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  1. Hey Vibe! I've got a very large scale project in the works that (hopefully) you guys will find rather enjoyable. It's going to take me a good few weeks to write, check and things like that, however it won't work without your guys help. Basically, im asking you guys to do me a favour. In short, I need you guys to PM me telling me about certain scenarios from your FMM18 experience. You can pick any of the scenarios to tell me about, even more than one if you'd like, but I will need a bit of evidence if you don't mind. Practically im going to ask you a few questions about your experience from that scenario, as your quotes may or may not make it into the final piece. It's a huge project and I really can't do it without your guys help, so I'd really appreciate if you could give me a hand with this. The project will be brought to Vibe in mid-to-late August (I know that's ages away don't worry ) and will include as many of your quotes as I can fit in, which will likely be a lot considering the project is 9 or so chapters. So, below are the scenarios, if any of them bare interesting stories I'd love to hear them, and if you could take a short amount of time to answer some questions regarding them, I would be very grateful. Thank you all for your help! 1. Success With Big Clubs ( Winning Titles, Big Money Transfers etc....) 2. Success With Smaller Clubs ( Winning Titles/Promotion) 3. Failure Stories ( Being Sacked, Failing A Challenge, Underwhelming Signing etc....) 4. Man Management Struggles ( Struggling To Adhere To Player Demands, Players Not Fitting Tactics, Training etc....) 5. Youth Stories ( Wonderkids Who Have Flopped Or Turned Out Great, Promoted Youth Players, Youth Transfer Policy etc....) 6. Loyalty ( Stories Of If You've Been Particularly Loyal Or Unloyal In Your Career, Same For Players etc....) 7. Back To Reality ( How FMM Has Effected Your Real Life, Events Or Stories etc....) Anything else you guys could think of would be very helpful! Remember every example or story is helpful so don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks for reading!
  2. Those kind of numbers in season 1 are insane! Glad to see Sane retrained easily, his attributes are on another level. Big things for season 2 mate!
  3. Awesome beggining to proceedings! Love some of the transfers you made, players like Arthur and Rodrygo become world class soon enough. Keep going, a high score is no doubt on this one!
  4. mcandrew003

    How to concede less goals

    I think it all depends on how you're structuring your defence and your defensive instructions, and seeing those would definitely allow a lot more people to help. What mentality arenyou playing on? Does this go hand in hand with instructions? It could just be a case of over complicating the defenders
  5. mcandrew003

    The Latin Europe Challenge

    Yeah what Cockers said is basically how the challenge is run
  6. Thanks, mate! I see the FFP being a big factor in any deal this summer, so maybe we could even see both leave if things go madly crazy! I think the squad lacks youth, all they've really got attacking wise is Asensio and Isco who are younger threats
  7. How Real Madrid Could Invest The Ronaldo Money Any big money transfer that occurs around the footballing world these days is always a great reason for the masses to gather and dissect the facts and figures surrounding said transfer, and none such transfer could be considered higher profile than that of the notorious CR7 to Italian champions Juventus. The Old Lady are said to be closing in on a gargantuan £105 Million move for the Portuguese icon, and much like Neymar's move to the French capital of Paris a few years ago, the footballing community around the globe is in utter shock at the prospect of seeing the Madrid legend move onto pastures new. In fact, the reactions of most football fans is likely to be the same as that of Lucas Vasquez in the image directly above. So, with another £100 Million in the bank and a superstar-sized hole to fill in their attack, how could Real Madrid go about spending this new-found wealth to maintain their European dominance, and regain the lead in the race for domestic silverware? This is exactly what we'll look at in this short but sweet article. 1 - Directly Replace Ronaldo Ronaldo is no doubt Madrid's shining light and the main factor in their historic champions league treble. The long-time Madrista, considered one of the best in history, is not going to be a simple, or cheap, one to replace, and with an aleady waning attack with an aging Karim Benzema and inexperienced Borja Mayoral, Madrids top bosses need to pick carefully with who they choose to be their next Galactico. The Spanish and worldwide media have listed no shortage of potential targets for Los Blancos this summer, with Chelsea talisman Eden Hazard, PSG trickster and record transfer holder Neymar, and French speedster Mbappe all constantly linked with a move to Spain. One plausible rumour is the aforementioned, young French sharpshooter Kylian Mbappe (seen above and below). Mbappe has been incredibly impressive alongside such big names at PSG last season as Neymar and Edinson Cavani, capturing his ability to not only work with the big names but to in some cases outperform them. At just 19, Mbappe has already commanded a near £150 Million fee, and it would take more than that to prise him away from the Parisians. However, with the new £100 Million investment, this deal looks all the more plausible. As you can clearly see with the image above, Mbappe is an outstanding, world class talent. At just 19 the youngster possesses incredible pace, which makes him a threat from even deep positions on the pitch, and with class midfield talents such as Modric, head easily be picked out and sent on a run. Alongside this, the Frenchman has an abundance of flair, seen by his high dribbling attribute, portraying his ability to beat men and drive forwards, and his finishing is the icing on the cake, if you will, and he can practically finish from any angle or situation. Just remember this young man is the highest-costing teenager in history, and should he break his own record, he will be exquisitely moulded into the perfect CR7 replacement. 2 - Reshape The Squad Why rely on one man when you could build a team of winners? It's no secret to the Madrid and worldwide footballing fan base that Real Madrid possess a rather old squad. Modric, as influential as he is, is entering his early 30's. Marcelo is growing ever older and slower, and Benzema seems to decrease in quality and influence each season at the Bernabau. One way that Madrid could invest the money they gain from selling their prized asset is, instead of splashing all of it and then some on a new game winner, bring in three or four top class squad players who can refresh the side and give the Los Blancos the kick they need to push domestically. They've been linked with many world class names, alongside big performers with not so big reputations, such as Golovin, seen above. Another player they could look to bring in to help the squad out is Jorginho, a long time Manchester City target. Jorginho possesses very well rounded stats, offering a work-horse like force in any midfield he plays in. His obvious quality and youth would be a massive positive for Madrid going forward. The Italian would offer a unique play style, adding an extra element to Madrid's aging midfield, even with the goal of replacing Kroos or Modric in his first or second year at the club. Another player that Madrid could look to bring in to freshen up their defence is Alex Sandro from Juventus, the club that Ronaldo is departing them for. Sandro has been linked with a host of top European clubs over the past two campaigns, and with his inexcusable absense from the Brazil 23-man squad for the Russia World Cup, he will be desperate to prove himself on the biggest stage to dislodge Filipe Luis. A collection of top-level attributes, such as pace, tackling and dribbling prove him to be a world clas fullback and a clear replacement to the aging Marcelo. Whoever the Los Blancos decide to pitch for, improving the overall balance of their side could prove to be a more worthwhile option for success. Just plumping for one direct replacement would be a dangerous move for Madrid to make as, not only will that player not be able to fill the boots of the Portuguese legend for years to come, but it would not solve the issues that already exist at the Bernabau. A depleting squad is occurring around that main hitman whatever happens, so solving that issue first would be the smarter move for Madrid to make in order to allow them to embed a new superstar in an already built and structured side, instead of ripping them apart after they've settled, and either way it's unlikely Real will have the financial muscle to do both jobs effectively this summer. So, a summer of either mass revamp or big single-player spending faces fans of Real Madrid this season, and whichever option they opt for will be intriguing for the fans to keep an eye on throughout the summer window. What I want to know is your thoughts on the Ronaldo transfer to Serie A powerhouse Juventus, who you reckon Madrid will bring in and any potential knock on effects you see this deal having. Please remember to leave a comment, and thanks for taking the time to read.
  8. mcandrew003

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    Great work lads, so sorry I couldn't help.
  9. Excellent idea Foxy GK - Alex Meret CB's - Lindelof and Tah
  10. mcandrew003

    The Sweeper Keeper Debate

    Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it and glad it helped! Do you plan on using the Sweeper role now then?
  11. Football Manager Mobile is packed to the brim with exotic competitions, challenges and teams that we as virtual managers must pit ourselves against in order to fulfill our silverware-laden dreams. Not only do the developers do an outstanding job in replicating the realism of certain teams and their players, they also perfectly capture the atmosphere, intensity and enjoyment of certain competitions in-game which allows us to experience them firsthand from the dugout. With that said, here are the 5 most exciting competitions to experience and manage in on FMM18. FIFA World Cup What other competition could we possibly mention first! The FIFA World Cup is the biggest, most publicised and most difficult competition on the planet and the aforementioned developers do a superb job in transferring its realism into the game. Not only are you pitted against the biggest and best nations on the globe, but you have to find the best combination of your Countries talent in order to compete suitably. Either take a large, successful nation to worldwide triumph or take the reigns of a smaller, lower ranked side and initiate their rise to glory. Either way, each World Cup is different yet similar in the difficulty element, and you are sure to feel tingles of excitement when embarking upon your first group game or even seeing your drawn group. UEFA Champions League Arguably the biggest club competition in the world, there is nothing else like the Champions League. Each year offers a unique challenge with new groups, new players and often new teams which qualify for the competition. Not only that however, but it is the one place to prove you are the dominant force of Europe whilst the other teams sit and bask in your glory. The knockout stages are where the real nerves, anticipation and excitement begin, with your side being thrown in the deep end with countless sharks surrounding you, ready to snap up on any mistakes or slip-ups you make. English Championship Maybe the Premier League should replace this pick, many of you will say, but the Premier League cannot compare to the pure evenness and suspense the Championship offers. The majority of the teams are relatively even, meaning intense battles can occur frequently over the 46 league games as you battle to reach the Automatic Promotion or Playoff spots. Whatever team you chose to take on the promotion trail, you'll be battling to keep your star performers and struggling to make major additions with small budgets and large squads. Luckily, however, this is the same financial situation for the rest or majority of the division. The suspense towards the business end of the season can not be compared with, and that makes the Championship one of the most exciting competitions you can manage in. Asian Nations Cup A similar trait is found in the ANC and the Championship, with the calibre of sides competing so similar that it makes for tense matches in every fixture, from the group stages all the way through to the Final. With not many top-class teams entering the cup, and a mix of moderate to poor teams, the competition offers a unique blend of tactical prowess and getting the most of your selected group. Each iteration of the Nations Cup offers new challenges and almost every year offers a new champion, can you break the spell of inconsistency and secure multiple victories? Eredivisie Renowned as the home of future talent, the Eredivisie has a phenomenal track record of producing world-beating talent, but also offers a fresh title-chasing experience for any manager. In recent times Ajax seem to have fell off the throne as the undisputed champion of the country, with PSV, Feyenoord and many others offering difficult resistance for any title chaser. The league offers interesting challenges, with you offered the opportunity to return Ajax to their former glory, take PSV and shatter the title record, or a smaller side and wreak havoc. Whatever you choose to do, The Eredivisie is a new, interesting and different challenge for any manager to embark upon. What did you think of my selections? What countries do you find interesting to manage in? Thanks for reading!
  12. Very interesting and fun read, looking forward to this
  13. Completing The Uprising This challenge requires the International Unlockable The uprising of the Chinese Super League is one that is well documented around the footballing world. Formed just 14 years ago, in 2004, the league replaced the old system, known as the Jia-A League. Suddenly however, the league has sprung into life, with Chinese businessmen seeing the value in snapping up the biggest clubs around the nation and pumping them full of cash to attract the biggest talent from around the globe. Such names as Carrasco, Oscar, Ramires and Hulk have made the switch to China, whilst average players like Graziano Pelle alongside Odion Ighalo being paid unbelievably high wages to boost the name and likeness of the division. Yet despite the brith of a new footballing giant, the national team of the highest populated nation in the world struggles to qualify for the one competition they so desperately crave, the World Cup. The big names in charge of the Chinese Football Association claim that the money will push Chinese players to develop more and that World Cup glory is a possibility, yet a 6-0 defeat to Wales says differently. The National Side is calling out for a hero, one not disillusioned by the promises of big wages and fancy houses. Lead China To The Ultimate Glory Your Job in this save is to lead China to the most amount of silverware as you can possibly endure. You must build the reputation of the country, nurture a generation of talent and claim the titles of every trophy possible. Can you do it? Points World Cup - 50 Points Asian Cup - 25 Points Confederations Cup - 10 Points Chinese Player wins Asian POTY - 15 Points Chinese Player wins Ballon D'Or - 30 Points All standard challenge rules apply. Looking forward to seeing some big scores from people and how you make the most of your talent!
  14. mcandrew003

    Kaka Returns!

    Going strong!