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  1. Help New here

    Hello mate, Welcome to Vibe! We're happy to add a new member to the Vibe family and I'm sure you'll absolutely love your time here. As for your request,I would recommend the Atletico Madrid Challenge or The New Stadium Challenge.The former is a long term challenge lasting full 30 seasons while the latter is a more of a short term challenge,and both are quite easy to complete.I would recommend checking the Challenge Index and maybe there might another challenge that might interest you. As for the Alphabet challenge,I am sure that you can do it,you don't need to restrict yourself to challenges that you see in the FMM 18 section,you can do any challenge posted for the older versions of the game,just make sure you give the link to the challenge thread if you post a career thread.We hope you do post a career thread.Looking forward to following any stories you post. If you need any help just ask,there are a lot of helpful members here who would love to help. Hope you enjoy your time here at Vibe!
  2. Chat 2032 - My Game so far

    Surprised to see that no team in the Prem did a "Leicester" except maybe Crystal Palace,Happy to see that Liverpool might win the Prem before I die tho . I would like to know the following: 1.How are F.C United and A.F.C Wimbledon doing?,really eager to see their progress. 2.Any well known player in the Manager Hall of Fame?(Such as Ronaldo,Messi,Buffon etc). 3.Which country ranks No:1 in the Fifa world rankings? (or however it is depicted in game). 4.Now that Brexit should be active in your game,does it prevent the teams in England in signing talented youngsters from abroad?Has the domestic player basis gone up?
  3. You're just jealous of seeing them win trophies
  4. Nice season there mate,I don't know if Liverpool's shaky defence is reflected in the game as I haven't bought it yet , but you still did a nice job bringing in reinforcements and winning the treble.Atleast I now have the satisfaction of seeing the Reds win something in the game even if I didn't win it.I would recommend going on a journeyman save or start a new save with a lower league team as it would be more interesting to follow unless you want to do some player based challenge in which case you already have a good base of a team to build on.
  5. Read the first one and have been waiting for the second one for eagerly...I haven't started fmm in two weeks but this would hopefully rekindle my interest. Count me in as Italy if they are available.
  6. No problem mate,just pass on the save,but it would take me more than 3 days to finish the save if it's okay with you guys.....I have something else in the pipeline .....
  7. Okay mate.Just inform me if it's my turn,and will take over.
  8. Vibe Site Upgrade

    It's fixed now,mine showed 92% the first day and 97% the second day but it now shows 76% which is a relief to see.Thanks for solving the problem.
  9. Flexing your financial muscles,eh?? Don't know if two bids of maximum value can be placed at the same time but.... 100mil
  10. Well,we don't even know if that is Norwich and if the value of the club is atleast 15 mil,I would have spend only 50 mil,which is okay with me,kinda desperate to catch atleast one club.