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  1. Excellent idea Foxy GK - Alex Meret CB's - Lindelof and Tah
  2. mcandrew003

    The Sweeper Keeper Debate

    Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it and glad it helped! Do you plan on using the Sweeper role now then?
  3. Football Manager Mobile is packed to the brim with exotic competitions, challenges and teams that we as virtual managers must pit ourselves against in order to fulfill our silverware-laden dreams. Not only do the developers do an outstanding job in replicating the realism of certain teams and their players, they also perfectly capture the atmosphere, intensity and enjoyment of certain competitions in-game which allows us to experience them firsthand from the dugout. With that said, here are the 5 most exciting competitions to experience and manage in on FMM18. FIFA World Cup What other competition could we possibly mention first! The FIFA World Cup is the biggest, most publicised and most difficult competition on the planet and the aforementioned developers do a superb job in transferring its realism into the game. Not only are you pitted against the biggest and best nations on the globe, but you have to find the best combination of your Countries talent in order to compete suitably. Either take a large, successful nation to worldwide triumph or take the reigns of a smaller, lower ranked side and initiate their rise to glory. Either way, each World Cup is different yet similar in the difficulty element, and you are sure to feel tingles of excitement when embarking upon your first group game or even seeing your drawn group. UEFA Champions League Arguably the biggest club competition in the world, there is nothing else like the Champions League. Each year offers a unique challenge with new groups, new players and often new teams which qualify for the competition. Not only that however, but it is the one place to prove you are the dominant force of Europe whilst the other teams sit and bask in your glory. The knockout stages are where the real nerves, anticipation and excitement begin, with your side being thrown in the deep end with countless sharks surrounding you, ready to snap up on any mistakes or slip-ups you make. English Championship Maybe the Premier League should replace this pick, many of you will say, but the Premier League cannot compare to the pure evenness and suspense the Championship offers. The majority of the teams are relatively even, meaning intense battles can occur frequently over the 46 league games as you battle to reach the Automatic Promotion or Playoff spots. Whatever team you chose to take on the promotion trail, you'll be battling to keep your star performers and struggling to make major additions with small budgets and large squads. Luckily, however, this is the same financial situation for the rest or majority of the division. The suspense towards the business end of the season can not be compared with, and that makes the Championship one of the most exciting competitions you can manage in. Asian Nations Cup A similar trait is found in the ANC and the Championship, with the calibre of sides competing so similar that it makes for tense matches in every fixture, from the group stages all the way through to the Final. With not many top-class teams entering the cup, and a mix of moderate to poor teams, the competition offers a unique blend of tactical prowess and getting the most of your selected group. Each iteration of the Nations Cup offers new challenges and almost every year offers a new champion, can you break the spell of inconsistency and secure multiple victories? Eredivisie Renowned as the home of future talent, the Eredivisie has a phenomenal track record of producing world-beating talent, but also offers a fresh title-chasing experience for any manager. In recent times Ajax seem to have fell off the throne as the undisputed champion of the country, with PSV, Feyenoord and many others offering difficult resistance for any title chaser. The league offers interesting challenges, with you offered the opportunity to return Ajax to their former glory, take PSV and shatter the title record, or a smaller side and wreak havoc. Whatever you choose to do, The Eredivisie is a new, interesting and different challenge for any manager to embark upon. What did you think of my selections? What countries do you find interesting to manage in? Thanks for reading!
  4. Very interesting and fun read, looking forward to this
  5. Completing The Uprising This challenge requires the International Unlockable The uprising of the Chinese Super League is one that is well documented around the footballing world. Formed just 14 years ago, in 2004, the league replaced the old system, known as the Jia-A League. Suddenly however, the league has sprung into life, with Chinese businessmen seeing the value in snapping up the biggest clubs around the nation and pumping them full of cash to attract the biggest talent from around the globe. Such names as Carrasco, Oscar, Ramires and Hulk have made the switch to China, whilst average players like Graziano Pelle alongside Odion Ighalo being paid unbelievably high wages to boost the name and likeness of the division. Yet despite the brith of a new footballing giant, the national team of the highest populated nation in the world struggles to qualify for the one competition they so desperately crave, the World Cup. The big names in charge of the Chinese Football Association claim that the money will push Chinese players to develop more and that World Cup glory is a possibility, yet a 6-0 defeat to Wales says differently. The National Side is calling out for a hero, one not disillusioned by the promises of big wages and fancy houses. Lead China To The Ultimate Glory Your Job in this save is to lead China to the most amount of silverware as you can possibly endure. You must build the reputation of the country, nurture a generation of talent and claim the titles of every trophy possible. Can you do it? Points World Cup - 50 Points Asian Cup - 25 Points Confederations Cup - 10 Points Chinese Player wins Asian POTY - 15 Points Chinese Player wins Ballon D'Or - 30 Points All standard challenge rules apply. Looking forward to seeing some big scores from people and how you make the most of your talent!
  6. mcandrew003

    Kaka Returns!

    Going strong!
  7. mcandrew003

    The Vibe Mafia Event

    That's any mate
  8. mcandrew003

    The Vibe Mafia Event

    Nope, just the main Mafia Boss. I'll just let it flow. If we take too long though I'll impose a deadline.
  9. mcandrew003

    The Vibe Mafia Event

    He can play anywhere in midfield but not in the striker position
  10. mcandrew003

    The Vibe Mafia Event

    Right, we've waited long enough, here are the challenges! Mafia Boss: Take a team from your respective territory. You must rid that team of anybody not Italian, American or English. Pick one player in your team to lead this small Mafia group. That players AVR will be multiplied by 10, and his goals and assists will be added. You must finish in the top two or lose £50,000. Lieutenant: Whilst the Mafia Boss is busy creating a new branch of your Mafia, it's your job to look over the territory. You have one season as a Lieutenant, pick two Kick-Backers and collect at least £400,000 for the Mafia (40 Goals between two players) However the Mafia need to be conserved and not attacking. (Players can't be strikers) Capo: Under the direct order of the Lieutenant, your Job is to ensure the payments to the Mafia go through. Cause grief to those who owe you money (Score at least 70 League Goals) and have one of your men lead by example by collecting £250,000 in debts viciously (Score at least 25 goals with a player. Any more goals will be added) Be sure to let me know what you think, and good luck to both Mafia's!
  11. Really love this idea, brilliant!
  12. mcandrew003

    Kaka Returns!

    You've inspired me to start playing the game again Quality start and very excited to see how you do!
  13. mcandrew003

    International Friendlies

    Watched the Argentin- - Spain highlights and what a game it was!
  14. I'm really enjoying the commentary Expecting at least 30 goals with attributes like that!
  15. Hello all, With the World Cup drawing ever close, being just 79 days away at the time of writing, I thought I'd propose the idea to you, the community, of potentially looking at some World Cup content. I feel it's topical and the recent dose of international frendiles has really made me excited for what is to come in Russia. So I was just wondering what kind of things would you guys, the FMM community, like to see that is remotely related to the World Cup? Some ideas I've had: Group Reviews - Use FMM to review individual groups and the teams and players in them. A higher frequency and amount of the 'Nation Watch' series. Looking at certain players/managers. Experiments revolving around the World Cup. Just a few small ideas, what would you guys like to see though? Thanks for taking the time to read.