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  1. Tactics Tactics which survived the update?

    My standard 352 seems to be doing the business still - just won the Champions League in 2020 with Sunderland. GK CD BPD CD DW BBM AP MC DW AF CF/TM Balanced, play through the middle, overlap.
  2. For me it’s tactics. I get squeamish about spending money, even at richer clubs, so my players are very rarely great. Instead I prefer tactics that make the most of what I have - I find this more interesting and fun.
  3. Chat Transfer window update

    I know it’s an autocorrect thing, but that is an excellent typo.
  4. I would like to have a go at a Youth challenge, or at least as close to one as I can get in FMM, and I’m wondering if there is any hidden modifier or attribute that determines the quality of their youth intakes? I know that youth facilities will help, but would a club like Ajax get consistently better youth intakes given their history of great youth players? (I seem to recall this is the case in the full FM game) As a follow on question regardless of the answer to my first question, can anyone recommend a good team for this challenge?
  5. Chat transfer update

    IIRC it’s normally out around early March.
  6. Sunderland is a fun save. In the first season their team is mostly absolute garbage, old and/or injury prone. Oh and the board pretty much expect promotion. But... they are way under the wage budget and with some wheeler-dealing in a few key positions it is doable (I came 2nd in the first season with a counter attacking 4312). If you do get promoted, they’ve got good facilities and coaches, plus the board give you a reasonable amount to spend. My first team, in season 2 looks like this: Heaton Marcus Alonso Kone Papidilijobobibibiji Passlack Ndong Besic Defour Khazri Carillo Gregoritsch
  7. Chat The game has been ruined

    With regards to the OPs comment about communicating fixes - that’s where the patch notes come in.
  8. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Nope, no other bids. I thought I’d got myself a bargain there.
  9. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I’m not sure if this counts as a bug or not... First season, Jon Flanagan is transfer listed by his club and his status is set as Not Needed. His value is listed as £4.8m I make an enquiry and get this response: As you can see I’ve been toying around with this transfer. I try a few bids around that fee, all rejected. I’m testing now so I make a bigger bid: And again:
  10. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Nothing for me on iOS either I’m afraid.
  11. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    In this game the disallowed Delaney goal was actually a disallowed OG!
  12. Help Reputation problem

    I was going to ask a related question in a new thereafter, but I’ll roll it in to this one. Are there thresholds at which your reputation increases? I.e. if you reach a certain amount of points does it go up? Or do you need win cups/promotions/etc? Similar to OPs story, in my save I got Villa promoted in season 1, then into the Europa League in season 2. Our of curiosity I resigned then started applying for jobs. At best I would get League 2 teams offering me a role. My reputation at this point was Regional.
  13. Chat Team report

    Sign more players with Professional personalities (Or Strict Professional if you can find them). Thats about it really! Unless I've missed something somewhere, you can't search for personality types, but I would imagine that players with a higher Leadership stat are more likely to have a Professional personailty, so maybe search for that?
  14. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Spot the odd one out...
  15. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    9.0.4 has appeared in the App Store for iOS in case anyone is wondering.