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  1. First Name: Luis Second Name: Perez Forum name: creeper69666 Nationality: Spanish Date of Birth: 22/07 Preferred position: Striker Secondary position: Midfielder Preferred role: Poacher/Inside Forward/
  2. Chat Heaviest Defeats

    My biggest defeat of FMM2017, Legia-Napoli. Minute 21 3-0 up with Kuki hat-trick. Minute 45 6-3 down and I exit the game.
  3. Chat Surprise winners?

    In FMM2016 Aston Villa won Premier League, Watford won FA Cup against Liverpool, Bielefeld won 2 German cups, Australia won Confederations Cup, Rusia won World Cup and Croatia won European Championship (last 3 in the same save and against Germany lol)
  4. Kuki is a beast! Signed him with Legia in 2017 Winter, he played 17 games, scored 13 goals and 12 assists that season. In 2017/2018 he has played 15 games, 8 goals (hat-trick against Napoli) and 16 assists.
  5. FMM2017 Funnies

    Martial injured for 18 months... Better retire plz.
  6. FMM2017 Funnies

    h He punched the referee or what?
  7. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    Can't see any match fixtures.
  8. He scored 10 goals in UCL quallyfing round omg.
  9. Robert Lewandowski as he always is god in FMM.
  10. I were waiting for this feature since ages ago. Finally we have it. I'm so happy.
  11. We all know Rogério Ceni is the goalkeeper with the most goals scored in his career. This challenge consists in scoring 60+ goals with a goalkeeper. Rules: Goalkeeper must play in goal. Use any real goalkeeper or regen. International goals count. Any league If you post a career in the forum, screenshot for every goal is required. GK must take free kicks and penalties. No unlockables. No cheating. Own tactics only. No myClub/created player. Leaderboards:
  12. I think there are their real life values.