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  1. Nice job always thinking of some challenge but too easy just NYRB and RBL the legends is nice addition and found work around Salzburg not being playable. I wish T.Henry was still playing as I’d choose him over BWP . Maybe next year they will add Austria and Brazil as there’s a RB team in Brazil’s top division then could do RB challenge 4 clubs. What do you think about doing a challenge/career with RBL or RBNY and only use three RB clubs for transfers as in real life they make lots or transfers between them. Probably best to use RBL and only use RB players n get rid of non RB ones . ???? Never started challenge if you want to add/edit it and start one go ahead . 🚨🐃🐂🚨
  2. My Red Bulls finally won the title ? I’ll take it any day.. Now about attempt solid start bro. BWP pretty much shot so not surprising he was underperforming. Nice to see you keep NY Red !!! Down with NYC .
  3. C.Richards loan to SpVgg Greuther Furth play with J.Green if he is still there .👍 T.Adams transfer to Lazio . Hope he can finally break through and start in Italy 👍
  4. I always love to get bargains/free agents/buyouts etc for VNL/Lower Leagues Clubs . Most lists are too expensive as budgets allow maybe a big buy of under $1m for first couple years and same for free agents/buyouts can’t pay a play $1m in wages from lower leagues. Now u made thread hopefully we can dig some gems out . My favs from past years were: Last year : W J.Quintago Scottish ST C.Andrews English ST S.Soto USA GK B.Scott USA Past: Best FA AM/ST Djenepro now in EPL ST Y.Berisha cheap attacker not seen in game ? ST Buitinik cheap attacker not seen in game ? LB Angelino cheap buy from Man City ST Yesil Arsenal /Germany Good ones before got big move too expensive now CM J.McGinn good midfielder used to be cheap RB C.Patterson play a ton of positions bunch more just forgot names or they huge now no point checking can’t afford em in 20
  5. Thanks for info . Adams-With Everton stacked let’s Sell Adams to another EPL side not so strong in midfield. If none try for Serie A Italian club thinking they can use mids with more defensive side to him. Dest- Hannover 96 they have decent American ties . Hope he finally starts 🤬 3rd - Buy Richards and then loan him ASAP to a 2nd Division clubs in big 4 where he can get playing time . Gnoto- Brescia 👍
  6. MLS messed up with expansion as Nashville will need to be moved back East as they will accumulate a huge amount of excess travel compared to other teams. They have those west coast teams gonna be harsh going basically across whole country . All they had to do was stagger the teams they accepted into league. One West and one East every year not that hard but I guess MLS thought so 🤷‍♂️😂 The other problem with MLS is schedule with big leagues seasons and transfers opposite MLS . Think only other leagues with January start in FMM are Ireland , Korea ,and China so not huge leagues with lots of movement of big players. With no promotion can’t do a rags to riches career . Just be glad they didn’t try to add all the crazy MLS rules which would make it very hard to play following them ; DPs, TAM money , International money, drafts, rights to incoming players or returning ones etc etc . 😳🤯
  7. You should check with the guy who made his own save editor on here couple years ago. Could load a save then look at stats/info of clubs, staff, players and even edit your save . It was out for Android and IOS ! Why are most edits etc Android only or Android first ? So you brining analytics to world football 🤔
  8. AC Milan Goodluck with that disaster 😂
  9. I’ll Draft the “Italian Stallion” ST Gnonto Loan him out anywhere he can get playing time. Adams - Stay hope he can break thru. Looks solid . Everton stacked at Mid? Dest - up for transfer needs some games. Try for a move to Italy / Germany Weah - think sell him back to you that’s huge jump in value think need to cash in . What are these players values if still eligible/in game? Original clubs added if helps search. All Americans too AM G.Busio Sporting KC AM G.Reyna Dortmund FB G.Bello Atlanta Utd AM M.Miljevic Argentinos W C.Pulisic Chelsea CB C.Richards Bayern CF S.Soto Hannover 96 AM R.Ledezma PSV American Domination continues..
  10. T.Adams going to Everton right ? T.Weah still Lille ? S.Dest at Arsenal . Think he get playing time ? Or need loan move ? American domination plan has begun (insert evil laugh)
  11. Even better would be if we could have SI get em arrested for stealing the game . 🔥
  12. Accept Everton , gotta get out of Germany for now . I was just thinking buying McK too but my luck won’t play well together 🤦‍♂️ Is CB D.Umpancano eligible at RBL ? If so buy him for my 3rd .
  13. Ok go for it . 👍 Can he get a move away from RBL ? Maybe to Italy mid to top tier club?