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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Idk if this is a bug or just database error but why is LAFC in the game? They haven't begun playing and think only have 2 players signed in real life . In FMM they have a bunch of non gray (real players) plus the league they are in just says lower leagues like the US clubs were in before MLS was added .. Is this some future addition ? Just odd they aren't fully formed yet but in game seem to be with Bradley as manager and real players?? Will the league change from lower league to MLS ??? Plus how does an expansion team get Excellent/Great for Training/Youth having no history/games played to go by ??
  2. Personally I'd wish to have female national teams not the leagues added so there will already be a link plus some of the players retire could then see them as staff not just made up regens.. I would love to see the US Women's team and see how they would rate vs men's teams. A.Morgan , C.lloyd, M.Rampione etc I think you could lure in more players with national teams as the women's leagues are not as established or popular as the national teams .. I think female gamers would love to actually manage their favorite female players too not just manage all men's teams so I think you need to include female players if you want female managers ... As for sexual preference that seems to be something I don't believe should be a feature as we have no way of identifying/expressing a sexual identity now and there's no real point as I don't see straight/homosexual players/staff as any different . Just seems like unnecessary addition that could be replaced by other real life features that I would care about like scandals, cheating, doping, partying arrests, match fixing etc.. Only open gay player in MLS is LA Galaxy R.Rogers who I think just retired . It was brace for him to come out n all but no big drama since he did so didn't change anything to do with games / tactics which FMM is about ... BTW the picture is of Pat Summit who was a legendary women's basketball coach at University of Tennessee..🏀⚽️
  3. Help FMM18 Battery Drain!

    Try putting it on low power mode & flight mode should last longer ....
  4. Yes great write up.......! Finally get to play Metrostars/RedBulls career without crazy rules.. MLS will never be a copy of European leagues as Pro/Reg won't happen ,plus the league signs players not just the team , you have all the crazy designations /types , salary cap is good for now since earlier on MLS expanded too fast and spent too much money and you had a bunch of those teams having to go out of business and MLS almosted folded ... Gotta remember soccer is 4th/5th ranked sport so unlike most other countries have it as #1 so the competition for fans/ads/tv etc is higher for MLS vs the leagues above it .. MLS has only been in existence for 20 years so it takes time but it's growing ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Missing the WC didn't help as National team doesn't have a meaningful competitive game for about 2 years 😡😡
  5. Some teams that would use : Chesterfield AC Milan Red Bull Leipzig Any team in new league added 🤔 hope Pulisic is upgraded and love to try him. Dortmund is stacked usually too easy to win if use them as team to play Pulisic. Not many top American youth players in this years game hopefully they added a bunch more and for all databases
  6. Chat Generous board

    Those are some cheap mofos 😳
  7. I've done a couple RBL saves and wanted to get one more in only this time I noticed a bug where the team is not in Europe 😳🤔 Every other Save I did had RBL in Europe as it should be but somehow we are not in it this year ?? Anyone else ever have bug take away Europe?
  8. Looks interesting as I've never done a save in France .. It's all about you having fun first so it's good to do what interests you.. Good Luck trying to beat Z Gods record with Belotti he was cheap in my Villarreal save but never produced like he should but every save n tactics are different so might be better for you
  9. Anyone still following? Feels like I'm posting to myself stuff I already know and that was crazy down to wire finish last season .. Are you not Entertained ???
  10. Chat FM CUP???

    I think one of the lower league teams has FM as their main shirt sponsor so might have something to do with that team if u happen to play em in preseason
  11. Well it's best in my opinion to set some House Rules in a career to keep the interest going. Don't just buy every wonderkid you can, don't start at huge clubs as their Budget/facilities/talent make it way too easy to breeze thru competitions. Set limits on number of players you could buy or a max value for a player you can't go over even if your board gives you enough money. Really Scout the world and try different databases to sign different players and train them up or have them switch positions.. Basically use challenges section to get ideas for own rules.. As for the game improvements I was thinking having a difficulty level might help for saves (easy, medium, hard) . When you have it on hard you start out unemployed with top clubs off limits til you hit certain goals or playing years ..
  12. Season 5 Expectations Too bad we have so much money but my house rule is under $20m a player max . Game seems to be pushing me to spend more as money just sits there but we will push on ..
  13. Villarreal Stumble and Barcelona Wins Again.. Coach Riddick was caught between feeling proud of his team yet also frustrated as they were so close to finally unseating the Barcelona/Real Madrid stranglehold LaLiga has been under. If you said that your team would only lose 2 games in LaLiga I would have bet the house that we were winners yet that wasn't even enough. Only 2 more in goal difference wasn't enough .. League Leaders in Goals and Assists wasn't enough. The awards weren't enough with Young Player of the Year, Player and Manager of Year runner ups wasn't enough. That was the best season of Riddicks 4 years so far and it seems a bit harsh they were still 3 points behind Barcelona at the end of the season. Europe wasn't much better but making the semi finals was a decent finish. All in all there's no way any fan could complain about the domestic performance and they did bring home silverware winning the Club World Championship.. LaLiga: Europe Fixtures: Season 4 Review:
  14. Chat Engine Settings

    So it looks like everyone does use fast/v.fast so it's not just me that thinks other speeds would take too long..
  15. Career Stockport: Reborn

    Nice start to career... I always snap up Rosenthal when I'm lower league club he is solid then when you hit higher leagues good one to sell for profit by then. Never had that ST you hit on in my FA but that was an amazing season he had..