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  1. R.Innis is a CB usually can get for free as his squad status is not needed . Try free agents always changing depending on leagues loaded. After that try for loan listed players from bigger clubs, usually search around and can find 1-2 players on loan that pay 0% wage so get em for free year .
  2. I will try that with grey players , do u manually train them or let coaches?
  3. -Just wondering about academy players and development of young players . Do most of you handle training or let coach take care of it? If let a coach handle it which type to you use ? (Youth, Fitness, General etc) -Has anyone noticed if reserve players develop if you can’t find a loan deal and not ready for first team yet ? Heard different experiences but most seemed to negative not much development. -Which coach do you guys put for Reserves ? How much does coaches formation effect young players? Does he line them up in wrong positions? If so do they develop less or does it matter ? -Academy players nationality is last question I have . Has anyone gotten academy players come thru that aren’t the nationality of the league the club your managing is in? I notice there’s a nice mixture of nationalities when you start the game in reserves but then going forward they all seem to be of the nationality of club I’m managing and gets unrealistic as the game is international and academies are full of them in real life . Only one suggestion I heard but never got to work is the nationality of your youth scouts will help determine nationality of new academy players . No idea if works . Be nice if English club have a few Irish, Scottish, Spanish or African players as example or if German club have a bunch of Swiss, Austrian, American , French etc Any help with development would be appreciated. Thx in advance 👍
  4. @Mr Tree Great career so far and always find lesser clubs more interesting reads. Got a couple questions if you don’t mind . Are you manually training the players or left it up to youth coaches ? How is the reserves youth coach doing in terms of playing players in right positions ? Can u post rest of staff scouts & physio? Maybe an end of season transfers screen see where your players went if on loan and improved? Also where youngsters didn’t fit go to and how they fared after leaving all youth coaches setup you had . Wonder if development continued or did it stall out at new club? BTW you said wanted to do a more “normal” career but think you stumbled on a new challenge of trying get most starters in a national team from your club team maybe ?
  5. Great job . Nice to see a run from bottom to top and not just a team full of stars & wonder kids
  6. Ok that’s better I just looking from career probably had 4 nations loaded . You going to try one or just making challenge ? What screenshots should be posted ? Yearly transfer page so see no transfers in or just day 1 team and end of season 10 standing & roster ?
  7. @samhardy What about players on loan season you start ? What if retirements leave you short ? There is one problem with VN teams they start with 0 reserve team players and a bunch of loan players so might not even have enough players to get to Season 2. As I was going thru rosters 10 seasons gonna also need a bunch of 25 and under players which not many have 11 or more thinking they be at 35 at season 10 if not retired before . Might need to switch to VNL teams as some have reserve players to start so should have enough players for 10 seasons . Same idea just different starting league ?
  8. Like the lower league challenges and no transfers or youth players even tougher . Interesting see which teams people chose .
  9. I’m sure there are a bunch of tactics on here you can use. Just try some out that fit the players you have. Just my opinion but your tactic seems to be very bunched up and slow. Always thought of Dortmund having enough talent to be a high press team with faster and creative passes. Maybe open up a bit more width and let a player like Sancho use his creativity on the wing to beat defense and get in crosses to Haaland to finish . Think opposition defense will be in tight leaving you little room to maneuver in your offensive end so most chance would be long distance shots. The defense side I was never able to make a good offside trap without a high press as opposition would have time on the ball to make a pass to break the trap and still be onside without extra pressure. I don’t claim to be a tactical expert but just my opinion to try some different combinations from what I saw. Plus def go into Tactics part of forums and you will find many setups to try n members who love doing tactics 24/7.. this should get you started below click article and good luck 🍀
  10. I haven’t seen him either but I haven’t tried loading every league combination. Not 100% sure but I think the FMDB app that there’s a link to in the mobile game title screen is mainly for FM on PC which has a way bigger database than mobile. I only tried it once and hit paywalls plus some info didn’t match mobile version so I think it’s just another tool for FM PC not us FMM users . Maybe someone bought FMDB subscription can tell you more about it.
  11. Def think that’s a bug. Never saw GK in center circle during restart ..
  12. March transfer update out check that
  13. No just want the info that sites like sofifa have who added /deleted, stats changed, new club or dropped to FA if they are doing more transfers . Def don’t want updates every week
  14. I’m guessing it’s part two of winter transfer update ? As in OP see says FM part one update think little fixes after just bugs and this is second part ? Unless they doing a new monthly transfer update ? Be nice to get an update like FIFA with players added /deleted , attributes +/- , transfers and changelog for bugs .. Will they add in closed matches with Coronavirus ?