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  1. I bet my house that in Season 17 you 'll top 250. Mark it Dude.
  2. You can also try replacing an IF with a Winger. And then play the midfielder on the winger'sside as a BBM so he can use the space created in the middle. If you have a good CM who can play as a BBM it works well. All hail St Pauli
  3. IFs shoot a lot from distance so you have a lot of off-target shots. Turn one of them into a winger, or make both of them APs, the AMC --> CM/IF and play with WBs.
  4. You can also try Lambrughi from Livorno. He is a full-back but plays the CD position quite good actually due to his attributes. And he generally performs awesome, he;s even played an 8 in a CL final at his 32-33 years of age.
  5. You can try Gasbarro from Livorno. Left-footed - 3star player. Good for Serie B and when you go up, you can sign a better one and keep him as a sub.
  6. I still remember the fear and the anticipation of a goal every time Koeman was about to fire in a free kick. Make them feel the same way again!
  7. I have played a lot in Italy with Livorno. Perhaps it is only my impression, but I think that the game represents what the Italian school of football is: Great defending and goalkeeping, strong and technical strikers, all around midfielders ans a lot of deadly BWMs. It is relatively easy to find a good Italian defender and the goalkeeping school is probably the best in the world. Good GKs are never a problem in Italy. So, to succeed I think you need to capitalize on that perspective. Don't play too attacking, guard your defense well with strong CBs, FBs and GKs and play organized to win in details. You can try TMs in attack, but with a good technique. I personally used a 3-5-2 a lot in the lower leages, which I later changed to 4 in the back. I can't remember the Fiorentina squad now, but I think it is OK for a good start. Look out for youth coming out of AC Milan, Juve, Inter, Roma, there is bound to be a good prospect here and there that gets misjudged and you can sign him for free or little money. And also Novara and Catania have a good academy I think. And a few player suggestions that have helped me a lot: Alessandro Lambrughi, Livorno. This guy has even played an 8 in a CL final vs Barca in his 34th year. Great character as well. Andrea Malberti, Novara. Excellent RB, develops very nicely. Filippo Melegoni, Atalanta. Maybe he doesn't look like on when you start, but that's a wonderkid right there. Stefano Sturaro, Juve. Had a fall out with Allegri and I bought him for 4m. Check if you can grab him. My 2 cents.
  8. I love Bilbao and the whole only Basque concept, but actually never tried it myself, so this looks very intriguing. And the squad seems very promising, I hope you manage to keep Laporte happy and make him your legend.
  9. I'd go with Rudiger. Weakens your oppenent, and I love that triple 20 in the physicals. Just don't super-hard train him.
  10. I have seen sometimes (but definetely less than expected) the IF at the wings. I, too, have never seen the AP role there though.
  11. First of all, thanks for the hard work put here. Although I have never tried such an extended testing and I understand FMM is a stats game, I have found that having an AP in an AMC position as your PO does not really work because the area that this player occupies is just outside thw box. And as we know reaching outside the box is the primary objective of the team, so you want a player that helps you reach that area of the field in an organized manner. I think this is the reason why a PO (CM, AP or DLP) works better in CM position. Also I have found that when playing a lone striker as a Poacher, it is best to not use him as you PA. That makes also sense, because he is not the player to focus all of your attacking mentality on, as he plays always on the shoulder of the defender looking for the easy goal. The AP in an AMC position has worked for me as a PA when I play a lone striker formation, or even no one. However when you have a potent TM (paired with wingers or WBs) or a world-class striker who can play as a CF, setting him as a PA does wonders even if he is the only striker. I have also made some interesting goals in the counter attack mentality placing my lone striker (TM or T) at the FR position and using a super quick AML as an IF making him the PA so that all counter attacking opportunities can be focused on him and the space that he now has and can exploit with his pace.
  12. EME, Moto G 2ng Gen, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, CyanogenMod 13 and keeps going!
  13. Whenever I send scouts I don't use geographical restrains except the occasional Africa search, although I have later found gems by searching country by country that my Gold Scouts didn't. In anycase. I would strongly suggest the Balkans (actually all ex-Yougoslavia states with a bit of Romania and Bulgaria) and South America apart from the expensive Brasil.
  14. I love that you have helped Asier to reach his true potential. Hope to see you repeating that with your son. (the whole son process is really funny btw, it's like you choose a player/wife and then be loyal to him/her - creepy and funny at the same time)
  15. If you have already managed a year in which you have won everything (League, Cup, Super Cup, CL, Euro Super Cup, Club World Championship) you can sell him and make a nice little challenge for yourself right there. Renato is a great and obvious option surely for a substitute. If you haven't, well, money shouldn't really be that necessary for the club you're managing.