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  1. Done hardly any so far, been so busy with work recently and too tired most of the time to want to play. Still intend on playing it!
  2. Aaron55

    How are the old legends doing as managers?

    Gerrard has done a decent job so far I'd say. Took over a shambles of a squad and had to rebuild completely over the summer. Got to the group stages of the Europa League all the way from the first qualifying round. Got us our first win over Celtic in seven years. Disappointing in the cup competitions though, going out at the semi-final and quarter final stages. League results have been a bit inconsistent, as we really struggle to break teams down when they just stick everyone behind the ball. Next season after another transfer window, I'm hoping to see a big improvement in our creativity to help against these teams. Overall, in his first season in management, he's done okay. Looks like the league title is going to be out of reach this year, but I'm confident he's got the ability to lead us to our next title πŸ‘
  3. Nice start! He's developing well
  4. Aaron55

    Dare to Dream 2 - American Samoa

    Omg! 😲😲😲 Looking forward to following this!
  5. Aaron55

    30 IN 30

    Neglected the defence when making transfers. That was probably what cost me.
  6. Aaron55

    30 IN 30

    Season 1/30 Having applied for every available job, I finally heard back from Vanarama National League side Braintree. Before I joined the club, they had already made one signing, meaning I could only make two more due to my three transfers in per season rule. Sebastian Des Pres was the player already signed, and he was joined by fellow midfielder Craig Storie, while Aymen Souda would hopefully provide the firepower in attack. The aim of this career is to win as many trophies as I can, so let's see how we got on in the three competitions we entered: FA Trophy, FA Cup and the Vanarama National League. FA TROPHY An extra time winner saw us through to the second round, which was where our FA Trophy dreams ended. FA CUP One to forget in the FA Cup first round... And on the subject of one to forget... VANARAMA NATIONAL LEAGUE We finished the season second. Second bottom that is... We only had one good run of form the whole season. And that was nowhere near enough to deal with form like this. The only positive of the whole season was Aymen Souda, who did provide the firepower I wanted, but it just wasn't enough. An absolutely shocking start, far and away my worst in FMM history. Don't know what went so wrong, but it can only get better, surely...
  7. Aaron55

    30 IN 30

    Thank you!
  8. Aaron55

    30 IN 30

    Thanks! Thanks! I wish haha, not sure they'll like the look of my blank CV! Nice! This will be something to help keep me going if I'm struggling!
  9. Aaron55

    Career 30 IN 30

    No job. No reputation. No coaching badges. No trophies. The one thing we do have is time to change that. 30 seasons to be exact. In this career I'll be starting unemployed, with no coaching badges and an unknown reputation. I'll apply for every available job on the first day and accept the first offer I get. The aim of this save is to win as many different trophies as I can in 30 seasons. I can only stay at a club for one season though, so have to take a new job in each new season. Also, only a max of 3 transfers in can be made across the whole of each season. So, who could my first job be with... Find out on the next episode....
  10. Tried both! No luck! New career coming soon though!
  11. Feel so stupid πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Not sure. Probably wait until the transfer update for my next career post. Maybe Rangers or a bottom division English or Scottish team.
  12. Completely forgot about getting rid of this clause.... That's that then haha πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  13. Aaron55

    THE Scottish RTG!(MEET THE TEAM!)

    Great first season in the top flight! Good luck for next season πŸ˜πŸ†
  14. Aaron55

    THE Scottish RTG!(MEET THE TEAM!)

    Absolutely brilliant! Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  15. Aaron55

    THE Scottish RTG!(MEET THE TEAM!)

    Brilliant! Few exciting young talents coming through hopefully