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  1. Great season for him! Keep it up! âšŊđŸ”Ĩ
  2. Just catching up on this, it's going great! England job should really help! 😁
  3. Aaron55

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Yeah! đŸ˜Ŧ☚ī¸ Want to just have a really poor season 3 please @kylieboi88? 😁
  4. Aaron55

    H2H: BVB Edition

    So, after Season One, @kylieboi88 had a 50-5 lead. Let's see how Season Two has affected the scores... KYLE - Bundesliga (20), German Cup (10), Champions League (10), European Super Cup (5), Club World Cup (5), Top Assist Maker (Guerreiro - 27) (5) TOTAL - 55 AARON - Bundesliga (20), Champions League (10), Best League Goal Difference (+51) (5), Top Goalscorer (Plea - 43) (5), Top Assist Maker (Under - 27) (5) TOTAL - 45 CURRENT SCORE - KYLE 105-50 AARON
  5. Aaron55

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Season Two Update - Aaron55 Transfers After an ultimately disappointing season, it was time to freshen the team up, and six first team players left to make room for seven new signings, including players from Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Liverpool. German Cup Despite coming within seconds of exiting the competition in the third round, we made our way to the final via a penalty shootout victory over Hannover. Borussia Monchengladbach were all that stood between us and the German Cup... Champions League We easily won our group, before coming through ties against Lyon, Juventus and Liverpool. Roma would be the opponents in the final, as we attempted to go one better than last season, and actually lift the trophy... Bundesliga Having finished in second last season, ten points off of champions Bayern Munich, we would need to avoid dropping as many points this time round. We missed out on the three points 15 times last season, with nine draws and six defeats. This time we failed to pick up maximum points on ten occasions, including the last game of the season, where a last minute penalty rescued a point. That successful penalty was worth much more than just a point though... Top Goalscorer âšŊ43 Top Assist Maker đŸŽ¯27 A much better season for me this year, hopefully enough to close the gap a bit. @kylieboi88, it's over to you!
  6. Aaron55

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Great season, @kylieboi88! 👏 Now, onto the points.... KYLE Won Bundesliga 20 Won German Cup 10 Won Champions League 10 Best League Goal Difference (+34) 5 Top Goalscorer (Reus - 41) 5 TOTAL: 50 AARON Top Assist Maker (Sancho - 18) 5 TOTAL: 5 KYLE 50-5 AARON Advantage @kylieboi88...
  7. Aaron55

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Season One Update - Aaron55 Transfers Over the summer and winter transfer windows there was quite a few changes to the team, with players including Reus, Wolf and Pulisic leaving, and the likes of Felix, Under and Ziyech replacing them. German Cup Over before it really truly began, our German Cup dreams ended with a first round penalty shootout defeat to Bundesliga 2 opposition. Champions League After topping our group, we navigated our way past Barcelona, Lyon and Lokomotiv Moscow on the way to facing Benfica in the final, where a goal and assist from a player I sold in the summer proved decisive. Absolutely heartbreaking đŸ˜ĸ Bundesliga The league campaign could probably be summed up by games like this. In the end, we dropped too many points and could only finish a distant second, with a goal difference of +29. Top Goalscorer âšŊ39 Top Assist Maker đŸŽ¯18 Overall, quite a disappointing season, with a possibility I could end up like the United Kingdom at Eurovision. Unless my players individual performances prove good enough to earn me a few points to at least avoid this! Over to you, @kylieboi88!
  8. One club. Two people. Five seasons. Plenty of points to play for. Hello, and welcome to a H2H challenge between me and @kylieboi88! Playing as Borussia Dortmund, we will attempt to gather as many points as we can over five seasons in our attempts to win the challenge. Points can be won in the various ways listed below 20 POINTS: Win the Bundesliga 10 POINTS EACH: Win the German Cup, win the Champions League, win the Europa League. 5 POINTS EACH: Win the German Super Cup, win the European Super Cup, win the Club World Cup, player with the better league goal difference, player with the highest goalscorer (all competitions), player with the highest assist maker (all competitions). So, in one season it is possible to score a maximum of 70 points (55 in Season One). The only restrictions are the usual, no use of the editor, no reloading to avoid injury/replay games, own tactics only etc. I will post my Season One update soon (later tonight hopefully), and then @kylieboi88 will post his, and the points will be calculated after that. After five seasons are completed, we can add up the points and declare a winner! Hope you enjoy following this as much as we enjoy playing it! 😁 (quick note to anyone who was following my previous "You Win or You Die" career - I had to replace my phone and lost the save 😭)
  9. Aaron55

    You Win or You Die

    Sorry for lack of updates recently, been so busy with work I've not had any time to play ☚ī¸ Should all be settled down by next Tuesday/Wednesday so hopefully get something posted not long after.
  10. Aaron55

    Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades

    Nice score! Very enjoyable to follow 😃
  11. Didn't really even need any of your clues @Ashez, I knew it was Crouch yesterday 😜😂
  12. Ties to Asia and Scandinavia?Does he play in Russia maybe?
  13. Spending my Friday night trying to think of who it could be.... 😂
  14. Aaron55

    You Win or You Die

    No pressure 😂