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  1. No problem mate,just pass on the save,but it would take me more than 3 days to finish the save if it's okay with you guys.....I have something else in the pipeline .....
  2. Okay mate.Just inform me if it's my turn,and will take over.
  3. Vibe Site Upgrade

    It's fixed now,mine showed 92% the first day and 97% the second day but it now shows 76% which is a relief to see.Thanks for solving the problem.
  4. Flexing your financial muscles,eh?? Don't know if two bids of maximum value can be placed at the same time but.... 100mil
  5. Well,we don't even know if that is Norwich and if the value of the club is atleast 15 mil,I would have spend only 50 mil,which is okay with me,kinda desperate to catch atleast one club.
  6. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    I would like atleast 3 things to bee added into the game next year,they are: 1.More tactical options: This one is pretty obvious,as the tactics section in the game has turned into a bit of a chore for me,would like more roles to be added,False 9 is a must in my case as teams are using it quite commonly now while the RPM role and the Shadow Striker role are also used extensively,I would also like the contain and overload features added into the game. Extensive Pre-season: I know that the mobile version is designed to provide faster gameplay But the game should atleast give an option to schedule friendlies if needed as it would enable us to extensively prepare for the upcoming season,I don't like the fact that Pre-season is over after just 5-6 clicks of "Continue",would like it to last a little bit longer than usual. 3.More Detailed Finances: Something that not many would wish for,a more detailed finance section would add a lot more realism to the game.I would like to see the income and expenditure of the club,and I would love it if the finance section directly influences the fortunes of the club,and the achievements of the team should have more impact on the Finances,for example,T.V money and the prize money from the cups. I wish atleast these to be added to the game,but other two options that I would love but not be bothered if they aren't added are. 1.More contract clauses: Would make the process of negotiation very interesting. 2.Ability to give trials A option which won't take much code in my opinion,this option combined with extensive Pre-season would make the LLM experience much more pleasant.
  7. So sad that you can't take this with you..... 40 mil