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  1. Nope, my two strikers at the near post, two CB on the keeper, the rest evenly distributed and Trent aiming for the near post
  2. Will the most recent update effect tactics? My corner set up, which was scoring regularly, is now awful.
  3. It grinds my gears too. I follow the post game development charts religiously, a one month injury can wipe out a seasons growth and why in the heck would someone become worse at crossing because of a stubbed toe. A couple of minor injuries can easily stop player maxing their growth in a career.
  4. Can I please be added to the long list of 7 goals in a game. This was also the very first game of a new save.
  5. My 100+ goals a season tactic has gone to pot since the update
  6. After putting in the data did you always end up just buying De Ligt?
  7. On a general note, I find 2021 a bit clunky and not as easily playable as previous iterations... I just can’t get into it. I might delete it and wait for the cold sweats to arrive then try again.
  8. Back to corners... I have tested a number of different combinations, including setting all players to stay back. Yet in the game they all just mill about on the penalty spot. It’s very frustrating! Sort of give up on this years game levels of frustrating.
  9. highest away win (i think) not sure about hatricks but there is definitely 2 in there and maybe three if you count Lukaku’s double (can the same player count twice?) 3 braces
  10. Somewhere yeah, it’ll be in 2018 but it’s probably not worth finding. I think I did the first season or two then gave up having played ahead and not done it.
  11. Really low this year all over the place. I can’t believe Haaland is still only 4.5, they used to chuck 5 stars out all over the place, and to much less able youngsters who would never progress to the level he even is now let alone what he might become.
  12. I’ve just looked back at a career I started (and didn’t finish) and it was on FMM2018