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  1. My bets are going to leagues of Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Argentina or China.
  2. vcadu92

    Vibe Vibe.Community Jobs Available

    Congrats to JuskM1kePlays Jobs are a good idea, I hope it will help to have a lot of quality content
  3. vcadu92

    Shiny Flags

    Great, it has fixed the issue ! Weird as it was not needed to turn off/on the device in the previous games
  4. vcadu92

    Shiny Flags

    Sorry, that was what I meant, Flags_ipad I wrote "logos" but didnot mean that. I put files in flags_ipad
  5. vcadu92

    Shiny Flags

    In game : I put the files in logos_ipad, even created a logos_ipad folder in gui_images, even renamed logos_ipad in logos_android.... Tried with another pack of flags and same result...
  6. vcadu92

    Shiny Flags

    It doesnot work with me (HD - Samsung Galaxy J7)...
  7. vcadu92

    FMM 2016 Pre Editor

    Thank you very much ! It will be very useful for us!
  8. vcadu92

    FMM2016 International Management

    Great job very helpful ! No main change since last year (Russia only I think)
  9. I would add GFC Ajaccio as hard : the club was in French CFA in 2011 (D4) and is now in Ligue 1 (D1). His budget is 4.5M€ while the second smallest is Bastia with 25M€. This summer most transfers were free players.
  10. vcadu92

    Staff announcements

    Thank you guys ! I am leaving my role, but I will be back with some content soon, this is certain.
  11. AWESOME! That will be a very exciting career!