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  1. Dec's 433i

    This work well with my cardiff save, switching from thekraken to this, and no problem. No need long adaptation. Finished 3rd in EPL. =='
  2. 2013 theKraken: Sunny's 4-3-2-1

    Works Great , Just promoted to EPL using Cardiff City, Finished 5th. Joe Mason won the EPL Player of The year, scoring 22 (Second best) At first i want to try with Southampton, but, I want more challenge Hey Guys, Which is better as Advanced forward : Ongenda or Wesley Said?
  3. Cardiff and Southampton, Maybe?
  4. Nuh's 2-2-3-2-1

    Cool tactic! Might try it later Ijin sedot gan.
  5. 2012 FMH Save Editor v1.2.5

  6. 2012 FC Barcelona

    And whats the negative effect if i play messi as CmF?
  7. 2012 Youngsters (0-21) with the top PA

    Which one do u think the best for Barca?
  8. 2012 FC Barcelona

    Finally Sunny But, as u've said be4 (in my thread) Would you prefer Messi as a CmF or DLF?
  9. Team & League Guide Request Thread

    can some1 please make Barcelona guide? I know maybe its stupid to manage team as big as barca, but i just loved it.
  10. [ASK] Tactics for Barcelona

    yeah haha
  11. [ASK] Tactics for Barcelona

    Thanks a lot sunny! +1 from me.
  12. [ASK] Tactics for Barcelona

    Thanks for your Epic suggestion man, ill try it soon.. thanks again.. What d u mean? Sorry
  13. [ASK] Tactics for Barcelona

    Hello managers, I need help. What is the best tactic for FC barcelona,(especially Android tactic) yeah, just like tiki taka. Tactics that Mainly focused on Possession. like passing, playmaking, etc. any suggestions would be appreciated.