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  1. Chat Lower League Players

    Great work guys!
  2. Help Can't offer a contract to a new signing

    Quite common like the above user said.
  3. Really interesting one this!
  4. Chat So many bug in fmm2018

    Can't say I've seen this. Would definitely report to SI
  5. Challenges European Tour Challenge - FMM18

    What, the lord and saviour Alexandre Pato?
  6. European Tour Challenge - FMM18 With the abundance of challenges posted from last year being remastered for this year's game, I thought I'd present one of my first challenges, the European Tour Challenge, and hopefully portray it as a bit more appealing so more people launch an attempt this year. Challenge Objective Europe is such a melting pot of different cultures, religions and general ways of life. One side of the continent can be the complete opposite to the other in terms of lifestyles. So, why not pay a visit to each area of Europe? Or, let each area of Europe visit you! The general premise of the challenge presented before you is to take 2 strikers from each main area of Europe and score 40 goals with each as a minimum target for you to strive towards. Of course, you can surpass this target and aim for a higher score if you wish, it all comes down to the preference of the player. Below are the different areas of Europe and the countries I've picked out for you to choose your hitman from. Just as a referral note, I've left out bigger footballing Nations to block any chance of the challenge being 'too easy' if you will. Northern Europe: Sweden Finland Norway Denmark Latvia So for example, I'd decide to acquire any two strikers from the nations listed above and try to score 40 goals with each. Sounds easy but with he Nations at your disposal it could prove to be a troublesome task, especially with the new, hardened tactical options. Central Europe: Czech Republic Austria Slovakia Switzerland Croatia Poland Romania Serbia Bosnia Ukraine Southern Europe: Greece Bulgaria Albania Montenegro Turkey Challenge Rules: - No reloading - No use of any editor - A career thread is suggested so we can watch and enjoy your progress - Have fun!
  7. Fantastic challenge BG. Really like the look of it, great work.
  8. Off Topic Football Manager Mobile Online Mode

    I agree, would definitely be good for events amongst the community.
  9. Off Topic Football Manager Mobile Online Mode

    I think this would be great, and you make a great point M1ke. I believe the in game challenges are a needless addition that take up valuable space creating in game scenarios that nobody uses. It would be interesting to see a poll on who actually uses the in game challenges and if people would prefer online mode. The challenges here on Vibe and in the future on FM Mobile are more widely used by consumers of the game and massively outmatch the in-game challenges in terms of creativity and overall experience. Saying this, the space created by removing the in-game challenges could easily be used to implement an online versus system. I have seen a point where people ask whether people actually ever play online mode on FM, but then if people barely have time for their own saves how are they going to play online? It's a complete different scenario to an online mode on FMM, which is designed to be on the go, and not having to set up a completely new game online to spend hours on where you can spend 10 minutes potentially facing a friend in FMM. Alongside this, MyClub could make way for an online system. Barely used amongst the community, and what's the point when you can create your own club in more depth with the editor? An online system would be revelutionary to the series imo. Facing a friend on the go would be massively appealing to a wide audience. And much more popular than the system on the full game due to its simpler tactic and overall engine. Sorry for the rant 😂
  10. Career My Journyeman Save

    Good luck!
  11. Chat FMM18 - New Features

    Like the look of this, adds bit of depth which is great and something to keep an eye on.
  12. Great read PriZe, nice to see you have your content boots on Like how you've structured it and things, agree with most the points you've made too.
  13. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

    Cheers for taking over. Bee my too busy. Thanks.
  14. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

    To end any confusion, deadline is tommorow. I got the date wrong Like last time, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just waiting until after the deadline.
  15. Vibe Back on Vibe

    Welcome back! Hope to see you in and around the community.