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Daniel VN

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    F.C. Barcelona
  1. Same to me, so many loses and goals conceded and all the tactics i use stop to work after a time, i think is a bug, it's strange to play like that
  2. Daniel VN

    3-2-3-2 Taff's 2017 adaptation

    Good to hear! I love this tactic, i used it in FMM17 and it was so far, but like you said, with the last update it's hard to find a good tactic for me. Thank you men.
  3. Daniel VN

    3-2-3-2 Taff's 2017 adaptation

    I loved this tactic in FMM 2017,but for some reason dont wotk for me in this edition, i tried so many tactics, but after a season i become to lose and draw, anyway good job men
  4. Daniel VN

    No strikers winning tactic

    I'll try, because i have the same problems than you, only one good season and after so many loses. Thank you men.