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  1. Yeah that doesn’t like a bad idea. The amount of shots and goals though are insane. I’ve also mid only a few signings for Notts County (all free transfers and some older players too) and it’s working really well. Thansk again; a truly great (almost) plug’n’play tactic
  2. Ok awesome. But when you play the 3-4-1-2 with the Target Man + Poacher, do you play the BBM adjacent to the Poacher and the BWM with the TM or other way around? I started a journey man career and was hired by Notts County; they wanted me to improve the the squad in the first season and I missed out on the play-offs by a point after being 10 points off. now in my first full season and I’m about 17pts clear. It really is an incredible tactic.
  3. Do you have screen shots of your updated/modified tactic? Looks great! Gonna give it a whirl
  4. Ok this helps a lot. However, I’m still looking for guidance on how to put together the midfield and forwards. Question; does anyone on here actually know how Sheffield Utd play?
  5. Sure thing; tactics a list below. Shape = Attacking / Balanced / Normal / Balanced Defence = High / All Over / Normal / Yes / No Attack = Look for Overlap / Work Into Box / Through Balls / Mixed / Mixed / Mixed Like I say I’m looking to replicate Sheff Utd tactics specifically with overlapping Centre backs (which I guess in this case are Libero’s), meaning I need to figure out how to have the midfield and forwards positioned
  6. Thanks for the advice Anders! His tactics are revolutionary in my opinion. He has two Centre backs overlapping the midfield that help support the attack, generally with at least one striker dropping deep to link up play. My conundrum is how closely the players in real life would reflect the player roles in what would essentially be a 5-3-2 formation with Wingbacks, 2 Libero’s and a 3 man midfield
  7. Hey Football Manager Fam, what’s good! After following them for the first half of this season, I’m looking for help at attempting to recreate a tactic that’s reminiscent of Sheffield Utds’s current tactics with Chris Wilder. Creating a plug n play tactic isn’t as easy as it used to be, although I feel now you can have more of a specific/personal tactic where it’s easier to find and train players in the Louis that one is looking for. In this instance, I’m looking for help with a couple of questions; • For a back 5 (or a back 3 with Wingbacks), how would you play the overlapping centre backs? As a Liverpool or Ball Playing Defenders? • What would you have the third Centre back play? • How would you have the three midfielders play? • How would you have the two forwards play (Target Man + Defensive Forward / Deep Lying Forward + Poacher / etc.)? I ask as I’m a little unsure how the players and their roles would translate into FMM2020. The role of the team for example would be pretty straight forward I feel, in terms of overlapping, work into the box, pressing high, overloading in attack and so on. Your thoughts on this would be great and it would be great to see how these tactics would be implemented!
  8. Totally agree. I’ve generally found that with the FMM series, the tactics have become more player specific throughout the years. Even if you find a universal tactic, it can turn a relegation team into a top 4/6 team or a midtable into champions. I think this is especially true for the current version. I’ve also found that some tactics work fine through the divisions, although I guess this is partly because I tend to scout for cheap/young players for the roles that already exists anyway (long gone are the days of me buying dozens of South American regens and hoarding them on my reserves...)
  9. Nice. Going to give it a go with Concord Rangers. Wish me luck!
  10. Hey guys; long time listener here although not a first time caller; I’ve contributed very sporadically over the years, more in the form of comments as opposed to content and useful information. I’ve been a big fan of the series for a long time; I especially love FMM as it means I can take it on the go, play whenever I want but I don’t have to obsess about the details affiliated with the PC game. Controversial as it sounds, I’ve always used tactics on this site to play the game with. I don’t always have time to come up with my own, and when I’m wanting to take Concord Rangers up to the Championship with British only players whilst secretly asset stripping the club of its best individuals whilst still wondering if it can survive (a la Southampton and Newcastle style), this site has become a valuable resource for me and many people like me. Because of this, I have to tip my hat to all those die hard fans that test and try all the tactics on this site to make sure that anything titled ‘win everything’ or ‘God Tactics’ or ‘Any Team Formation’ so that what works for York City and Forrest Green also works for Hamburg, Torino, Getafe and the like. That being said, I feel like the recent spate of bug fixes and updates have not only not truly been fixed (i’ll get onto that on another thread), but a lot of tactics seem to fail in a way that they’ve never failed before. I realize that players need to be more in tune with the formation and the margins are finer when it comes to this subject in the FMM2019 version, but what are everyone’s thoughts on this? Are my beloved ‘plug n play’ tactics dead? Is their still room for them to exist in the game? Or do we hate them because it makes the game too easy? Do the developers troll this site to counteract them with an updated AI when there’s a bug that needs fixing? Seriously interested in people’s opinions on this matter, especially those that have been contributing on this thread for years and consistently aka @AndersJ @shosky and others (sorry I don’t know the handles of everyone here).
  11. Having the ability to load up ‘specific patches’ (ie geographical areas) would be cool, even if it was in the form of an add on that you would have to buy. bring able to load up leagues in Eastern Europe/Baltic’s/Balklans would be cool, same with South America. The idea of being able to load up leagues from the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico et al. would be super dope. And even better would be that updates wouldn’t effect the tactics being used when playing the game(!)
  12. All good @shosky no worries! Thanks for replying! I should technically ask this on another thread on it’s own, even though I know it’s a loaded question and a debate; but has anyone found a recent tactic that’s good for any team/plug’n’play? One of my favorite aspects of the FMM wasn’t necessarily winning everything with Man Utd or Liverpool (or even your own team, which in my case is Middlesbrough); it was about re-creating scenarios from other eras in real time but using a tried and tested tactic. For instance, I’m trying to take AFC Wimbledon back to Premier League using mainly youth players, free transfers, bargains and British/Caribbean players (ie early 90s Wimbledon). However, after the recent updates, my tactics are completely useless...
  13. Maybe you got lucky with the tactic; that being said, Crystal Palace usually have the players to suit that kind of style. since the update a couple of weeks back all my ‘go-to’ tactics just doesn’t seem to work. For the record, I’ll put my hand up and admit that I generally use tactics posted on here, in which i’ll also take the time to say thank you to those who have contributed to this site over the years for passive players like to me interact with (I rarely have time to invest when playing on the tablet and generally like to live out my fantasy of taking Rag Arse Rovers from the bottom division to the top), but I feel like A LOTA tactics that have worked wonders in the past don’t seem to work now. Maybe the Wolfsburg career that’s being used just has such a quality and versatile squad that it doesn’t matter as much the tactics anymore? Maybe there’s a new tactic to be found now that the algorithm has changed with the update?
  14. This is awesome. I did something similar a while back with the Irish leagues. It’s a tough grind but super fun! What tactics did you use?
  15. Hey there; I rarely post on here. I love the work the guys do on tactics here for those who are passive gamers and dip in and out of the FMM games, very much like me. Out of interest why don’t you post other screenshots? Why ar you being so rude and obnoxious? Why not supply some more info on the tactics that have been asked for?