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  1. I unlocked sugar daddy on a previous save so it is now available to select as an unlockable, I am about 6 seasons into a new Celtic save and have won the CL and everything else for the last 3/4 years but haven't been offered investment. My question is once you have unlocked sugar daddy can you achieve it again in a new save or does it rely on you just switching it on. Basically I'm not going to turn it on myself as its cheating on a 1k, but my 1k'er wants to leave and has 18months lefts on his contract and wants 650k so re-sign which i dont have. If i don't achieve sugar daddy again he's almost certainly off unless i sell all my players...
  2. I was using a hyperbole because he's really good...
  3. Will Haaland have a PA of 6 stars after the update? Also, De Ligt seems to be consistently better than TAA, but yet his PA is based on the promise that he will probably will the Champs League etc, TAA has already done it as a teenager and was integral to the Liverpool team in doing so.
  4. Lorenzo Columbo - 1000 goals Started in Seria C/C, sold all my players and bought Columbo. I then bought a few other promising youngsters then loaned in a ton of wonder kids (I loaned Fati for 4 seasons straight) and repeated for a bout 5 seasons until I won a few of the big comps and could buy my own players. I got a bit bored so moved to Man City to finish it off - not goals missed in the interim.
  5. Got one to add please - Ryan Gravenberch 859. Not quite the 1,010 I did last year but it seemed harder to get a consistent tactic going on 2019. In his prime - built for assists! Total to date 817 Then he lost a few years on his history and added another 42 to make the 857 before retirement At the end... he started nosediving in his mid thirties, by the end it was a struggle for him to string a few passes together let alone get an assist. Even the ever reliable assists from corners completely dried up.
  6. Maybe there is already a guide or advice out there but can anyone offer any tips as to how to adjust your tactics depending on the oppositions starting tactics and subsequent in match changes? I have always been a find a tactic that scores more than the opposition and sit on it forever kind of player, every time i try and tinker it doesn't really make a difference mid game or sometimes makes it worse...
  7. Please can you add to the leader-board Goals 1,218
  8. Can i please add this to the leader-board Assists 1,010
  9. I finished this back in November but have only just got round to posting it, everyone has moved on to 2019 now but I'll stick it up regardless as I'm pretty pleased with it. Initially it was just meant to be a crack at 500 goals and assist but he flew through that pretty quick then it was just about getting as many of each as possible. Annoyingly the history cleared after ten years so I've logged each season below and calculated the totals of Goals and Assists, i didn't know the totals till he finally retired. I thought it was done at 33 when he announced his retirement but he reconsidered and just carried on. I have no idea why but the game didn't let me offer him as big contracts as other players so eventually his contract expired and he wouldn't sign a new one, again i thought i was done, but he was released and subsequently signed for Vit Guimares on a tiny wage, I tried to sign him back but he didn't want to rejoin so i applied for the only big job available which was LOSC, they had plenty of money and it was pretty easy to re-sign him before missing a game. I have other screenshots if needed! Appearances 1,375 Goals 1,218 Assists 1,010
  10. I haven’t been on here for a while so I am going to assume this is common knowledge and I’ve just missed it but... does any(every)one else start any game with USA start date but a European league? You get a starting budget in January and a another in June, all loan players are returned before a match is played and, if you are a doing a 1k for example your player gets 8 months of straight training. As an example try it with geubbles, his stats go through the roof for the start of the season compared to a normal start.
  11. Season 2 AFC Telford have hit the big time - the Vanarama National League! I had a serious clear out to kick things off Transfers You can get some very, very good released youth players for free if you don't mind sifting through all the rubbish on the no club screen Competitions The league was a doddle and we had a decent run in the FA Cup which again provided funds from giant killings, we won the FA trophy too. Kyle Not a huge jump in stats, good physicals but i'm concerned by that teamwork 20. He's generated some interest this year which is worrying with the BCRC An absolute peach of an injury helped stave of the bids in the January window A slight improvement, my sub strikers have a much better rate upfront so i think my tactics are OK, i think he is just limited as goalscorer. Total Goals - 72 This might be a slog
  12. That's my plan, once I've fleeced the lower leagues as much as possible I'll try and move clubs rather than slug it out in the prem trying to compete - my goal is the 1k rather than achieving anything with Telford. I moved from Newcastle to Sporting on my Isak 1k after a few years and transition was seamless. I just made sure before i took the job that they'd have enough money to buy him straight off the bat without any hitches. I doubt his value will ever go up enough for me not to be able to just offer a whack load of dough to both club and player.
  13. I've wanted to do a 1kc starting from the bottom rung for a while now and I finally gone for it - basically I wanted to get in quick before the big boys arrive and the leader board goes up for the 2kc! I've gone pretty detailed for the first update just to 'set the scene' and will probably scale it back going forward... The Club - AFC Telford I know nothing about the club or the place (except that one of my uni housemates came from there...) but they do have top notch training facilities and when budgets are tight and players probably don't have the highest CA and PAs then the training is where you can realistically make up the difference between standing a chance and failing miserably. The Player - Kyle Connell That's right, I've beaten you all to him! You lot will have to make do with Isak and Mbappe for your attempts coz I've called dibs on Kyle Connell. Basically I had no idea on this and just searched for someone young, affordable, that might join and had good (or at least not terrible) stats for aerial, shooting, movement and, so i can keep him on the pitch for as long as possible, the physical attributes. Step forward Kyle That is the end of the season mind so his stats did increase a little. The big dilemma I'm facing is that the only way he'd sign was with the dreaded BCRC so this might be all over in the next few days anyway. He's got a good coach report for youngster but I'll take that 5 star rating with a pinch of salt Staff These training facilities deserve some decent coaches so I went for the biggest names available Transfers I know nothing about the lower leagues and had no money to spend after buying Connell and hiring my coaches. I sold a few players just to get my wages in the the black in the hope the freebies i could get were better than the existing players. The pick of the newbies was Larnell Cole who was once a hot prospect at Man Utd and has played for England U20s. All the screenshots are at the end of the year so some players went later in the season Season 1 We won the league and had a decent run in the FA Cup due to some kind draws which net a few quid in giant killing wins against VNN and league 2 teams. A good season from Cole on the right wing - he has a BCRC too though Connell A solid first season for a 16 year old, I didn't really know what the best system was but ended up with some lop-sided tactics to try and send everything through Cole on the right wing. Who knows if this will go anywhere but i'm going to give it a jolly good go. I'll need to get those numbers up whilst he's in the lower leagues, a striker of his standard might not cut it at the top. My first target is 200 goals before he turns 20 which gives me 4 season at an avr of 50 per season Total Goals - 37
  14. This is why i get confused - what is the difference between Clear and just not there? So I could have a natural striker for example have nothing under role traits for Target Man or it could show have any number of traits for that role but they are all clear and it would mean the same thing?