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  1. Hi there, I was thinking of getting FMM 2018 and I wanted to find a way to give out FMM 2017 to a friend of mine to get him into the series, but I don't know how to package the app while also getting the purchase license etc. on there as well, so that my friend can download the database. Much appreciated,
  2. Hi there, With the improved player interactions I can't seem to get it right. No matter what I do I always seem to make a player lower their morale all the time. Take example A: The player has two 5 ratings in three games, and had been called out in the media. I go in and give him negative interactions, but I don't fine the player. His morale drops from Poor to Very Poor, even though he had admitted and accepted his formal warning. Normally in the older games their when I gave them negative feedback they had their morale improved slightly. Example B: My assistant says that a player I had felt that my "rigorous training regimes have been especially enjoyable recently." His form was good as well, showing four 8 ratings in the last five games. I decide to praise the player, and since my assistant said that he responded well to Public pressure, I decided to praise him in public. The next day my assistant said that the player I praised had suddenly not decide to put in the required effort and commitment, and his morale had somehow lowered despite the praise. What's up with that? Let me know what you have all found on making players happier with player interactions.
  3. In other words, which country do you put on as your "home" country and which countries do you put in the three other slots when starting a new career?