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  1. Any idea why there's a difference between the 'influence on squad' and personality. Ie, he's a model professional yet only has an amber for professionalism. He has a red for morale yet has superb morale.
  2. I think FC Andorra in the Spanish league will produce Andorran players?
  3. That's some good results you've had, hope they continue for you! I'm quite good at lower leagues, but I really struggle when I get into the top leagues. I'm not sure why, I seem to stall mid table and never seem to progress. I put it down to being too loyal to the players that get me I to the top league. I need to be more ruthless!
  4. It's good in that for corners you have 3 big centre backs in the box. That's both defensively and attacking. It's quite straight forward setup! I drop to counter if playing a better team, increase to attacking if expected to win. If I've got some pace up front I put through balls, if it's height I put it on early crosses. The roles in the middle three typically stays as is, but if I've got a player that can only do one role I change to whatever suits the player.
  5. My thoughts were that most teams come with a couple of decent defenders, a couple of decent midfielders and maybe one good striker. Most fullbacks can be trained as wingbacks. On occasion I've put a wide midfielder in to replace a WB and pushed him forward into the WM position which works ok. You could probably assemble the team with just a few loans and recruit some prospects to train up. You also get to sell your wingers which generates a bit of cash to invest in the team.
  6. I find 3 at the back with wingbacks easy to manage in the lower leagues. It makes it easier to manage the squad as you only have to buy central defenders, central midfielders and strikers. I grab the wingbacks as loans at the start of each season along with the best loans in each position. It's much easier to build up a decent squad with less money. I've found it solid defensively as well. Being able to drop one of the central midfield into a DM or up into an AM makes it flexible enough without needing lots of specialists. Up front I usually play a Target Man with a Poacher/Attacking forward depending on player.
  7. I think so, in previous years the greyed out reserves were Spanish rather than Andorran. I've not unlocked the national team manager yet, but it should be easy to get enough Andorran players to activate the national team
  8. Has anyone tried the Andorra club and country challenge in fmm21? It looks like regens and grey players now have Andorran nationality.... I wish I had the time to do it justice!
  9. As a compromise to the lack of individual player instructions, could we not have a 'learn traits' dialogue similar to the retrain position menu. Where we can have a discussion with the player which traits we, as his manager, would like him to learn or unlearn to improve his match performance. Obviously things that might affect players decision: manager reputation Vs player reputation, whether he likes you, professionalism, adaptability, whether it's appropriate for position/attributes, morale, etc Being able to slightly tweak the traits would give us a little more flexibility to set the team up how we want. It would also be good to feel like we had affected the course of a players career and turned a good player into a top goalscorer etc. Which in my eyes would make the game a little more rewarding and realistic as real managers have these discussions with their players all the time.
  10. But you'll never see the trait 'tries long range shots' on a player that has poor shooting. Also other players such as full backs, defenders and wingers also try long range shots however it isn't a possible trait for their position.
  11. Im sure there is a link tho, every low quality young forward (Vanarama level) plays no through balls, until his passing and creativity increase, then all of a sudden, he starts playing through balls! Most traits can be thought of as just a combination of either attributes,position,footedness,etc. You never see a player with no pace or dribbling have the trait 'knocks balls past opponent' so there has to be a link with the attributes
  12. I just see the traits as the games interpretation of the attributes. Some people like it broken down into words some people like numbers. The traits change (as do coaches comments) as the attributes change so as far as I'm concerned they seem to be the same thing!
  13. Could a hex editor change the nationality of the club to allow it produce San marinese players?
  14. Is it possible with myclub to change the nationality of the club within the nationality of the league. If I set up a San Marino club team in the Italian league, the club is always Italian with Italian youths generated.
  15. I was just looking to see if it's possible to do an FC Andorra or a San Marino club side save. I like the challenge of building club and country. I was a bit gutted when I realised neither team was playable in fmm18. So solutions to this would make me happy too!
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