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  1. Well sadly bugs have killed the save .. After winning EPL I left for a division 3 French club called La Mans and they are in bottom tier and wanted to stop PSG run of a bunch of titles in division 1 .... Wanted to see how old club does and stadium n all at Solihull Moors. I could also broaden my player base since no work permits like UK had since Brexit it was 1/20 transfers get approved.. So I start at new club and can’t believe in the info it has Future stadium DirectFX Arena which was supposed to be Solihull Moors Stadium ... I vacationed and the Stadium never built just had stuck in Future stadium and it disappeared from Solihull Moors Info ... After that I also kept getting reports from scouts about new team but the players would all be Solihull Moor players so just frustrated with the bugs and they weren’t the first and just sucked out the fun so it’s done..
  2. Thx it was a journey to get to EPL.... I did leave after winning EPL and getting Stadium for a 3rd tier French club and was going to bring them to division 1 and battle PSG giants ... But bugs have ruined save.
  3. Probably all the anti MLS /retirement league bias from Europe plays a big part in the hate . It’s great for Americans to have all the players from our domestic league in game . You then have challenge of beating Mexican teams in Champions League .. Then you get to the Club World Cup and get to play European clubs .. The draft would be a big plus don’t think making the more complicated rules would help much... Nice to have non European leagues as it’s a worldwide game so FMM should try to include all regions Another big plus is unlike last years game you weren’t able to use USA national team as playable after the winter update and was very frustrating for American National Team managers who couldn’t play that part of the game that you could before the update. Now with MLS you will always have the chance to manage the national team all year no matter what winter update does.. I don’t get the anti/hate MLS comments in here and in general . Makes it kinda difficult for MLS fans being outnumbered by haters ..🤫🤔
  4. Help FMM 18 How to delete saves

    You can do it through ITunes on a computer kinda tedious .. Same as if you were downloading faces/logos once u get to iTunes and app data for FMM you will see save game #1-4 files and you just click one and hit delete.. Wish added simple delete button in the app would be a lot easier
  5. Club Year 24/25 We did it ....won the EPL over Chelsea in just second year in EPL... League: Cups: League Leaders: Transfers: IN OUT: Awards: League Winners: Top Goal Scorers: Top Assists: New Stadium in my name :!
  6. Never had to use one in last 2 years games.. only switch em for Cups/Europe
  7. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Found 2 more bugs since my switching teams . Both reports have old team players on them not my current team : #1 International Round Up:Both players not on team... #2 Le Mans fans voted team of year : non from La Mans all old team:
  8. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Had Stadium upgrade where you can choose the name at Solihull Moors who approved it and had Future stadium name on club info page then after season I moved to a new club in France and they have the future stadium name on their page now.. IDK if this will clear up when Stadium is built at team #1 where it should be or will it glitch and be built at Team #2 where it shouldn’t be as I haven’t advanced farther after seeing bug... Team #1 Team #2
  9. Help Reputation problem

    In my saves I’m ready to drop my American nationality as no matter what I did it seems it held me back from getting a fair look. I took Solihull Moors to and won EPL and I departed with a continental reputation and got zero offers from England, France, Spain or Italy with all leagues loaded ... Think of Bob Bradley as perfect example in real life for your save spent time in MLS won Cups there , got USMNT job and also Egypt’s national team, did well in Norway with a small club then almost got Havre promoted from tier 2 in France then got a shot a EPL club in Swansea even though it was short it felt like he kept progressing like you would do after MLS but it seems impossible to duplicate as an American nationality? Maybe if we try European or South American nationality see if get same results and which jobs you get offered would show if there’s a big bias to non European/ S.American nationalities no matter how good u do..
  10. Guides/Tips National Team Watch - Jamaica

    I like the article on a not so popular country on here.. I wish we could manage more of the smaller countries but I always run into database problems with having to load same leagues or sometimes the player pool is never enough without using an in game editor to get minimum amount of players for team to be manageable. Just had it in my save trying do American Manager in Europe and start unemployed to USMNT & a top club in Europe but after a few years in realized not enough Americans and had to stick to club only. (Had all leagues loaded from England, Italy, France , and Spain) So which leagues did u have loaded for Jamaica ? Or did u use an editor/unlockables?? I’m on IOS so not easy to change games.
  11. Career The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Good Luck you will need it as Vanarama League awaits to be your pit of misery but you might find a decent gem here or there..
  12. Club -“ Not too bad a first year in EPL finishing 9th when board expected us to battle against relegation. No trophies for the year and just missing out on a European spot was tough . Odd I won EPL Manager of year yet Board expectations have me in the yellow?? D.Solanke did great leading league in goals and J.Asoro got the player of the year. To push for European spot I’m going to need to stop mainly using Bosman signings and spend some money if I can get some signed without work permit denied message killing transfers... No job offers at all which is disappointing as I’m probably going to need to resign to get any ...“ Country: “Only a couple matches this year but next season there will be a lot more with African Nations and World Cup Qualifying. Haven’t been any great new younger players like in previous versions where your country you manage produce some new superstars.. “
  13. 23/24 Season Review Club: Premier League -9th Cups: EPL Trophies/Awards: Player Stats: Country: Ghana WC Qualifying Group: African Nations Group: World Trophy Winners: World Top Scorers: World Top Assists :
  14. Haha that’s crazy wonder if it was a long kick or he came up and scored closing seconds of game they were losing. If I remember right I think T.Howard scored a goal in EPL when it was real windy and his kick bounced over the other GK head ..
  15. Thx I will as I never scored one on FMM