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  1. Werner is getting what he deserves. No sympathy for him leaving RBL during a run to the UCL semifinals last year to join Chelsea for no reason as it was their offseason. Liked him before that move not like he’s been on a deep UCL run before or that the team was counting on their best offensive player. All he had to do was say ok join Chelsea but not until RBL UCL run is over.. Seems that early joining did wonders with his EPL scoring form this year ? His horrible pk vs Luton Town this weekend was karma .
  2. I agree a list would help users see where clubs are . Why can’t us IOS users ever get one of these leagues? Every year Android only 😤😡
  3. Anyone find any actual updates/fixes ? Not mentioned in the update notes ??? Waiting to update see if anything went wrong ?
  4. Great addition that players can use if they want to go deep
  5. Now what about affiliated clubs ? Is there better growth there ? Haven’t used affiliate club as usually start lower leagues. Is there a separate growth system for affiliate, reserve and B clubs? Wondering if you guys had reserve club and an affiliate which develops players better ? There was an update on IOS for FFM anyone know if it had anything to do with this topic , as Marc quote seemed to be that it was fixed and was thinking of what to fix next not the normal we put it on list to look at and should be fixed in future response.
  6. Jealous every year this comes out since only on Android , never get it on my IOS.. You might want to check the MLS clubs as NYCFC not top clubs you would take . Seattle, LAFC, Atlanta, Philly, Toronto think some better options ..
  7. Wish they put an option to turn off the whole new dynamics system as it seems to add way more work to a version they advertise as pick up and play thru seasons fast . Seeing more frustration like this and having to basically blow up a team is kinda much . Touch version supposedly doesn’t have all these dynamics which is very odd to me since it would have more capacity being on pc/tablets/iPad vs a phone. Maybe they could scale it back so can spend more time playing game with team you want not dealing with bunch of toddlers getting upset over everything in game .. Hope you find a way brother just letting you know I feel your pain this year .
  8. Sorry if it came off that way just didn’t know if we should be sharing exploits but seems like all in favor so it was my bad. Can’t wait for write up sounds like be some tips should help as seems transfers tougher this year .
  9. There are transfer glitches like this . Don’t think you want to be spreading it around as bound to get crazy exploited .. just like corners 🤦‍♂️
  10. Invited teams every edition ranges between 2 or 6 if they have normal 12 or 16 like they did for Centenario in the USA. Also many teams that are invited have declined to play for various reasons but mostly for availability of players being released by clubs or players not wanting to end holiday. The real setup for 2021 the invited teams should be Qatar & Australia not South Korea . Who is the invited team from Group A?
  11. Interested in this question too . Wish could just outright cancel /extend them after every season
  12. Yep good start. Just a few video suggestions I had besides normal wonder kid type player videos see flooding YouTube for FM full. -Just saw for IOS there was an update maybe could do bigger updates a kknd of review if fixes to bugs were made or any new bugs etc ? -Thinking could definitely do a video when they do winter roster update maybe see added /deleted players etc . -FMM vibe challenge video from the site as new badges are released so it is specific to site but only problem is if person does best for each badge can make a video of their career . -Monthly list type of videos ? Funny/ weird moments in game , best goals of month from the other thread on here , best non challenge careers that month, user polls .....
  13. Are you talking about like an emulator running it on your laptop ? Wonder how the visuals would work if it’s FMM not other versions made for PC FMTouch or full Fm. Wonder if you could do more editing / mods for FMM if it’s all on laptop ? I do get the same urge to see if can play on my laptop but it’s not a Mac and previously when I looked around got same answer just buy FMT touch version as it’s made for PCs but not as involved as FM full version but also has 3-D match engine and more than FMM does. I just never took the jump as I know FM I don’t have enough time for and don’t really wanna spend more cash on another version if it’s very similar and not worth extra cash. I do know this year if you don’t like all the morale, relationships, dynamics stuff they didn’t include that in the FMTouch version so that would be my main reason to switch . Interested to see how it goes with your idea
  14. Nice quick clean video . Great not having to be interrupted by ads .. You might wanna add the max transfer fee transfer glitch .