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  1. Hopefully, this fixes the issue of some people crashing on startup or crashing when trying to start a new career mode (Android only). There's a bigger list of changes (stability and gameplay) that I think one of the team can share shortly.
  2. Now fully live. We are preparing a 9.0.3 for Android users too, again with more stability fixes on certain hardware that are coming through.
  3. Crash fixes mainly but a fix for not being able to confirm transfers is also in.
  4. Google offer a staggered rollout system so we've been dripping it into live since yesterday afternoon. 85% have it as an option now.
  5. I’m looking to talk directly to people here who have the new 9.0.2 on Android and who have a crash on startup or a crash when selecting leagues.
  6. We've done everything our end, just waiting on the stores. So, soooooon
  7. Button pressing is starting right about now. No idea when the stores will start working though
  8. What Putzy said really There is an element of danger (for example we've had to push a new build up late on and go through re-submission which we're still waiting on)... So a nervous few hours now...
  9. First time ever, same day launch as FMM on iOS and Android.