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  1. Think he wants his Chinese followers able to read the article in Chinese because they probably don’t all read English . So maybe Nucleus can pop article in translator app then have different language versions when the guy links this article? I think that is what would work for both as Nucleus still gets traffic here and gzhd can still link in his blog since his followers can read the Chinese version . Just my guess lmk if I’m off base and to kick stones 😳

    Second Nationality Call Ups

    I thought of that for one target T.Tillman (In real life he’s interested in the USA so not 100% no to USA) he’s on Bayern and German first nationality so guess could see him waiting for Germany but even some older ones who haven’t been called yet and are 25-26 still turn down think they take any call up as they get older vs never playing internationally. Then there are lesser known players that have weaker first nationality than USA and still turn down . One of weakest positions is LB for us so had a 19 yr old playing in USL (2nd tier USA) that was Trinidad and Tobago first and he would always say no even though he’s not huge star or big club, second nationality higher reputation and plays position we aren’t deep in think he say yes once not no 100%. Wonder if FMM would think about adding in a bit more depth on the International side especially with players choosing a national team such a big event. If player picks you could have news item like a big transfer or if he doesn’t have news item big shock choose another nation etc. They have the pay a fee to lawyer to contest work permit and the staff taking assessment tests maybe use same mechanic labeled differently like pay to send federation members to players try to change mind, one last bid when he ready to choose a nation . Idk if it’s just me but players with so many choices and some getting one time switches even after playing senior caps for one country makes international side more interesting seeing who you could recruit . You saw recently D. Rice choosing England over Ireland , L.Bailey finally suiting up for Jamaica after couple years recruiting, T.Boyd filing one time change from NZ to USA , J.Gonzalez choosing Mexico over USA which would have made a stacked midfield if he stayed (Pulisic, Mckennie, Adams, Gonzalez). Look at Germany and tell me they would have won those World Cups without M.Klose and L.Podolski who were both born in Poland and could have played for Poland ? Just big decisions and even little ones can make big differences in a national teams fortune .

    Second Nationality Call Ups

    Just wondering if you can change that 50/50 as there’s couple players always try for USA and always turned down even later on with no caps/call ups from First Nation. Guess the game isn’t that deep in international side yet like maybe praising a player or have other options like show interest or scout so it’s not just call up yes/no .
  4. I know FMM is not very in depth with nationalities of players but I was wondering if a players attitude towards a second nationality will ever improve or decrease when it comes to accepting a call up? I tried a couple international saves with USA and certain players seemed to always refuse a call up no matter how high we are ranked or how high my manager reputation is . Can you change players minds or is it a hidden attribute that they will never play for second nationality and it’s does not adjust ?

    FMM Mythbusters

    Gotta find out about this one: 2. Player traits make a difference to how a player performs Myth 22 Fact 22 Looks interesting with 50/50 split on poll right now. I just wonder if this is linked to team instructions especially attacking ones? You could have a ST playing a poacher role with “doesn’t play thru balls “in red on their positional traits page then in the attacking instructions you can select ‘play thru balls’ . So if the ST has it as red and you put it in instructions what will outcome be? Will the player get poor ratings for holding onto the ball when he should pass it ? Maybe bad ratings as his passing gets a negative and he gets bunch passes intercepted? Or does the player and role trait just ignore the red ones and he plays according to your instructions and passes fine with no bad side effects? Can anyone test if the role traits, instructions actually have an effect? It could be positive if role trait green and u give same instructions to match do the players do better ? If someone could test it a bit would help I just don’t have the time to do a deep dive .. Be nice if the creators would chime in on the aspects of the game that aren’t hidden secrets as some are pretty much basics of the game . 👍✌️
  6. Nice to see 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Challenge .. Weah could also be an option ... GL
  7. Yum Love me some ass🔥 We def need an app like this and thinking of having iPhone version is even better. Seems so many editors/work arounds for Android and IPhone has nothing besides buying IGE.. Hope you keep up the work looks tough and I got no idea how to code/make apps ... Maybe try looking up in the files section from earlier FMM an editor a guy made on here that let you look/edit saves, maybe see if you can get in touch and see if he has any advice?

    International Football

    Copa America and Gold Cup having some surprising results ..

    Conquer Europe

    Nice to see AC back on top they seem to be taking forever in real life to get back to challenging for Serie A title and CL ... Juventus need some challenge. How has Milan done since you left ? Juve back winning em all ? Good stuff so far can’t wait for Spain/Germany teams coming up.

    Universal tactics

    When I tried similar formation always got in match report under negatives “players were confused by odd formation or didn’t understand formation “ You ever get that ??

    Which leagues do you start with?

    It depends on my type of career if I’m doing a bottom to top at one club or thinking international management etc. Most of the time I have England and Germany then if I’m into my national team USA is loaded to give most options plus adds lots of S.America, Central and Caribbean players to spice up game. Lastly one of these leagues; Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Portugal . I try to stay away from big 4 together unless I feel like doing fantasy type league (Spain, Eng, Ger, Italy so powerful vs rest of leagues good to have 1 or 2 loaded but not all 4. Some reason I hardly ever play Australia, China, S.Korea, N.Ireland , Wales, Poland, Belgium. Would really love space for one more league as adding the MLS to get US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico , & S.Americans kinda sucks need waste league spot on it . Then if you don’t load it most of depth for those countries is gone and some can’t even manage international without US loaded. Even if the extra spot is small and could only fit a 1-2 tier league that would be great . Idk if they reached max capacity with database/leagues but think help sell game more .
  12. Sounds good. Interesting to see who added /removed or upgrade/downgrade

    Sunderland...whyiiii man

    Good Start so far in transfer window. Will you be giving Gooch some first team minutes? I think he's underrated but that could just be my US bias

    Helping a team get promoted

    That's what Im guessing but there might be a way depending on your operating system as ios doesn't have a change.txt file that a bunch of Android users edit the game with. I have ios so only can use in game editor to change stuff in game but cant do leagues /teams etc. I think there might have to be a way as in MLS Cincinnati starts in the USL in year 1 then is an expansion team in MLS next year and playable so think somehow it can be done. Look for files or rest of forums for editors/change.txt if you have android op if not then I think its all luck if they get promoted.
  15. THX for clearing it up bro.... 👍