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  1. Piggers5 the pigs drift original tactic on 2014 is working a treat for me thank you very much piggers5 and its even solid at the back this time round on the original match engine score goals for fun best tactic by far last year for scoring goals although it was a bit leaky thank you very much
  2. Have to be a 4.3.3 Gk Courtios Lb alba/ shaw Cb balanta/doria Cb marquinhos/tah Rb carvaljo/azpelicetta Bbm goretzka/l bender Admoscar/william Bbm sandro/gundogan Cmf hazard/van ginkel Pch cavani/mitrovic Cmf schurrle/vietta
  3. Would a poacher or cmf work as i like the way this tactic dominates possestion if only my stiker could convert a few of the shots into goals. Its like all the other teams have got peter schmeical in goal and the opposition gk always gets man of match as i have like 20 shots and 18 on target but only score 1 or 2
  4. Any help with the striker roll please anyone. This tactic dominates teams with 70% poss and about 20 shots and 18 on target per game killed the league and champions league 2 seasons running defence is wicked but playing target man dont seem to score many goals a game average goal and half again ive tried useing advance forward but formation falls apart i think. considering the amount of shots on target i would at least expect to score a few goals my highest scoreline all season is a 3,0 win. even paying 65mil for lewandowski hasnt helped. http://imgur.com/I636iW7 player roles
  5. http://i.imgur.com/23wNd http://i.imgur.com/6mye4Zh.pngM3.png
  6. http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/18839-quilos-4-3-3/
  7. http://i.imgur.com/ypuSL4s.png http://i.imgur.com/23wNdM3.png http://i.imgur.com/6mye4Zh.png
  8. Xavi Alonso banned for 90 days for pushing over the ref.
  9. Sorry peely ur tactics are great could not remember who uploaded this one.
  10. This is best tactic on fm2013 and seems to work on fm 2014. Not my tactics cannot remember who uploaded this first butworked a treat with my first save played up until december on my first save without losing. Mind you chelseas squad is full of wingers so have to play most wide players as dlf hazard does well in this roll. pics
  11. Falcao as the striker with this tactic is immense 50 goals a season if you can afford the 52 mill price
  12. ios iphone version changing player ages and ca/pa use it all ways on 2012 before every game been waiting for ages for this to be released loce to have a blast at testing upgrading stadium capacity and training facilities
  13. great tactic for scoring goals if you have good strikers. does concede a few but who cares if you out score the opponent beat luxemburg 19.0 with england andy caroll 13 goals in a match
  14. this is in my view the best tactic so far for any team solid at the back score lot of goals too excellent for barcelona just a shame no need for all the great wingers in game alves and alba on the wing backs are beasts
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