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  1. Not bad year mate, how old is he now, 25-26? I think you can do it, that tactic looks good and he scored 10 in 5, as you said. Keep pushing mate!
  2. No worries dude, completely understand, best of luck for those exams!
  3. Don't worry, he's like 33 now so he's getting nowhere near my squad
  4. Vibe Needs You - A Community Scout Call

    A great idea that @KennyMiller27 had, basically people around the community will take a look at their local teams and pick out transfers, key players etc.... This way, we all have an idea about new teams and you guys are getting involved!
  5. I think you have been the instigator of that, you're careers have inspired people, including myself, to take up ITN management. It is a really great feature if you use it the right way, for now it's simple but let's hope we get a revamp this year. With the right imagination and goals there is no reason why it can't be as fun. Cheers Bati, comment is much appreciated
  6. He's a beast! Especially as Alli is doing awful and has been loaned out to QPR of all places. I also pick on form, so that's why Cheers mate, the next few are much better but can't post them until next week. Keep you all waiting. Are you two on drugs?
  7. Oh also guys, I'm away tommorow for a week so @Brenty92 is going to be the step-in host until I return. Hope that's ok. Cheers!
  8. He's cracked it already! Nice one mate, Welbeck it is. Unfortunately, youll all have to wait a week before you see how he did, unless you all want an update tonight....
  9. He was surprisingly on the 4th or so page, not sure why as he is a beast. Kind of wish I'd saved him now, although in 2025 (Where I am in real time) there are some VERY good regens, so he may not have got a place. Wilson's a good shout, not him though. My hint is, he's been suggested before....
  10. Cheers BG, shame he couldn't lead us to glory. Thanks for the comment Thanks mate, saw him and instantly knew I would use him. It is indeed, hope Niall keeps it preserved for ya
  11. mcandrew003's International 1KC! European International League 2020/21 Seeing as I'm on holiday tommorow and you are all clueless as to who my chosen striker is, I'll post another update. I've got 5 to post, and by the time I'm back I'll have finished the career Anyway, we go into the EIL hoping for about 7, which is what Berahino hit last time out. Let's see who I picked then.... Benik Afobe! Bit of a weird one, I know, but look at his physicals and that Dribbling and Shooting! Aswell as this, we were in a 'easier' group so I decided I didn't want to waste a decent striker. Let's see how we did in our 4 games of the tournament. Relatively easy, although there were no outstanding games. However, we progress onto the Semi's. How many could Afobe grab? 5 in 4 for our main man with 2 games to go. If we can beat Berahino's total, that would be great. We faced the Italians in the next round, where he grabbed.... Another 2! This takes us into the final, where we are to face the mighty Spain. Could we clinch the title? Yes. We. Could! Afobe grabs his 8th of the competition after Bartra gave away a penalty, and we win our second piece of silverware as England boss. Not bad Afobe, not bad. Here is what our score looks like: World Cup 2018 - Daniel Sturridge - 44 Goals European International League 2018/19 - Saido Berahino - 7 Goals European Championships 2020 - Danny Ings - 19 Goals European International League 2020/21 - Benik Afobe - 8 Goals Total: 78 Goals Not too bad, let's hope we can hit a good few in the Confedirations Cup. Thanks for reading, who will be next do you think? Cheers!
  12. Not Austin mate. Played for MK Dons
  13. Thanks mate, glad you liked it. Always loved the feature, hopefully SI improve it next year. The thing is, we have about 20 options in every position, so why he is still picking players like Rooney, Hart and the sort is unbelievable. People like Pickford, Ibe, Ward-Prowse etc.... should be being selected, no excuse. For Wales, yeah I suppose you have a limited pool of players, I'm sure even you would love to see a wonderkid from the local leagues make a breakthrough though. Too many managers do it, Spain are great at rotating as you see players who are on form taking positions. People like Saul, who replaced Busquets for example. Thanks for the comment mate.
  14. Oh man of course! Great pick, looking forward to seeing how you do mate.