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  1. On a general note, I find 2021 a bit clunky and not as easily playable as previous iterations... I just can’t get into it. I might delete it and wait for the cold sweats to arrive then try again.
  2. Back to corners... I have tested a number of different combinations, including setting all players to stay back. Yet in the game they all just mill about on the penalty spot. It’s very frustrating! Sort of give up on this years game levels of frustrating.
  3. highest away win (i think) not sure about hatricks but there is definitely 2 in there and maybe three if you count Lukaku’s double (can the same player count twice?) 3 braces
  4. Somewhere yeah, it’ll be in 2018 but it’s probably not worth finding. I think I did the first season or two then gave up having played ahead and not done it.
  5. Really low this year all over the place. I can’t believe Haaland is still only 4.5, they used to chuck 5 stars out all over the place, and to much less able youngsters who would never progress to the level he even is now let alone what he might become.
  6. I’ve just looked back at a career I started (and didn’t finish) and it was on FMM2018
  7. If it’s not too late, please can you add this Luis Puente - 1001 - York/Southampton/Toronto
  8. The final push Wow, that is quite some decline. His normally reliable Pace has gone completely. He’s now worth a total of 35k! But has he done it in the last two seasons??? of course he has! (Or I would t have wasted my afternoon doing this...) York - 233 in 4 seasons. Not bad and on course for a 1k Southampton - 340 in 8 seasons Toronto - 428 - in 12 seasons Mexico - zilch because I messed it up Total - 1001 in a colossal 24 seasons and 1008 games under my management Done
  9. The Toronto years A few injuries plus the MLS doesn’t break for internationals including the North America Cup?! Every time he went off to Mexico he missed club games. All this means his ratios were good in lesser league but he didn’t get enough games to make it easy. York - 233 in 4 seasons. Not bad and on course for a 1k Southampton - 340 in 8 seasons Toronto - 393 - in 10 seasons Mexico - zilch because I messed it up Total - 966 so far. 34 goals to go which at this rate should mean about a season and a half. However, two retirement reconsiders down, I don’t think there any more in the bank.
  10. I didn’t know if he’d make it, and to be honest I was getting bored churning out less and less goals each year with same team. If I’m going to make it I want some enjoyment from the game building a new team. Plus i generally do like to move around. in most of my previous careers, back in my heavy usage days circa 2016/17 and the last couple of years I tend to change clubs. As long as you are careful it’s quite easy to orchestrate.
  11. At this point in the game Leicester were in League two and had just sacked their manager, I applied but they were bankrupt and their budget never would have allowed me to be able to offer him a contract he would agree too. He’s rubbish in the background so his contract demands were always pretty low but not that low. So after lots of applications, it was either go back to the Championship and end up back in the prem after a year or two or cross the pond. Toronto FC had a decent amount of money, I did have to flog a couple of their bigger players to get the wage offer up to a level he would accept first though. i released all the Southampton players I could and stuck in a few more contract extensions with tiny buy out clauses before leaving. The result being I managed to sign a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds and left Southampton open to be pilledged from bigger clubs.
  12. The Southampton Years Running out of time now so here is the next ‘few years’ in speed format A pretty easy stroll in the Championship plus the FA cup as a bonus. Reiss Nelson on a free was nice and JWP was still bossing midfield. A solid 5th in the first year in the prem plus the Charity sheild and Europa League A first Prem plus the Euro Super and Catbao cups whoops, 2nd A first champions league and so on, I’ve just noticed I never did the clean sweep! How is Luis Getting in through all this? Hmm... York - 233 in 4 seasons. Not bad and on course for a 1k Southampton - 340 in 8 seasons Mexico - zilch because I messed it up Total - 573 after 12 seasons - at this rate and with numbers heading down, a player who played his best football in League 1 isn’t going to make it too 1000 in the prem...