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  1. I thought it showed players training offseason just training reports / schedule says off season but my players all still have medium intensity, position, role etc 🤔?

    FMM19 Bug List

    Idk if bug cause guess could happen in real life but think shouldn’t in game and that’s my coach getting hurt 😔 No he’s not a player coach he joined year before . I know he poor aptitude but i had no money to buy better ones being Chesterfield but still kinda ridiculous he hurts himself in training and out 2 months 🤕🥴 Does that mean my club gets no defensive coach benefits for 2 months ? Or bug like I’m thinking 🤔???

    Second half of season meltdowns...

    “That’s So Spursy!”

    Mercurial Talent??

    Yeah Mercurial talent is a positive green box trait think if they were wacko it would be a bad trait .
  5. Are licenses only half year ? Think that the game would have German license for the whole FMM 19 year at least ... very odd to lose one mid year 🤔🤔

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Be awesome if you could react to guy like punch back or start bench clearing brawl 🤪 .. BTW is J.Quintaro from Scotland that got punched??🤜💥🥴 Love using him and usually cheap to get ...

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I like the hotfix as the mobile game is not supposed to be tons of micro management as you are supposed to finish seasons at a decent pace. I think if you want to be realistic and go deep dive into managing then buy the PC version as it is way more in depth and involves a bunch of micromanagement and can take forever getting through a season running everything. This is a good balance for a game with limited resources vs PC version. Good Job so far on hotfix. Keeping fingers crossed nothing else comes up in future 🤔🙄🙏 but not getting hopes up 🤦🏼‍♂️
  8. Will new players be added to wonderkid status with winter updates??? Weah (loan Celtic), Adams (RBLeipzig) need to be added

    Footbe Logos Megapack

    Ok thx didn’t know weren’t full leagues pack .. 👍

    Winter Update

    Starting to run into more problems with the fitness change as now with more rotating my key and starters getting less playtime so their playtime color gone from green to orange and red along with morale decrease. So not just rotating players it’s you can’t please the key /starter squad members enough games 🤬🤦🏼‍♂️ Need the hotfix 🔥ASAP 🔥

    Standard Logos Megapack

    Can some peple seed it on utorrent like 20 hrs to download 🙄

    Footbe Logos Megapack

    missing some teams from Spain 2-3, Germany 2-3, so far on IOS

    FMM19 Bug List

    Don’t know if it’s a bug but better to report it anyway In my MLS save there are 4-5 players That are on NYRB 2 but blued out and contract says on NYRB2 yet also on loan to NYRB2 ? I’ll post pics it’s a bit confusing that they are blued out and on loan to same club they are on ???🤔 thx
  14. I mean @Stam great job with the list ... 👍 Damn Nucleus using Jedi mind tricks on me to give him credit ..🤨😆
  15. Thx for the list Nucleus good work. Just disappointed in FM not having two of the top US stars not on wonderkid status/potential. They are in top 5 of every list I’ve seen for future of USMNT and they’ve been solid getting caps and with clubs although it’s harder for Weah to find playing time at PSG but he has gotten some. T.Weah ST/AM/W -PSG (Ligue 1) T.Adams CDM/CM/RB -NYRB (MLS) Any ideas why they were left off or excluded ? Weah is def better than Sargent is and Adams def better than Parks who both made it and are struggling with club teams?? 🤔🤔🤔