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  1. Anyone know how they will handle the Bury situation?? Will they be out of league ? Placed in Vanarama League ? Would players all be free agents ? Wonder if give em an example of a rare but possible outcome added to game where if club is bad financially over certain time period they might have a slight chance going away totally. Club don’t have any real punishments on FMM like youth/transfer bans, point deduction, bankrupt danger etc. Seems clubs in the red never get punished and it’s a bit unrealistic. You would just lose some on your financial ratings if managing and might be restricted by board from signing staff/ players way over budget but you can still sign most free agents in your price range or have 35+ yr old players retire to be staff for free. Would point reductions like think Bolton got this year be easy to add ? Transfer bans (Chelsea) added or too complicated? -More Club/Player/Staff random events , interactions, real life events etc. I think more drastic bans, penalties and outcomes might add a bit of spice to the game as you have to do really bad to be fired so it’s basically manager for life or til you get bored. Have certain limits to amount top clubs could spend in one window or year ( randomize it each window/year) and if club breaks it get a transfer ban from Fair Play and ratings and board approval drop real low and on your honors screen have negatives section saying club/year/ penalty u got so maybe certain clubs won’t hire you because of that history. If you let team go bankrupt over a random time period could even have club dissolved like Bury and have end of game stop there saying you will never recover and so n so has resigned ending save/career there. Imagine all different scenarios that could randomly pop up when you are playing/reading career/challenge saves on the forums not just the same old stuff. Players could have more emotions/random events too instead of wants transfer, back from injury wants spot back or unhappy training . More awareness of depth on squads as they battle for starting spots. Not signing with PSG to sit behind Neymar and Mbappe, same with Messi in Barca, or if too much depth on your team at your position even without stars either player trains harder to beat them or doesn’t sign FA/loan/Transfer there no matter how big club prestige/reputation is. -National Teams more tournaments , have negotiation screen when player undecided between declaring for two nations and could promise playing time or favorite position , WC roster inclusion etc.. have a bar at bottom show which way player is leaning and can only negotiate/pitch once every month-couple months? -Youth NT Add an Assistant Coach to staff who coaches youth team. Add options like club assistant for orders,tactics, lineups etc... Add youth national team like Under 23 squad : Coached by Assistant Coach on National Team. Add Under 23 competitions like Olympics, Federation Championships, and U-23 WC . Add games for club reserve teams doesn’t even gotta be real leagues/cups if too much work just randomly generated games about 3-4 a month as long as on roster. Need something for growth and fill in stats showing youth player actually did something all season not just train. Just expanding on stats generate for yearly youth academy promotions.. -More Leagues: if room more playable leagues and if need to cut out stuff for it I would decrease top 5-6 leagues to 1st & 2nd tiers only remove third tiers. Only leagues be exception be England keep EFL only stop league two, drop Vanarama 3x Leagues. Drop lower leagues to first division only Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Korea, China etc don’t need anymore leagues than 1st as they aren’t that strong in 1st tier anyway. -Add club connections/feeder/loans Add a couple slots for feeder / loan clubs that players can be moved to like from FM main game. Owners have multiple clubs in real life in different countries so if not available for all clubs just ones that already have multi team owner, already established connections . I know RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig created problem with same ownership then had to prove weren’t same to both play in Europe and did that but they still have a connection with each other as players/staff move between teams. There also is RBNY and I think RB Brazil teams so there’s a setup in real life as an example. Think another example is Chelsea -Vittesse connection not sure if Chelsea or Man City but I know the Dutch club always taking loans from EPL club Suggested Playable Leagues: -Austria, Ukraine, Swiss, Norway - Brazil, Argentina,
  2. What do you guys think about FB S.Dest from Ajax? US & Holland both want him and starter at only 18 years old. Ajax seems to always produce a bunch of wonder kids ... Will US have more or less than our normal 3-4?? Think Adams, McKennie, Sargent , Puilisic, Bello and Parks were ours last year off top of my head. Do they just look at club form ? Or do they take into account youth international tournaments, media /expert lists , and/or just big youth signings from top 5 countries/leagues/teams even if not played one minute with senior team?? Be interesting what formula is used to decide who is a wonder kid and is there a max limit per country ? Or max limit overall # of wonder kids per year ?
  3. Only problem with late November is you have what just over a month then another transfer window and players wanted updated squads get a short time til Winter Transfers happen in RL and then usually long wait for winter update on FMM. Hope maybe with date pushed back less bugs but also they will have a faster Winter Roster Update out so more time while game fresh to have RL rosters. Any word on why release date was later this year? Keeping fingers crossed not big amount of bugs in beta testing that had to push back 🙏 Good thing to have a solid date to look forward too. Will Vibe get any exclusive new game feature announcements like last year ???
  4. Fati boombati gonna be sweet . Just got called up to Spain’s U-21 side for this current break . One can only hope 🙏
  5. - Like to expand scouting : specific country /player type and attributes looking for added to scouting. Sick of getting scouts found no one in all of Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe 99% of time . - Better improvements for youth academies/reserve teams . Have reserve /youth leagues for all teams selected. Have loaner club if problem with adding youth leagues. Have monthly report for youth players with any +/- in attributes, players coaches think be promoted and/or reports about youth players from academy not just once a season chance to sign youths. -Random events for players, managers, staff , facilities, owners/board and clubs. Talking career ending injuries for players, as mentioned earlier in thread about scandals and other events for a player would be more lifelike and idk why players get upset it’s just a game. If an event looked life like for that one players partner kinda point of game but idk why she not call him first and believe random ss from FM game . Teams could get transfer bans, signing youth ban, FFP bans, administration/sold, or be kicked out of league like Bury , or be totally dissolved etc. staff could change areas of expertise and coaches could leave your staff to manage another team, all staff could retire or leave team especially if demoted/promoted. -Like to have top leagues top divisions loaded automatically and cut out players from leagues not in game to make room. No point wasting room on bunch teams having 1-2 Real players and rest of the leagues teams all cpu genererated players. Could also cut down on number of free agents as they mainly stay there and seems to be a pretty big size no matter how many leagues you select. Could also cut out VNL/VNS/VNN from England as just EFL leagues deep enough for mobile. Maybe don’t have extra loaded leagues playable if that helps ? Like still have 4 playable then 2-3 others just top division teams real players to add to more expanded database ? Not cpu expert but some ideas on that end . -licenses not change for full game year not mid year ( German National) 😂
  6. Think he wants his Chinese followers able to read the article in Chinese because they probably don’t all read English . So maybe Nucleus can pop article in translator app then have different language versions when the guy links this article? I think that is what would work for both as Nucleus still gets traffic here and gzhd can still link in his blog since his followers can read the Chinese version . Just my guess lmk if I’m off base and to kick stones 😳

    Help Second Nationality Call Ups

    I thought of that for one target T.Tillman (In real life he’s interested in the USA so not 100% no to USA) he’s on Bayern and German first nationality so guess could see him waiting for Germany but even some older ones who haven’t been called yet and are 25-26 still turn down think they take any call up as they get older vs never playing internationally. Then there are lesser known players that have weaker first nationality than USA and still turn down . One of weakest positions is LB for us so had a 19 yr old playing in USL (2nd tier USA) that was Trinidad and Tobago first and he would always say no even though he’s not huge star or big club, second nationality higher reputation and plays position we aren’t deep in think he say yes once not no 100%. Wonder if FMM would think about adding in a bit more depth on the International side especially with players choosing a national team such a big event. If player picks you could have news item like a big transfer or if he doesn’t have news item big shock choose another nation etc. They have the pay a fee to lawyer to contest work permit and the staff taking assessment tests maybe use same mechanic labeled differently like pay to send federation members to players try to change mind, one last bid when he ready to choose a nation . Idk if it’s just me but players with so many choices and some getting one time switches even after playing senior caps for one country makes international side more interesting seeing who you could recruit . You saw recently D. Rice choosing England over Ireland , L.Bailey finally suiting up for Jamaica after couple years recruiting, T.Boyd filing one time change from NZ to USA , J.Gonzalez choosing Mexico over USA which would have made a stacked midfield if he stayed (Pulisic, Mckennie, Adams, Gonzalez). Look at Germany and tell me they would have won those World Cups without M.Klose and L.Podolski who were both born in Poland and could have played for Poland ? Just big decisions and even little ones can make big differences in a national teams fortune .

    Help Second Nationality Call Ups

    Just wondering if you can change that 50/50 as there’s couple players always try for USA and always turned down even later on with no caps/call ups from First Nation. Guess the game isn’t that deep in international side yet like maybe praising a player or have other options like show interest or scout so it’s not just call up yes/no .
  9. I know FMM is not very in depth with nationalities of players but I was wondering if a players attitude towards a second nationality will ever improve or decrease when it comes to accepting a call up? I tried a couple international saves with USA and certain players seemed to always refuse a call up no matter how high we are ranked or how high my manager reputation is . Can you change players minds or is it a hidden attribute that they will never play for second nationality and it’s does not adjust ?

    Article FMM Mythbusters

    Gotta find out about this one: 2. Player traits make a difference to how a player performs Myth 22 Fact 22 Looks interesting with 50/50 split on poll right now. I just wonder if this is linked to team instructions especially attacking ones? You could have a ST playing a poacher role with “doesn’t play thru balls “in red on their positional traits page then in the attacking instructions you can select ‘play thru balls’ . So if the ST has it as red and you put it in instructions what will outcome be? Will the player get poor ratings for holding onto the ball when he should pass it ? Maybe bad ratings as his passing gets a negative and he gets bunch passes intercepted? Or does the player and role trait just ignore the red ones and he plays according to your instructions and passes fine with no bad side effects? Can anyone test if the role traits, instructions actually have an effect? It could be positive if role trait green and u give same instructions to match do the players do better ? If someone could test it a bit would help I just don’t have the time to do a deep dive .. Be nice if the creators would chime in on the aspects of the game that aren’t hidden secrets as some are pretty much basics of the game . 👍✌️
  11. Nice to see 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Challenge .. Weah could also be an option ... GL
  12. Yum Love me some ass🔥 We def need an app like this and thinking of having iPhone version is even better. Seems so many editors/work arounds for Android and IPhone has nothing besides buying IGE.. Hope you keep up the work looks tough and I got no idea how to code/make apps ... Maybe try looking up in the files section from earlier FMM an editor a guy made on here that let you look/edit saves, maybe see if you can get in touch and see if he has any advice?

    Off Topic International Football

    Copa America and Gold Cup having some surprising results ..

    Career Conquer Europe

    Nice to see AC back on top they seem to be taking forever in real life to get back to challenging for Serie A title and CL ... Juventus need some challenge. How has Milan done since you left ? Juve back winning em all ? Good stuff so far can’t wait for Spain/Germany teams coming up.

    Universal tactics

    When I tried similar formation always got in match report under negatives “players were confused by odd formation or didn’t understand formation “ You ever get that ??