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  1. Amazing volumes of goals! It’s the speed you get them going that’s baffling to me. I dont want to request your whole tactics but I’d love to know what role you play him in? I’ve done 2 1kc’s this season and both have been using mainly CF with the occasional switch to P if they are having a dry patch but neither are consistent.
  2. Any chance of this one going up? Been trying to get on here for years!
  3. Could you please also add this one. thanks!
  4. Welcome to the 1k assist club @Scratch 👍 This is my best effort for this year and nowhere near my 2018 effort - poor player choice at start I think not going with an out and out winger. Like with my 1k I could have squeezed out more but I’m bored of the save! jeremy doku - 506
  5. 2nd 1k this year. I was going to try and get as high as possible but I’m bored of the save now so I’ll give up at 1008 for Rayan Cherki
  6. He ended up requesting talks and asking for 150k about 6 weeks after wanting 650k...
  7. Been trying to get on this leaderboard for a long time... 111 in 54 at a rate of 2.06 goals per game seems to be the best I can get out of him.
  8. 7 goals in a game. Could have been 10!
  9. I unlocked sugar daddy on a previous save so it is now available to select as an unlockable, I am about 6 seasons into a new Celtic save and have won the CL and everything else for the last 3/4 years but haven't been offered investment. My question is once you have unlocked sugar daddy can you achieve it again in a new save or does it rely on you just switching it on. Basically I'm not going to turn it on myself as its cheating on a 1k, but my 1k'er wants to leave and has 18months lefts on his contract and wants 650k so re-sign which i dont have. If i don't achieve sugar daddy again he's almost certainly off unless i sell all my players...
  10. I was using a hyperbole because he's really good...
  11. Will Haaland have a PA of 6 stars after the update? Also, De Ligt seems to be consistently better than TAA, but yet his PA is based on the promise that he will probably will the Champs League etc, TAA has already done it as a teenager and was integral to the Liverpool team in doing so.
  12. Lorenzo Columbo - 1000 goals Started in Seria C/C, sold all my players and bought Columbo. I then bought a few other promising youngsters then loaned in a ton of wonder kids (I loaned Fati for 4 seasons straight) and repeated for a bout 5 seasons until I won a few of the big comps and could buy my own players. I got a bit bored so moved to Man City to finish it off - not goals missed in the interim.
  13. Got one to add please - Ryan Gravenberch 859. Not quite the 1,010 I did last year but it seemed harder to get a consistent tactic going on 2019. In his prime - built for assists! Total to date 817 Then he lost a few years on his history and added another 42 to make the 857 before retirement At the end... he started nosediving in his mid thirties, by the end it was a struggle for him to string a few passes together let alone get an assist. Even the ever reliable assists from corners completely dried up.
  14. Maybe there is already a guide or advice out there but can anyone offer any tips as to how to adjust your tactics depending on the oppositions starting tactics and subsequent in match changes? I have always been a find a tactic that scores more than the opposition and sit on it forever kind of player, every time i try and tinker it doesn't really make a difference mid game or sometimes makes it worse...