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  1. Huge congratulations, one of the biggest achievements of the year and yet again you managed to lure us all in with a incredible career. Well done!
  2. Career The New Messi? 2.0

    Very exciting concept, best of luck!
  3. Challenges European Tour Challenge

    Wow, this is an old one! Yes mate, that should be fine.
  4. Will close this soon, make sure to vote!
  5. Awesome guide! A team I've used a few times, making me want to again
  6. Sold! Pretty self explanatory! Buyer: Fish18ish (£69 Million) Club Value: £3.5 Million New Budget: £34.5 Million
  7. Huge congrats! Has been a great journey to follow
  8. Wait until you see the new structure
  9. Great to hear! It's a really fun and short tournament, only 16 games so not too bad. Thanks, glad you noticed it
  10. Short CC thing? Not really, it's a tournament but a lot different this time round.
  11. I'll have to consider making a second version of it then
  12. As far as I'm aware there isn't a tournament on here called The Vibe Paralympics
  13. Of course, but Rashford will walk this over the line.