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  1. All of you may not want it in a game but I have a feeling there is no way around it for future versions. It won’t be just a plague but just look at all the competitions that have been cancelled, altered, delayed , hell could be a bunch of clubs folded too. Then what do you do with all these player contracts ? Same with leagues structures ( teams pro/rel , start/end dates, transfer windows etc ) Idk how FMM can release at 21 version with so many questions need to be answered going forward especially scheduling across world of football how will they setup international tournaments and have an idea they won’t conflict with leagues in the future say 4-5 years later ? No matter what 21 will have Covid effects all over it that’s if they release 21 version at all . Id be for more events to spice up a long career like individual, or team events that result in surprising bans, retirement, arrests, probations, fines, bankruptcy, etc though as random acts do happen but a low percentage of being activated could help limit it being too crazy.
  2. Anytime I tried a hybrid or as you call asymmetrical formation on FMM I’d always run into problems with the match report as it would always say “players didn’t understand unusual formation” and players seemed to never play up to same standard as they would playing normal 4-4-2 etc . Just wonder if the ME even allows for players / teams using asymmetrical formations to succeed or is there always a say penalty with odd formation. Did you run into this with any of your asymmetrical formations??? Thx
  3. Same problem . Who are you trying to use ? I’m trying L.Bailey & M.Diaby at Bayer 04.. Bailey can’t do anything but got attributes and I’ll admit Diaby younger and not as polished but Bailey should score with his pace, movement, shooting, decisions etc all green
  4. Anyone else ever win an appeal? Think first time in any version they granted it , usually just a waste of cash .
  5. Good Question. Last I heard was the later one of August to October I think . But it’s gonna be interesting or could be a shitshow as try to get all the leagues to match timeframes but doubt that will happen . Wonder what FIFA will do as I’m sure leagues will all want different time periods that benefit them the most .
  6. Just watched the Minus 17 movie and got interested in a Bournemouth save. Think E.Howe took em on great ride but they have stalled since reaching the EPL. Just posted up bunch of records and firsts to try to accomplish Career Setup -March 2020 database -leagues loaded : England, Germany, Scotland, Holland -no editors or cheats -no restart , reloading -no unlockables Goals & Records etc to achieve -Improve Stadium (2nd smallest in top 5 leagues in Europe) & Facilities Club Records: -Highest EPL finish: (9th) -Most Goals (Career/Season): T.MacDougall (142/41) -Most Appearances: S.Fletcher (726) -Career Rule : No Player bought over $30m. [Bournemouth Highest Transfer Fee Paid $30m -J.Lerma from Levante ] Club Firsts: -Top 4 Finish EPL -EFL title -Community Shield -FA Cup -EFL Cup -qualify for Europe first time (UCL or UEL) -UEL title -UCL title -UEFA Supercup -Club World Cup
  7. That is annoying been trying to get diversity in youth academy but hit same wall . Think even big 5 leagues would have some Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Belgium, Dutch etc players not just domestic . It shouldn’t be that hard to have a random country for youth prospects. Same for greyed out players you can sign .
  8. Just tried November 19 database and club was all setup with full first team , had some staff also so it’s very odd ? Only thing that leads me to believe is with March database the team and staff released since it doesn’t exist but they can’t just switch Limerick FC out with Shamrock Rovers II ? But somehow they do it in MLS with expansion teams when they would not be in MLS first year but are there second season when they debut ... 🤔
  9. I found out why and it’s because Limerick FC had financial troubles and they never got a License from League of Ireland and Shamrock Rovers II reserve club got accepted in their place .No idea about promotion rules if Shamrocks II can be promoted and join parent club ? @Mr Tree But seems like the wrong club ? Or SI never updated it ? Bug or not ?
  10. Nice to see a topic on this as question comes up every year when players use big clubs, wonder kids etc all the time going undefeated & win everything then get bored. Two suggestions about only using player search for free agents . 1- Add in gotta have interested only box checked so adds more realism in free agents you can sign . 2- How do you find loan players without player search ? I always use player search as it would take forever to check leagues and I don’t know if the scouts will give you loan targets ? Maybe just add loan search with interested only on so not using bunch wonderkids from Barca on loan in Lower Leagues...
  11. It seems like it is a good challenge to take on. Thx for the info wasn’t just me seeing it. How far did u take them anyway ?
  12. Hey I’ve been where you are everyone talks about big players but lower leagues are tough as barely have any funds .. Hope we can get a decent list seems every few months new lower league players topic pops up. Hope it helps
  13. Plus here are some “Not Needed” free or real cheap I’ve had with lower teams : Here are some more free agents found :
  14. Never played Irish league before but is this normal when the league is loaded ? Limerick FC is available to manage at start but both first team and reserve team only have greyed out players ? Will a team magically appear if you manage them ? Every other club in league had normal players. Not sure if bug or not ? They are 7th in the league not too bad for having zero players 🤷‍♂️
  15. These are ones I targeted in a save with England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany loaded. I separated lists to Lower Leagues and Non League but you can try the Lower Leagues players if you are Non League club as personally in my careers the levels players signed at varied along with wages . These are free agents but there are other cheap players you can get that are Not Needed status by bigger clubs and usually when you inquire price they are free transfers just need to sign player to contract . Lower Leagues: Might still sign non league teams depends wages can offer but think personally they were harder to sign Non League: