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  1. @Sentarian weird that it hasn't worked in yours and another dudes MLS saves, after trying a few and tinkering around it was the most consistent for me. I will be testing in another league soon, have had good feedback from lower league usage and some top leagues too (Calcio A, Premier League, Championship, Eng. League 1, Eng. League 2, Vanarama Leagues and Eredivisie so far)
  2. JoeSnowUK

    FMM18 Bug List

    Just tried uploading the save, 34mb, maximum allowed is 20mb
  3. JoeSnowUK


    Try my tactic, you will find it in the list of submitted posts. It is smashing lower league for me.
  4. Damn, hopefully it works elsewhere. How long did you trial it for mate?
  5. Nice! Glad to see it helping you out mate added 0 minutes later Cool, glad to hear it is helping I will try and make some more in the future.
  6. JoeSnowUK

    FMM18 Bug List

    If you save a line-up, when you load it it says 'some players in your club could not be found' when for a fact they are all there. Has happened on every single line-up I have saved.
  7. My 3 star players, Cole and Brown free transfers, Bonne already at the club. Would make great players for teams in this league and I would say league 2 aswell. Cole, dynamic winger who covers for me in the AP role when needed: What a start Brown has had: Best until last, Macauley 'The Beast' Bonne:
  8. Thank you mate! Won't be easy but like a challenge.
  9. Sorry, missed that out. It is EME, I will update the post!
  10. Hi All, Wanted to have a go at making a tactic to control games, play people off the park and most importantly BANG GOALS. Here it is, I would like you guys to try it after having a good start with it myself! It is a 3-4-1-2 that provides plenty of goals; I was conceding a lot more at the start of this tactic as I was using the 'offside trap', after taking it off my defence has stopped leaking; I dominate possession most matches usually always over 60%. Over half way through the first season with the O's (trying to get them to the Premier League) and sitting very comfortably at the top! (Enhanced Match Engine) Here is how it looks: You need a good right footed right winger and left footed left winger. Both your forwards should have good pace (50 goals between these two lads for me already this season) AP must be highly creative with good passing. The two CM's need to be well rounded enough to perform attacking and defensive responsibilities. Pressing all over the pitch with a high line, no rest for either team! SMOTHER THEM. Give it a go guys and let me know how you get on!! Cheers, JS
  11. Only on my first save, trying to take Leyton Orient to the Prem. I am on the 11th August first season and have 12 first team players injured. All my training is relatively normal, nothing too intensive. Is it just an unlucky save for me? Or have others noticed that they are getting lots of injuries. Thanks JS
  12. JoeSnowUK

    FMM 2018 Not On Play Store??

    Thanks mate, found it now, my search wasn't picking it up! Appreciated
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone know when it is being released? Thanks JS