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  1. Challenges The 1000 Goal Challenge

    All finished, hitting 1k coincided with the sun coming out and the end of the season so I'm in a Cassano type retirement at the moment. EME
  2. Challenges The 1000 Goal Challenge

    I'd be more than happy with a solid last place on the leaderboard!
  3. On what is possibly my 20th attempt I have finally hit the big 1k! Apologies for the lack of a posted career - I have started and given up on the last few for various reasons (either through getting in a muddle and saving over current slots, having to delete the game as I've gone on holdiday with no space for pictures... or just failing), I just figured this would be the same so I didn't start one... Anyway, I hope I will still be considered for the leaderboard and can (with instruction on how) load up any required evidence. I went for Isak because 4321 seems the way to go this year and a 16yr old wonder kid with 16 ariel to start off seemed like the right choice! I also have Martins as a entry for the assist leaderboard in 316 (4 were in the first season before I bought him). The 1000th goal was of course a boring old penalty. I moved from Newcastle to FCP in the preseason and bought Isak so no goals were given up. I was Sweden manger for about a week but it just annoyed me so I quit with no extra goals for the tally.
  4. I started a 1k with Isak but when I hit the end of the 5th season with no more free save slots and zero screen shots taken I realized I’d naffed up any thoughts of posting a career. Plus my last few have petered out as I just can’t get the updates out quick enough. I’m still going, I think someone more inclined to tinker in games would probably hit 100+ with him, I just play a standard 4-3-2-1 with wingers and wing backs and then change the central positions depending on the personnel. Gelson Martins has been supplying him with crosses ever since the second season. Isak’s now on 9 straight WPOTY awards. I don't know what his PA is but he's never been worth more than about 30mm so i'm guessing he's not 5 star or anything - his attributes have been better than below too, 18 Ariel was a particular highlight.
  5. 1. Alexander Isak - a 16 yr old striker who starts with 15 Ariel 2. Gelson Martins - hitting 25+ assist per season for Isak Joint 3. Dayot Upemacano and Wilfried Ndini - really physical DC/MCs 4. Felix Passlack - 20+ assists per season from right back 5. Ousame Dembele - just coz 6. Giovanni Lo Celso - a free scoring CM
  6. Tales of Viking Chief BatiGøal

    Two Words - Alexander Isak
  7. I call a stewards...
  8. I once started a triple threat that I was planning to post on here. I, as pretty much always, gave up on it after about 4 seasons but i was using Pinamonti, Moise Kean and Colidio. My plan was to call it La Dolce Evita.
  9. Are you playing him in midfield or playing a natural midfielder upfront?
  10. I think a few years ago there was a leader board for goal streaks, your January update screenshot would be pretty hard to beat!
  11. Chat Record for most goals scored EVER?

    The sticking point for me is Villa not wanting to join Atletico. Even if he didn't express an interest to sign on the contract negotiation screen, all it would take would be a reallocation of funds between wages and transfer funds to offer him astronomical terms that he just wouldn't turn down. The fact the editor was used at all even just to engineer the transfer puts the credibility in doubt. I hope this is true as enjoyed it last year when @kts365 smashed it out of the park. ... Also, you state it is a simple 4321, in the last 5 months i have used a serious amount of different combinations (logical and not-so) of player roles and tactical set ups for this formation and i'd say i'm only a mid-level player, that nobody else has stumbled across it given the amount of serious players on here (especially when it seems to deliver instantaneously) seems odd.
  12. Another great goalscorer career from @kts365!
  13. I left it about another week and one season on nobody has complained. I forgot to take my right back off the regime, I nearly sold him because I thought he wasn't progressing very well!
  14. It took 8 days on this regime to get all my disgruntled players happy again!
  15. I managed him at Liverpool for 4 seasons with half an eye on how many goals he'd score in a full career. His stats literally didn't improve, his training regime was down to Attacking and Fitness - Medium, Tactics and Motivation Low and the rest none and he was still unhappy with his training regime. I think his pace hit about 17 and that was his best stat by a long way. Shooting i think even went down. Good Luck!