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  1. I was wondering if there’s a list of known teams with B/Reserve teams that are active in a league ( play games)?? So far I found these clubs besides Spain 1st division which I think all have active B teams . I want to do a career with a more realistic setup of having active youth team not just promote players with makeup youth stats at start of each year or hope current players on loan actually play and accumulate stats on loan . Portugal -Braga -FCP -SLB -Sporting -Vit.Guimaraes -Maritimo Germany -W.Bremen Holland -Ajax -PSV -AZ Alkmaar -FC Utrecht Spain -Whole 1st division? Any others ???? Thx for help

    Update 9.2.1


    Most positions for 1 player?

    Had this regen only missing CB,SW,GK at 22yr old ..
  4. What is the highest # of positions you’ve had a player play ?? (Only dark green/light green colored positions ) Anyone ever get all 11? Is it possible?

    Team report negatives

    The negative reports don’t seem to effect my teams too much as long as you have decent facilities and quality team. It seems they always find some negatives even if you win League, cups and Europe and return same team or even better one. Think it’s just so players don’t get bored if it had 0 negatives and just says your team is awesome!😎 The hidden attributes you can’t change some as they are hidden and can’t search better player as can’t see certain attributes seems like professionalism, determination , and big matches always pop up and I can’t fix it with training ..
  6. Nice to have like a sofifa page for update that shows players potential going up or down for the roster update...

    Transfer window update

    Odd they have USA qualifying for World Cup... Think part of database would be all the actual teams and results.. Database still needs work. Need to add George Weahs son at PSG even got first team appearance, yet they added J.Sargent at Bremen just signed when turned 18 in RL and will be with youth/reserve teams ???.. But couple other Americans doing same signing for Bundesliga clubs when turn 18 but not in database ??? T.Tillman CM from Bayern has said in RL he is open to playing for USA but still get the won’t consider this national team when try to call him up..

    FMM18 Bug List

    Hope SI would be active after new update but hardly seen any replies in this thread lately from devs/si staff.. Seems a lot less than first couple updates.. 🤔

    Transfer window update

    Brings back memories of my first foray into FMH on PSP handheld system been collecting dust for a couple years . Good ole days 🤗

    Good Challenge???

    The challenge is to start at a club and national team . You can only use players from the nation you are managing. You have 1 year to sell/release all players on current roster not eligible for national team.. So quick example would be me starting as USA national coach along with a team in England and only using American players for the whole career .. I wanted a challenge also of not being able to use Home League of nation you choose because it would be easy to just keep signing gray out players to fill national team n club with that Nations players .. (ex coach USA and MLS team). You need to deal with permits, dual nationals and you get bonus of having most of national team on your club team so you can train and reposition them.. 12 years was selected so you could get 3 World Cup cycles in. So basically trying to score points for club and country while only using your national players ... Hope it explains it better. Just a rough draft thought I’d throw it out there .....So could a Barcelona team filled with just Canadians win in Europe and league while trying to also win the World Cup with the Canadians??? Could Man Utd won EPL and Europe with just Nigerians and try for World Cup with Nigeria at same time ???

    Good Challenge???


    Transfer window update

    Don’t see any options in settings or starting game for picking which database . I’m on iPhone so not out on Apple.. 😟
  13. Never did a challenge or created one on here before but wanted to know if this is a good one. Lmk what’s missing or if anything should be removed. Thx The Challenge National Club & Country Challenge: Rules: -Only unlockable you can use *start as national team manager, no others permitted. -No reloads, editors and take Yearly screenshots. -Pick a national team to manage pick any -Pick a club outside national teams Home leagues to manage. -Have 1 year to transfer out all players on your club(first and reserve) that are not eligible for your national team you picked. -Can only transfer in dual nationals after they play at least 1 game for your national team so if they refuse call ups or you didn’t get them in a game then you can’t use them until capped for your country. -Try to win as many trophies/cups with both club and country over 12 years (3x WC cycles ) using only your chosen national players.. -Players don’t have to be on the national squad to acquire at club just need 1+ caps for country. -Regens are eligible to use.. Scoring:-Points (tbd no idea how should setup) National Team: Win WC -(points) -advance to 2nd rnd (points) -advance to Quarter Finals (points) -advance to Semifinals (points) -Lose Finals (points) Win Continental Competitions -(points) Win Player of Year (Country)*from your Club Team -(points) Win World Player of Year *from Country & Club Team -(points) Club: Win League-(points) Win Cup/Trophy-(points) Win League Player of Year-(points) Win League Youth player of Year-(points) Win Manager of Year -(points) Win Continental Cup/Trophy (UCL/EL)-(points) Win Club World Cup-(points) Leaderboard: Club: National: Combined: Challenge Ends : -after 12 seasons -if fired from either club or country -if fail to qualify for any of the 3 WC

    Dual Nationals

    I’m using USA currently and can’t get T.Tilman CM from Bayern to switch though he is considering it in RL. I got a bunch of Columbian players to switch about 4-5 .. I used friendlies to cap a bunch of players still gotta wait n see if good. Non have flipped yet if they say no to call up yet .. Missed a decent LB N.Powder got capped real early and doing decent for Trinidad & Tobago stole him lol
  15. Has anyone been able to get a dual national to change their mind and accept a call up from your nation? Or is it basically set in stone that once they deny call up they will never accept even if you are ranked #1 or just won World Cup ?? Be nice if there was a chance for them to accept in future if they never get call up to other nationality and/or if you increase Nations world ranking ( win WC, Continental competitions etc.)