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  1. Great run so far just some tough losses especially the double PK misses by your best taker , just so FMM 🤦‍♂️.. Wish the other clubs would chip in somehow not like they playing the big 5 leagues. Tough enough for you to make runs to catch up on the other leagues but they also aren’t helping by who they are losing to last season they lost to Iceland 2x just how can they do that ? Those release clauses are killer in lower leagues especially if don’t have replacement ready . Any affiliates qualify for Europe or they all divisions below you ? Wonder if your affiliate could be promoted to same division or is there a rule keeping them below like a B team ? Are you starting to get a bunch of young Irish players coming thru academy ?? Maybe you could thru this help out the Irish National Team ? Just as a side effect of you making good progress in Europe and improving the league .
  2. South Americans always go back to hometown clubs it seems so don’t count out Independiente especially with him having Covid problems maybe best go home with family
  3. Good Season and unlucky in Champions Cup but remember that’s what makes European competitions fun as anything can happen. So many trophies in the Irish Leagues never knew you could win that many outside England. You are killing it in Euro Cup 2, especially for Irish team as they haven’t had great European showings. Have you checked Irish League history in Europe ? Pretty sure you have set record far you advanced.. What team is doing best behind you from Ireland ? I always try these improve rankings usually with (Ireland or Scotland) and if you can with season updates maybe post also how fellow Irish teams did in Europe as it’s about all teams in Europe not just yours so might see if you doing great but other 2-3 losing first try not gonna move up . I also would go up and down results page always get in news check flags of leagues above you in rankings hoping they get knocked out early . Sorry so long but first time got time to reply besides short good job and at least shows interest 🤷🏻‍♂️Last part I promise .. I just saw in 21 when u don’t load England as a league lots of young talent even wonderkids get released into free agents pool just wondering where you aware of them and just ignored most besides Clark , Hugill, Scarlett ? Did you try to sign them and they didn’t want to come or too high wages? Have you checked if any other teams in Ireland took advantage and maybe signed a few or did they all go to bigger leagues? Just wondering as thinking doing career like this and might help make it possible to achieve or at least get close if the players signed with your league or leagues loaded hoping to strengthen them instead of you having to do it thru transfers / loans being one sided just to help rest of league teams. I don’t know if the no movement is from yearly calculation or it’s multi year formula like real life where success think shows after a year or two in rankings . Maybe user with better European knowledge can help you out . Good work bro like seeing a longer league wide challenge in lower leagues not just buy top players in top 5 leagues rinse and repeat challenges.
  4. Very good write up and getting quotes directly from the source helps take some of the guessing out of it. I always believed as some others have said that mercurial was more of a negative as I thought of them as high dribbling & technical skills but they were more of a show off and I thought besides the uneven play was more worried about his impact on team morale especially with the added relationships this year thought the negative morale be bigger impact as could have teammates not like a mercurial talent but guess Marc didn’t seem they were negative in that area just strictly skills so I’ll give em another shot this year because of article . @broodje kipAny idea maybe making this a series tackle some more positive/negative traits or personalities and what I really liked was the ways to correct traits/personalities if you can (ie. mentoring, fines, training, coaches etc) . Think it would help lots of players getting a bit deeper into the game . Either way good job bro 👍
  5. Yep makes me feel cheating if sign them . Even if sign others like N.Kenneh think wonderkid from Leeds . Not like only 4-5 of em more like 15+ guys that include wonderkids it’s a huge talent leak especially signing them for free could turn teams from leagues in Wales N.Ireland, Ireland, Scotland , Denmark, Greece, Poland, etc etc into Super teams for cheap and for years 🧐🤔😱
  6. Think they fixed the Moriba and rest of Spainish B team players being released. The one I’m talking about is if you start a save without England loaded you know get the same thing where a bunch of English clubs young talent is released to free agents . Guess basically same thing just replace Spain with England and if it’s been around awhile seems like not many brought it up ? So maybe no fix like Spain ?
  7. Ugh kinda feels dirty playing without loading England especially if trying to do lower leagues and so much talent sitting there if you sign em think cheated but like you said if you don’t others will and if team signs em no fixtures they could not develop ? What to do ? Thought they woulda fixed it with Spain releases but guess not . Odd that 3-4 players like Scarlett don’t have old club listed in history almost feels the guy not real one like fake one thrown in . Think they will fix this like Spain one ? Or is this just gotta be this way so when you do use England leagues the reserves work correctly ?
  8. Hope they didn’t mess up the database?? Anyone else notice the free agents of England isn’t loaded ?? I started new save tonight loaded up Scotland, Spain, Denmark & Belgium . Has there always been so many great young players released from English Premier & Championship Clubs ages 16-24 in the free agents ? Seems like the problem we had start of 21 with great young Spanish players being released from Barcelona B team and some others, thought they fixed it ? Found bunch of players from Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal then couple from Leeds, Man U., Watford & Norwich. Seems a bit unreasonable these guys free agents : Just too many to post individually so here’s rest in just from first 4 pages : I wonder if these were the recently added/edited players as some have no previous team but should like these : Spurs - Man Utd- Or has database always been like this and I just haven’t played saves without England selected ? Thx
  9. Did you train him on medium or high ? Did you train all those positions ? Did he spend any time on loan ?
  10. For IOS it’s a huge change list the most recent update not just database :
  11. Did they change Musiala nationality to German ? I know he made switch in real life but he would be waste not getting in any FMM international tournaments..
  12. Reminds me of the earlier years of MLS here in States . New league was buying all these expensive players and quickly expanding then after few years bottom came out as salaries were way to much and clubs were folded .. Look at those ridiculous salaries in China and knew couldn’t be sustainable unless they had huge investors or a lucrative tv deal that was worldwide . I guess FMM just leaves teams in as game already launched and be a big mess to sort for a quick update.
  13. Think you should maybe post some formations you have used that haven't worked yet. Maybe also include squad at least your starters so people can see strengths and weaknesses of team . It’s hard to help if you don’t post more information to go by as everyone doesn’t know your squad and formations used . I’m not a guru like these other guys but I have learned that gotta use formation & tactics that suit your squad not you forcing your own on a team that might not have good enough players to play that way . Second thing is try to keep it simple and basic from start then start adding more intricate details to make it your own. You might need to wait for a few transfer windows to have a starting 11 that all fit the roles you want to play and style. Hope some tactic geniuses can take it from here
  14. Just wondering where you got the short names for some of the USA teams? Is there a conflict in game with their teams abbreviated names during matches? Timbers, Philly, Rowdies, Galaxy, Seattle, Miami can be easily shortened, I put the ones they usually use next to ones you have in changes. "GALAXY">> LA "TIMBER">> POR "PHI U">> PHI "NYRB">> RBNY "ROWDIE">> TBR "SEATTLE">> SEA "VWFC">> VAN "MIAMI">> MIA "CF MON">> MTL