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  1. Career Amiens SC Career

    Thank you all!
  2. Career Amiens SC Career

    UPDATE: We are halfway through the season! I've learned to play with the team and know more about each player in the squad. We are playing great, only losing 1 game in Ligue 2. We stand second behind tough opponents Reims. We are having troubles winning games, as we are the highest drawing team in Ligue 2 with 8 draws. We still haven't finished, we could fall! Even though we are doing fantastic in Ligue 2, we are out of the Coupe de la ligue in a disappointing second round game against Troyes. They scored in the 66th minute to end the game in a 1-0 loss. The french cup has been going well for us as we have made it to the 9th round. We still have a long ways to go in the French cup, we could face huge ligue 1 teams that can end our run in the cup, although it would give us a big test for the club. TOP GOALSCORER: Aboubakar Kamara is on fire this season! he has played 20 games for us, scoring 16 goals and bagging 3 assists. He is not a signing, he originally plays for Amiens. Kamara is currently the top scorer in Ligue 2, easily being the best striker in the league. He is an important player for us, at only 21 years of age. I think Kamara can be a club legend if no other teams coming swooping in for him. TOP ASSISTS: Harrison Manzala (Not a transfer, originally plays for Amiens) has been another key player for us this season. At 22 years of age he is our most valued player. Manzala has been my main RW, never really switched him with the other RW. He has played 22 games, scored 8 goals, and bagged 8 assists, what a player! I know that Manzala has extremely high potential. I am worried about his future at the club, if big clubs come offering for him, I cannot reject, as I do not want him to be unhappy at the club. PLAYERS TO KEEP AN EYE ON: Tanguy Ndombele is 19 years of age and is an original Amiens player. I play much rotation with my defensive players so he has played 14 games so far. I feel like he can improve and be a quality defender in the near future. An original Amiens player. Seybou Koita is 22 and has good potential. I would really love to give him more playing time, but Kamara is hogging all of it. Seybou has played one game (French cup) and scored 2 goals. I think he is a good backup for now. An original Amiens player. Joachim is a great french midfielder. He is wanted by many clubs, I have received 7 offers from ligue 2 clubs and I have rejected all them! He has played 14 games for me. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this career! I will be back with the first seasons completed Make sure to follow this to be updated
  3. Career Amiens SC Career

    START OF THE CAREER: I have told the board that I expect to win promotion this season, thus, they gave me a healthy transfer and wage budget. Was a bit active in the transfer market, and I decided to bring in 3 talented players. Diaw is my favorite cheap defender in the game. He is such a good player and is very consistent, I got him for 375K and I can't wait to play with him in this career. He will be a KEY player for us throughout this career. My Goalkeepers weren't too good so I decided to bring in the italian beast Curci. I got him in a free transfer and I think he still has a couple of good seasons left in him. I found this youngster in market for free, it didnt say what club he came from. But for 17 years of age, he had some pretty good stats. I'm not sure he will be a first team, but I hope he will become a great player in the future. Thats it for now!! Follow to stay updated
  4. Career Amiens SC Career

    Yes! Thanks for the follow!
  5. Career Amiens SC Career

    Thank you, ill try to update as soon as possible!
  6. Amiens SC Not many of you may know this club, but Amiens Sporting Academy were a team that was usually playing in ligue 2 or ligue national (3rd division of french football). Amiens spent 2001-2009 in ligue 2, finally being relegated to ligue national. Their first season back into Ligue 2 (2016-2017) was their most successful season yet. On May 19 2017, Amiens were sitting 6th. The last game of the ligue 2 was against Reims. The game was 1-1 and was surely going to end in a draw, but, in the 95th minute (literally last minute) They score a goal that gives them their first promotion to ligue 1 in the clubs history. It was an emotional last minute winner. The Career I am going to start managing Amiens SC and post everything on here! Goals: Get promoted to Ligue 1 (I would like to achieve what they have in real life) Win Ligue 1 Win French Cup and other France trophies Become a big club (Would like to become a wealthy club with world class players) Win Europa Cup Win UCL (Of course these goals will be achieved throughout the whole season) RULES -NO SUGAR DADDY -NO EDITOR -NO CHEATING Season 1: Will be back with updates Please comment tips/suggestions 2017_05_30_IMG_3745.mp4
  7. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Social media manager would work also.
  8. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Moderator seems interesting!
  9. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    I would like to help
  10. Thank you! And i'm not sure why his leadership dropped...
  11. Yes! He is magnificent, also in real life!
  12. Thank you!! And which player did you know before? I assume it was Khune
  13. 1) Diaw Pape Djibril Diaw is valued at 180K at the beginning of a save. I was roaming through the low leagues (managing Dortmund) and I came across him. At 21 years of age, he comes with 16 Aerial, 16 Tackling, 18 Aggression. I thought he had potential so I decided to bid. They declined my first bid, which then lead to his value increasing to about 500K, I offered once more, but they declined again. His value was now almost 800K. I bid 1.2M and that is when I finally got him. Yeah, I over-payed him, but, it was worth it in the end.! Diaw quickly became a starter for me the first season I bought him. He played in two UCL finals with me and is now in his 3rd season with me. What makes him so good is him being so consistent. He rarely gets lower than a 7 rating any game. Hes is a phenomenal defender now valued at 17.5M for me! You can probably get him for a lower price than I did if you bid smart, try bidding around 100-200K more than his value. 2) Khune South African goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, is worth less than 1M in the start of a save. His stats are amazing for his value! Having all green in the goalkeeper area, while having leadership! He can become a great first team goalie for any side! Although his value is cheap, Kaizer Chiefs are not willing to sell him so cheap. I have not purchased him in my current save but I have in others, and he is a great keeper who strives in big matches. 3) Quique Oh man! I know hes not so "cheap" but he is a crazy forward! At the start of a save, he is valued around 8M, which yes, is not so cheap. But if you are a top team, you can probably pick him up for less than his value. Managing Dortmund (3rd season), I found him for free. I decided to give him a contract and give him a chance, as a backup for Bernardo and Gotze. Quique can play a numerous amount of positions up top, but I found that he plays best at Striker as a poacher. He has only played 11 games, and scored 8 goals, with 4 assists. For his previous team Almeria, he was even better! During my first season with him he has become a great player valued at 15M. I hope you liked this short list! Thank you!
  14. Help Manager rank?

    Thank you!!!
  15. If I go to my manager profile there is an area that says "manager rank". I am ranked #7 but how do I check the whole list? Which managers are in front of me? Thank you!