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  1. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    To end any confusion, deadline is tommorow. I got the date wrong Like last time, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just waiting until after the deadline.
  2. Vibe Back on Vibe

    Welcome back! Hope to see you in and around the community.
  3. Mcandrew003 - Real Madrid - Season 1 Bonjour. Ca Va? Wrong language.... Hello everybody to the first update of the Head To Head between myself and the Scotsman @Rocket! We have began our fierce competition against one another with myself being the first to record my progress here on Vibe! So, let's get onto what happened.... Letter A As you do, I've started with A and, rather unsurprisingly, Argentina. However, I'm hoping you'll be rather suprised as to who I've selected for my three strikers! I tried to go rather low-key with who I've picked so that it keeps it interesting. Below are their pictures, can you guess them? Any guesses beforehand? I'm really hoping you know at least one of those Competitions Let's get into our competitions. Below is our season overview and how we performed in each completions we were involved in. Easy league win, winning with a few games left to play. Was relieved to wrap it up quickly so the pressure was off and we could start rotating more, until we came up to the finals. We dissapointingly lost to Sevilla in the Super Cup, and Barcelona in the Spanish Cup. However, we defeated Atletico Nacional in the CWC 6-1, and thrashed Atletico 3-0, as you can see below. Well, there are the strikers! A goal for each in a dominant final, more easy finales please! Squad Performance A quick round up for our squads performance, bar the goals.... Leno played every single game! Toni fitted the BWM role perfectly, whilst our full backs also performed admirably! Individual - Front Three Driussi Managed to claim the SYPOTY award due to incredible performances! At just 21 he looks phenomenal, definitely would have been a great 1KC candidate. Direct involvement in 42 goals is no mean feat! Great performance from the youngster and a huge start for our tally. Current Tally - 32 Goals Rescaldani Runner up for the SPOTY award isn't bad at all, just behind our main man. A bargain for £2.5 Million already! Wow! Some fantastic attributes for such a low profile player, and played an integral part from the Target Man role inside our front three! Cheaper yet more goals! Ezequiel has been great this season and has performed better than a player costing ten times his price! Very happy with him and hopefully I can find more bargains like him. Current Tally - 68 Goals Icardi No words to describe just how good a striker this man is. Just look at his value! What a fantastic performance. Direct involvement in a massive 79 club goals this season. His class has shined above anybody in the team and it's clear to see why he is worth as much as he is. Final Tally - 119 Goals A great first season where we hit well over 100 goals to go into the lead. Totally not because Rocket hasn't posted yet though.... Very proud of the lads for a great first year, and now we move onto B! Thanks for reading!
  4. Help Real players off

    Welcome Yeah basically just changes their names up a bit, maybe the odd stat change.
  5. Hello i'm Justin

    Well that's ironic....
  6. Hello i'm Justin

    Hey Justin, great to learn a bit about yourself I enjoy your graphic work and think you have fantastic potential. Seems Kyle helped you out a lot. Regarding LFC, I'm a Untied fan so can't say I do like them but im interested to hear your opinion on Klopp. Thanks for posting!
  7. I buy it on release day, allows me to create content. Sadly this year's it's not for Vibe
  8. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    Cheers for the input. Feel free to delete this.
  9. First update could be coming soon. Who's gonna win!
  10. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    Kind words indeed Thanks Taff, just threw it together quickly. Thanks very much!
  11. Hello I'm Fuddled Fox

    You've been a great community member and writer, was glad and still am glad I did take you on Great to learn a bit about yourself! Half tempted to do one myself.
  12. How's about how you pick youth players, or how you find is best to develop/train players to fit your system?
  13. I went out in the same round as you