if your affiliate could be promoted to same division or is there a rule keeping them below like a B team ? Are you starting to get a bunch of young Irish players coming thru academy ?? Maybe you could thru this help out the Irish National Team ? Just as a side effect of you making good progress in Europe and improving the league .
  14. South Americans always go back to hometown clubs it seems so don’t count out Independiente especially with him having Covid problems maybe best go home with family
  15. Good Season and unlucky in Champions Cup but remember that’s what makes European competitions fun as anything can happen. So many trophies in the Irish Leagues never knew you could win that many outside England. You are killing it in Euro Cup 2, especially for Irish team as they haven’t had great European showings. Have you checked Irish League history in Europe ? Pretty sure you have set record far you advanced.. What team is doing best behind you from Ireland ? I always try these improve rankings usually with (Ireland or Scotland) and if you can with season updates maybe post also how fellow Irish teams did in Europe as it’s about all teams in Europe not just yours so might see if you doing great but other 2-3 losing first try not gonna move up . I also would go up and down results page always get in news check flags of leagues above you in rankings hoping they get knocked out early . Sorry so long but first time got time to reply besides short good job and at least shows interest 🤷🏻‍♂️Last part I promise .. I just saw in 21 when u don’t load England as a league lots of young talent even wonderkids get released into free agents pool just wondering where you aware of them and just ignored most besides Clark , Hugill, Scarlett ? Did you try to sign them and they didn’t want to come or too high wages? Have you checked if any other teams in Ireland took advantage and maybe signed a few or did they all go to bigger leagues? Just wondering as thinking doing career like this and might help make it possible to achieve or at least get close if the players signed with your league or leagues loaded hoping to strengthen them instead of you having to do it thru transfers / loans being one sided just to help rest of league teams. I don’t know if the no movement is from yearly calculation or it’s multi year formula like real life where success think shows after a year or two in rankings . Maybe user with better European knowledge can help you out . Good work bro like seeing a longer league wide challenge in lower leagues not just buy top players in top 5 leagues rinse and repeat challenges.