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    Universal tactics

    When I tried similar formation always got in match report under negatives “players were confused by odd formation or didn’t understand formation “ You ever get that ??

    Which leagues do you start with?

    It depends on my type of career if I’m doing a bottom to top at one club or thinking international management etc. Most of the time I have England and Germany then if I’m into my national team USA is loaded to give most options plus adds lots of S.America, Central and Caribbean players to spice up game. Lastly one of these leagues; Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Portugal . I try to stay away from big 4 together unless I feel like doing fantasy type league (Spain, Eng, Ger, Italy so powerful vs rest of leagues good to have 1 or 2 loaded but not all 4. Some reason I hardly ever play Australia, China, S.Korea, N.Ireland , Wales, Poland, Belgium. Would really love space for one more league as adding the MLS to get US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico , & S.Americans kinda sucks need waste league spot on it . Then if you don’t load it most of depth for those countries is gone and some can’t even manage international without US loaded. Even if the extra spot is small and could only fit a 1-2 tier league that would be great . Idk if they reached max capacity with database/leagues but think help sell game more .
  3. Sounds good. Interesting to see who added /removed or upgrade/downgrade

    Sunderland...whyiiii man

    Good Start so far in transfer window. Will you be giving Gooch some first team minutes? I think he's underrated but that could just be my US bias

    Helping a team get promoted

    That's what Im guessing but there might be a way depending on your operating system as ios doesn't have a change.txt file that a bunch of Android users edit the game with. I have ios so only can use in game editor to change stuff in game but cant do leagues /teams etc. I think there might have to be a way as in MLS Cincinnati starts in the USL in year 1 then is an expansion team in MLS next year and playable so think somehow it can be done. Look for files or rest of forums for editors/change.txt if you have android op if not then I think its all luck if they get promoted.
  6. THX for clearing it up bro.... 👍

    Helping a team get promoted

    Never tried a team outside leagues loaded but just wondering if you have to get lucky and see if CPU promotes them to 3.liga ?? Just a guess I’m not really familiar with promotion/relegation of bottom leagues if outside leagues loaded at start will those teams demoted be unplayable? If so I guess they just switch places. I did have my reserve team in a German league save not play any games then year 4 started to accumulate games and stats think they were moved up couple leagues. Be nice to know for everyone a def yes/no answer .
  8. Guess it’s not coming ? Gotta use summer database or hope not too many downgrades from this list .🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Done it with Chesterfield from VNL at start . Took about 7-8 seasons to get up to EPL and win UCL. It’s a long haul so gotta be patient is the main consideration I would advise. Gets tempting with other team openings and getting bigger budget to buy all the stars because a bunch of the stars will be retired or over the hill by the time you can afford them . Like previous post said def use free agents and loans til you can afford decent transfers. I put most of my budget on wages until I reached League one as I improved staff and facilities first . C.Andrews always good attacker to start with from FA always has good speed and can dominate lower leagues easily then sell for good profit . Hope it helps always more satisfaction leading an under dog than just taking top teams with no challenge.
  10. Nice start to career. I always try a couple of these in Ireland, Scotland but gets hard when the other clubs lose to leagues you need to jump over ......... I use Andrews a bunch with lower leagues surprised you sold him so soon hes real fast and puts up decent numbers usually. You are aiming high trying for #1 ranking I usuaslly aim for the top 4 to get the most spots but its a process and like I said you cant control other teams at same time so they can frustrate you even if you do well . Just need a bunch of patience and it looks like you have a good start so far. What leagues do you have loaded? Always watch those free agents teams releasing players year round it seems in my saves no just end of contracts. Last tip is always try to find the surplus to requirements players as they are basically free agents as team asks for $0 and just need to agree on terms.
  11. I thought it showed players training offseason just training reports / schedule says off season but my players all still have medium intensity, position, role etc 🤔?

    FMM19 Bug List

    Idk if bug cause guess could happen in real life but think shouldn’t in game and that’s my coach getting hurt 😔 No he’s not a player coach he joined year before . I know he poor aptitude but i had no money to buy better ones being Chesterfield but still kinda ridiculous he hurts himself in training and out 2 months 🤕🥴 Does that mean my club gets no defensive coach benefits for 2 months ? Or bug like I’m thinking 🤔???

    Second half of season meltdowns...

    “That’s So Spursy!”

    Mercurial Talent??

    Yeah Mercurial talent is a positive green box trait think if they were wacko it would be a bad trait .
  15. Are licenses only half year ? Think that the game would have German license for the whole FMM 19 year at least ... very odd to lose one mid year 🤔🤔